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FEG Stylish Wooden House Escape Walkthrough

FEG Stylish Wooden House Escape

FirstEscapeGames - FEG Stylish Wooden House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by First Escape Games. In this escape game, assume that you are trapped inside a stylish wooden house where you have been staying. The door is locked from outside. You need to escape from the house or else, you will be stuck inside forever. Try to get the key to open the door and escape from the wooden house. Make use of the hints and objects to solve puzzles and achieve your goal. Good luck and have fun!

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Handle goes on barrel for key

Can't zoom in on any of keyholes to use it!

hidden stick somewhere near stairs handrail

Ah but I don't need to ...

so, use the key without zooming in ;-)

Numbers added together on hint paper don't work as 4-digit code in Rm 1

should we use the grid clue on left door with letters in grid on right door?
but the lowest row just has 3 letters...

hi (again) all ☺

had to zoom out & in again on pic puzzle - first time it was bugged - when placed tile at correct place, it swapped to another place :-/

there is a hidden hole in the floor to the right of table, but I can't go down

I just said that Hotz : p

Actually my game is going so slow I'm going to pass on this one - screen almost freezing. Good luck!

BF´d last letter.

Roberto, are you talking about 4letter code?
I can see a 5 diggit clue, but no 5 letter code...

Me neither, but I bf´d it.

Oh sorry! It´s above fireplace in 2nd room.

5 digit clue? where? lol

1-5 clue on left door. maybe to combine with letters on right door...

Roberto,not understand what is the word? Over the fireplace 4 letters.

replace the numbers on left grid with letters on right grid. You get "OLVE". Last letters is S.


I thought switches were the clue for buttons, but 5 switches and 4 buttons! :(

anyone playing?

for the 4 buttons click the 1st one in the top row and2nd one in the second row, 3rd in top row, 4th in bottom row

Going in ( a little late as usual)

don't know where to use the flashing letters of the word GAMES above the fire place. Have a rod with a magent attached to it and a rope. Thought it was for the hole in the first scene but no luck

thanks Irene

If clue for buttons came from switches, it was very bad clue.

there is a paper hidden in the stack of papers on the brown chair 2nd scene. Add up the numbers, forgot where I used the answer

once you use a clue you can't zoom on the clue any more.

stuck, can't move on.

tool from drawer in 4th scene is used on table S1

found 2 four digit puzzle. none works adding up numbers from paper.

magnet+stick is used in ceiling in S4 (top right)

there is second #clue next to shoe shelf

shoe shelf is that round one in 2nd scene?

took the magnet back after using it on the ceiling. Now it's stuck to the chain above the right door in S1

same here Irene.

I went out of the scene above the door in S1, when I returned my magnet was gone. I thing there is a glitch in the game

Now it´s gone. This game must be bugged!

Can´t use my key or my numbers (8537) anywhere.

maths paper hint is used in far right kitchen scene on CB with «shapes» above square line puzzle

good find, thanks AO

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hotzenplotz, my key didn't fit into that key hole. Played two times and each time my magnet gets stuck on the chain above the door and the key won't fit into any key hole

duh, don't miss the arrow below shoes...

Irene, could you say, where you have found this key?

shoes - shoe shelf?

Irene, are you talking about the little key from 4 letters (clue from birds)? you can place it on the floor in S2

IIRC, the key I have was from ceiling hole in kitchen, where we used stick with magnet

I think it was in the kitchen scene from the hole in the ceiling. Will try to play again later since my magnet got stuck twice and then it was gone.

the key on the floor in S2 gives the clue for slider in S3 (3 heights)

My key doesn´t open any door or fridge. It´s an old brown key. Can´t remember where it came from.

where is letter puzzle located (bird hint)?

AO, it is in 5th room..

sorry, I replayed and the ceiling key is used on door in background of kitchen. click on hotspot, where you can open the drawer and use the key in background (no hotspot for a key hole)!!!

My useless key came from ceiling.

Ah! Thanks, although I could not see any lock on that door.

count colored letters to know how often to click on colored buttons...

2 deer heads are used in unlocked table(?) in second scene.
axe is used next to armchair in second scene and above shoes in S5

after placing a switch in S1 the magnet will reappear...

what´s the word for cb in bedroom? love?

Where did you say you used riendeer heads? On locked round table?

4# next to shoes is for mobile: just draw the strokes straight through number block. so you will get some more numbers: spoiler ahead


word is love, but in another order (arrows and bird heads)
you have to unlock the table first...

mobile gives 7 letter clue for kitchen

my shoe code d/w neither in s1 nor in kitchen...

after solving 4#code in first scene, you can see a line. took a closer look and you can see: the line formes 4 numbers. (I am not sure for second number)



& my mobile is calling & calling & calling...

AO, my comment @12:09 PM

oh no! another 4 digits puzzle from barrels. Could not solve any of 3 so far!

winged stick is used in Kitchen. and finally out with an extra deer head. wow, what a game....

lol! I´ve never been so confuse in a game like this one!

Roberto, my comment @12:57 PM is for 4# on barrel...

thx Hotz - almost invisible arrow & the numbers next to shoes are almost invisible, too...

that's why I wrote a hint for you :-P

Thanks so much Hotz! Managed to escape following your hints!

finally out, too - phew, another fig. forceps delivery for me LOL

thx Hotz on the run ☻

& thx FEG for yet another challenging game (this time due to puzzles & not the hotspot hunting) ☺

I'm stuck with two deer heads and no idea where the keys are for the corner kitchen cupboard or the round table in S2. I've tried every combination of letters for the nightstand. I'm still looking for a doorknob for the dining room. I'm sure I've overlooked something small.

CheddarMelt, for 4 letter code in 5th room: click on picture in S3 (you really have to see the clue) and combine letters with bird heads. note arrows above 4 letter code in S5...

Spoiler ahead


my cell phone is still ring, what do I do next

also, where do the deer heads go

the word on phone is the hint for letter puzzle

re deer heads, see Hotz's comment at 12:37 PM ☺

wow what a game thanks for your hints Hotz & AO was late in starting squigly no for barrel is 6

FEG games have been so hit and miss lately. Once again, many of the clues only seem to make sense to the developer. I will keep saying this until someone actually listens; have a player who has not been part of the development beta test the game to see if it all makes sense! More often than not lately, FEG's clues are nonsensical to the majority of players. You only have to read the comments to see that. When we as players are forced to BF puzzles because we can't understand the clues, it doesn't mean the players are at fault. Please FEG, you have made some great games, and the potential is good in almost all of your games, but you're not listening to why your ratings are getting lower and lower.

I am disappointed in this one. Too many "clues" that are used in unrelated and illogical ways, too obscure without poring over all the spoilers here (thanks, good fellow players, for those). It's not clear whether a clue is wrong, or not working for some obscure reason, or if it is a game glitch. That's way too frustrating to be fun.

this game is a glitch

This game really is the pits.

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