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Find the Escape-Men 172: Hospital Escape Walkthrough

Find the Escape-Men 172: Hospital Escape

No1Game - Find the Escape-Men 172: Hospital Escape is another Japanese point and click escape the room game developed by No1 Game. Solve some puzzles, find the 10 escape men and escape from the room! This game has 1 ending. Good luck and have fun!

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Been a while...

LTNS ☺ - let's go searching...

Seven so far. This is about where I get stuck for good, LOL

I got 7 EM, filled syringe and a cramp from clicking curtain corner...

Color theory for syringe, then press plunger.

thanks Diane, 9 EM..

Syringe used twice.

Where is syringe?

syringe is i arrow box (clue from clock)

Tenth man is elusive. No clue.

10th EM in opened arrow box

I have that one - must have missed something else.

after finding 4 EM you'll be called

- shake signpost 7x
- middle feet
- nurse board (you have to be precise)
- on seat (when Mr. Green has been called by nurse & left - leave room & come back)

- moving chair
- computer (upgrading dot)
- in arrow box
- in cushion/box
- using syringe
- in yellow flask

This last man is a sneaky fella! In second room have 1 from box on bed, one from monitor ..., 2 from syringe, one from chair wheel and stuck.

Ahh, box under bed! When you're looking inside click the top right for another view

well, got the arrow box under bed as per clock hint (14:35) & trial & error for 2nd arrow, but don't understand, why the 2nd arrow is also like the hour hand one...

Yeah, AO, that was strange. Thanks to Jazzy, I'm finally out.

Oh - the postscript was pretty cute. :)

ah, 2 PM plus military time I think

now that was a pretty challenging one with all those sneaky EM spots - thx No1 for another fun game & players above for the hints ☺

Wow, I've missed my Escape Men so much.

Sooooo glad to see Escape-Men game back!!! Love these!

Ha..you get a cramp in your hand if you lift the bottom of the curtain too many times.

I'm missing my 10th. Is the stain under the pillow one that I have to do something to it?

nope, but look above the stain

Pop...just realized I have to click on the end of the pillow..out!

Fun as always!

The clock shows 14:35 but it doesn't make sense for me as a hint for the box under the bed (5 symbols needed).

The clock clue is a bit of a stretch. Having to use military time and 2 is weird.

@ josh, thank you, I know it is 14h35, but how are we suppose to use this on the box ?...

different clock hand shapes, one for positions 1 & 4 (plus pos. 2 as per PM), the other for positions 3 & 5 on box

Just click 1,2,and 4th arrows on box to open. No idea why.

I can only get the two first men, under the chair and after moving the sign on the door...what's next?

Where to use syringe? Have tried injecting hand but to no avail.

Castle - see comments at 5.46 and 5.49

For syringe first get blue and yellow liquid to make green, then press syring top to get man. Then use syringe on yellow and it sucks up a green man (presumable from the yellow flask).

cramped hand is not used.

I click on the nurse but nothing happens, I must be doing it wrong

Wow, been a while indeed, hope to see them more often again!

Nevermind, just had to be really fast

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Another unwanted installation of Windows 10...

Thank you Alpha and Tiquer !

Great, and thanks for the hints up here.
I too, missed these.

Hooray, I had been asking a few times where they have been. Good to see they're back!

Excellent! LTNS, indeed. I have missed these. Thanks for another fun, tricky game, No1Game! I love searching for those little green escapemen!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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