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Frogs Escape

Games4King - G4K Frogs Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. You are trapped inside an abandoned building. Solve the hidden mystery and puzzle in adventure and find the clues and things which will be helpful to escape. You have arrange few picture puzzles to unlock certain door. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

pic puzzle


finally worked after several trash ads

hello alpha...would you do one of your groovy pics for the tree puzzle through the left door?

when making puzzle, start with trunk at bottom center and work your way up.

be prepared for another even nastier pic puzzle...!
(working on it...)

the flowers and "fruits" are important on that puzzle...

LOL the first time I have troubles doing the pic

how are the bottom left & bottom right tiles?

lol, alpha...so out of character for you...black, black.

for tree pic


in fact, i didn't touch either one of them.

Drop the rope down the hole in the first scene for a key.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Numbers from the tree is for levels/levers puzzle.

thx seb
I was looking for the faint corner shadows for the mentionned tiles but they were just plain black :-/

colors from scene with little tree and dirt pile have clues for more than one puzzle.

i have the mushroom clue (i think...) but it doesn't work?

@Bear thanks for levers

The flag numbers in scene one go on the arm of the statue after the king door.

Left flag top to bottom, then right flag top to bottom. The stone heart also goes in that scene, look for a dark shadow of a heart.

eggs (need another one) go on pedestals in scene after stairs with dirt

eggs go on the 2 pedestals/posts in the third scene to the left.

Eggs go on pedestals in the scene just before the flower/fruits puzzle.

LOL, we were all typing that at the same time.

Duckie from the ticket? did you get it to work?

LOL multiple echo in different styles ☻

Place skull to get frogs.

thanks for eggs Lol ;)

LeAnn yeah from the ticket. i isn't working for me :(

Put frogs in egg scene.

Help with toad stools thought it was ticket no workie

if the ticket isn't from the mushrooms.. then what is it for?? also missing a key for the chest..

I have a stone heart but dont find where put it ? please

Yeah what ducky22 said . . .?????not for me either

don't have 2nd egg & skull...

also didn't find place where to apply tree leaves hint...

seb the scene with the statue has an outline for the heart

stone heart goes by door with statue you put numbers on arm

the skull comes from placing all the hearts.

This comment has been removed by the author.

2 eggs on pedestals for tree leaves L/R. work from bottom up

Ok thanks a lot

seb, look at bear's comment 10:54.

thx ducky
well, don't have all hearts...

missing second egg as well

My ticket worked for the mushrooms.

I'm out, thank you everyone for your hints. I will stay and help others.

LOL I think I'm lost atm, no ticket either...

Bear by pushing them as stated on ticket or by pushing them each the amount stated? I swear I have tried all combos will try one more time.

You only have to click the mushrooms one time each, click them in the order from 1-6, indicated by the ticket numbers.

bear, did you just follow the numbers exactly or was there some trick to it?

out, nice one

ok Bear
I take you at your word ☻

I think I need 2nd egg to proceed...

maybe it glitched for me... i've done that a million times...

Placing the final heart gives you the skull, then you use the skull to get the frogs, then the frogs get you the last tiki head, then the tiki head gets you the ticket.

I have done it six million times. . .ok maybe 15 times no go

Dont found 2nd egg

@ducky, There was no trick, I followed the ticket. It says where each numbered mushroom is, so I click the number one first, as indicated by the ticket. Then keep following it through.

also didn't solve letter puzzle

dunno what comes first to proceed...

used letters KING another time for a heart

we didn't have a hidden panel yet...
(maybe egg is there?)

are the leaves for the eggs? I have tried but I am really having a problem trouble with these today

I had forgotten all about spelling king on the side of that doorway. Thought it would be instinctual.

I think I'll go to buy a hen for the 2nd egg LOL

Did you go back into the middle room from the start scene, and do the puzzle on the left side?

Yeah finally!!!

not yet Bear, 'cause don't know where hint is...

same here AO
3 positions for the 4 blue balls but ??

at least I'm not alone seb, so I don't have to feel silly ☻

The hint is on the wall where the little tree and dirt is. Look at the hint as if it were standing straight up. pgcr lrlr or something like that.

are the leaves for the eggs? I have tried but I am really having a problem trouble with these today

Don't worry about the middle position, only left and right.

I have done it six million times. . .ok maybe 15 times no go

Yes, LeAnn, the leaves are for the eggs, bottom to top, lrllrrrl

Bear by pushing them as stated on ticket or by pushing them each the amount stated? I swear I have tried all combos will try one more time.

not true! thx Bear
I tried that a long time ago, but it didn't work in several ways so my conclusion was that's not the hint...

You click each mushroom only once.

Yeah, AO, that one confused me as well because the change the order of the colors from the clue to the puzzle.

they changed*

1 means push that mushroom as first, so it's the 3rd one

Thanks Bear (never found that !)

for the mushroom order of pushing a single time...positions 324615

mushroom hint still not working... red x :( so sad..



number mushrooms 1-6 from left to right & push


why is it 324615 when the ticket says 521364?

ugh nvm. i'm so laaaaaame

ducky, don't click in order of the numbers...click in the order of the numbers position, starting at 1 and ending at 6.

you can apply such a hint in 2 ways
as positions or as click order

521364 means this time, 1st mr to push is the one at position3 , 2nd is at pos. 2, 3rd is at pos. 4 etc.

that's what I like on EG24, so much help in different ways ☺

yes and fortunaly (because poor frogs with me...) LOL thanks a lot all !

really enjoyable game...thank you g4k.

brain eclipse atm - where to use scroll hint?

alpha, the scroll hint is used on the button panel circle.

i think it was the middle room?

that's what I thought, cate
but can't see how to apply the «hooks»...

The hooks clue are for the door farthest to the right from the start screen.

The room where the hearts were placed I think.

thx Bear
I tried to apply the hooks there, too
just don't see how (as I said brain eclipse here atm...)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Top left is the first hook I think. The hook in the middle of the bar is the center light.

fiddled around with the 2nd one (the odd at hint)
there's also a centre that lights up...!!!

AO follow round part on hint and put in yellow top left, center, bottom left and top right

phew, finally out - thx guys for sticking around ☺

it certainly was a good game - thx G4K, but my grey matter was just handicapped in this one LOL

sorry alpha...disappeared to feg after i answered you...with the wrong clue, apparently...happy that bear was looking out for you.

Good game! Thanks!

bit late but this one looks interesting Hi cate if your still there

twice I've been knocked out of the game first it crashed then an ad took me out it's a good game g4f ads too interfering

trying eggs from leaf clue not got it working

works back to front

nice game

On the flowers and fruits: Just spell out the same number twice. The only one that you can spell out. I don't understand the clue.

Karel, count fruits and flowers on tree from wall puzzle.

Really nice game!

how do you get the scroll hint

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