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Ichima Room Escape 16: Alivio Escape Walkthrough

Ichima Room Escape 16: Alivio Escape

IchimaCaffee - Ichima Room Escape 16: Alivio Escape is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Ichima Caffee. In this game, you try to escape the room by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Going in. Like these so much but I always need help.

Hi meritneith. Me too!

numbers on mirror edges for behind other mirror. don't miss the coin to the right of corner code on table next to plants...

Hi jazzy. First round: Found a lot of hints and got some items. Got two keys, a thermometer, and four leaves (all of this stuff used), and two coins and a screwdriver. Next round!

Hotz is there as well. Hi!

Just have clicked a wrong part of the screen and have to start over. Dang!

don't miss up/down clue on 'gate' next to mirror with #clue

Back again. Isn't strange how fast you can be doing a game a second time?

With my two coins I got a flip-flop from the machine which is found when clicking a few times at the second door of the cupboard below the shell picture (and the flip-flop matches to that picture).

Going well until I got outside. Can't figure out the l to r box (thinking it's to do with the shell picture and sandal) and still haven't done the box under the shell picture with the two buttons

any idea for shapes on clock?

jazzypix, my comment above for 2 buttons box...

No Hotz, stuck there now too. Jazzy, how did you get outside?

alivio and alivioroom don't work as a code. Have you opened that swimming flowers box? I counted the petals and leaves but that didn't work.

meritneith, count petals and leaves and do the maths...

POP. You have to count the petals but mind the 10- above the buttons. Doh!

I noticed an arrow on those railings next to the table with the lamp on it and completely forgot to check it out!

jazzypix, how to open letter door?

Thanks Hotz, the clock is just numbers 1-7 (look at the numbers each shape lands on)

for clock clue: the first step of triangle is on '12', but you have to read it as '1' and '2'...

Ha! Opened the box with the clock shape hints!

Thanks. I just wanted to show how smart I am but you stole the show. So I don't have to explain it as you did.

You need the letter "t" for that. You have to replace a letter on the keypad with it. You get the word clue after you have turned on the correct lights on lamp table, flower table etc

nice game, thank you for your hints!!!

Ah! Thanks jazzy, I hadn't lightened the correct light at the plant.

And out. Thank you guys for helping and see you again next time!

Great game, of course.

Good escape game. Would've got out without help if I'd remembered to look at the black railings! Very logical.

I cant open the box with the clock shape.
Help, please!

@pierpor, have you found and used the key on the clock? If so, take note which two numbers each shape visits. Then use the numbers to determine the order of the shapes. Note that one of the shapes visits 12 which counts as 1 and 2.

Solution: SPOILERttsctcsSPOILER

Now, could someone help me with these darned flip flops? I am fairly certain I understand the clues, but the box is not opening. Is it not "rlmrmlmllrmr"?

TY Seraku!

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This comment has been removed by the author.

@Hotz, I am missing something then. I have already matched the shells to the positions in the picture. Going left-to-right as indicated, this would produce the order I mentioned in my previous post.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Okay, so the order is wrong. One of the shells on the left shoe looks like a "middle" shell but is actually a "left" shell. I call shenanigans on that one, designer. You lose your Twinkie(TM) for this game.

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that was amazing

wow wow wow. Such a good Ichima game again!
Going to spend some extra time on this one.


Zoom in on the ornament on the table (click twice).
star = position 2. Click star.
flower = position 4.
lamp = position 1.
leaf = position 3.

Zoom out once, take the green leaf on the floor.
Click the plant in the corner, take the leaf.
Note the arrow and position of half circles on top of the gate.
Click left of the gate to go behind it.
Zoom in on mirror, note the numbers in the corners.

Zoom out all the way, turn right.
Use the gate-clue on the brown box on the cabinet.
Click the lid, take key 1.
Zoom out, zoom in on the jar, open the lid, take the leaf.
Zoom out, click the second door 5 times, zoom in.
Two coins are needed, take the thermometer on top of the safe.

Zoom out all the way, turn right.
Zoom in on the mirror, click it, fill in the numbers.
Take key 2.

Zoom out, turn right.
Put the thermometer on the wall.
Click it. Write down the angles you see, from top to bottom.
Zoom out, zoom in on the last plants, the box with angles.
Click them in the correct order, take screwdriver.
Next to the box is a coin.

Zoom out twice, zoom in on the clock.
Use key 2. Click it.
Note where every shape is pointing to.
It gives you numbers from 1 to 7.
triangle points to 1-2-5, square 7-3, circle 4-6.

Zoom out all the way, zoom in on the star on the floor in the corridor.
Note the position of the letters. A on top.
Zoom out, zoom in on the flowers in the back.
Take the leaf.
Open the safe : 10- means 10 minus the couple of leafs per colour.
Remember on what position the flower was? click that button.

Zoom out all the way.
Turn right.
Zoom in on the desk behind the gate, use key 1.
Click the book, click the left part for a coin.
Note where something needs to go on a keypad.
Click the zoom-out bar, click the lampstand.
Click the shapes in the order as shown on the clock, so triangle 1-2 etc.
Remember on what position the lamp was? click that button.
Zoom out all the way, turn right, put in the coins.
Click the button, take the shoe.
Click the plant,put on the leafs, A on top.
Remember on what position the leaf was? click that button.

Zoom out, turn right, zoom in on the floor.
Use the sd, zoom in on the star.
Remember on what …. etc.

Zoom out, go to the ornament on the table.
Read the word, take the T.
Zoom out all the way, go right twice, place the t on the keypad as the book showed.
Click the word on the keypad.

Go through, follow the arrow.
Take the bucket.
Zoom in on the pool, fill it with water.
Zoom out, go right.
Click the table. You can’t reach the shoe, so empty the bucket.
Take the shoe.
There’s a left one and a right one.
Go to the picture of shelfs on the wall inside.
Write down the correct order from left to right.

Go outside, zoom in on the box on the table.
Click the buttons, open the box.
Push the button and look what happens next, lol.
Click the thingy that appears.
Click the blue door, go in and enjoy your stay.

Order shoes is spoiled up here.

I didn't re-check the wt, so I do hope all my left/rights are right, if you know what I mean. :-)

At last - A REAL game! Thank you!

Great game!

Where is the correct spoiler for the shoes?? I tried what I see and the one hotz. posted and neither work!

Maybe it changes, Jenny. My order was, RLMRLL for the left shoe and MLLRMR for the right shoe.

If you click on the shoe and then click the green box with writing, it will zoom in on the shoe so that you can see the order on yours. Great game.

Jenny, R L C R L L C L L R C R. (like arrie, i hope i got my lefts and rights the correct way round). Hope that works. It did for me.

Mine is the same as Bear's (except i said centre, and Bear said Middle). Fingers crossed.

Actually, I remembered mine by using the words big, little and pointy. It's the only way that the order would stick in my head without having to write it down. plbpll bllpbp

yours is correct clio.
Hotz has one wrong indeed. I didn't check that.

unexpected end with my yacht ;-P

wow, over 30°C on thermometer - so hot - such as the game ☻
«life is great» is written on the coin - the same goes for the game! - thx Ichima ☺

& thx arrie for yet another WT - EGDAWT rules!
(at least for every good game...)

@Bear - lol! I did similar to you, I remembered the shells as smooth, scalloped and long.

Excellent game!

Lol, seeing as I have great difficulty with right and left, I ordered them 1,2,3.
And yes, what a wonderful game - hated to see it end.

great game, ichima...thank you so.

Wonderful game. I didn't want to get on the ship at the end though!

Thanks for good game !
and thanks all for help and Arrie for WT :)

Just got around to playing and it was so GREAT!!! Great hints and spoilers as I just can't seem to finish a game without you all!

Very rarely does a game hold a five star (*****) rating with 100+ votes. These superior games need to be in their own category. Excellent work!

Awesome game, I really loved it!

Great, great, great game!

Great, great, great game!

I agree..perfect game all the way around. Thank you, Ichima

now that's what you call an escape game I loved it my kinda game thanks for the walkthrough x

Arrie, thank you so much for the WT. Really helped and much better than watching a youtube video

Blockbuster game. 5 stars

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