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Kids Room Escape Walkthrough

Kids Room Escape

MouseCity - Kids Room Escape is another point and click escape game at Mouse City. Andrew is a naughty kid. He always makes fun of his siblings or any playmate. One day, when they are playing in the kid's room with his playmates, they made an evil plan for him as a revenge. They planned to trapped Andrew in the kid's room. Good luck and have fun!

Note: This is a HTML5 game from a new developer. Please share your thoughts about the game and any technical issues that may occur in the comments field.

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Hi ppl : ) Game from a new developer - hope it's good. Let's see!

Taking a long time to load.

takes for blooming ever to load nothing but an ad. Red X

hi (again) all ☺

prefer games with hotspots, saves a lot of just senseless clicking around...

collecting black & white balls/buttons...

uv light from bed for note

Was looking at tic tac toe (I think I found a black button there) left and came back and there was a blue button for inside toy chest.

Aside from loading time and lack of changing cursor, it seems to work so far.

Anyone find where the blue key goes?

Use purple tube on paper

toy bricks for letter puzzle at desk

btw sth different with the views from above

Thanks, K Stevens. I was missing that button and would not have thought to check there again.

This is just too frustratingly slow

use knife on box from shelf above kid bed

it's hint for 2 letter puzzle left of that bed

came back to the red and black tiles under the bed and found red key

number code gives green one

Where's the note?

Zuleika Smith and sysin3: What is it that are too slow? Loading time before game shows up or game itself.

Also, there should not be any ads inside this game so its the preroll that you are seeing if any.

cute pic puzzle behind number code

missing 1 black button & where to use green key

@Mousecity" both loading and in-game moves are slow.

And, thank you, Mig. I was only missing the red key.

Overall, this is a pretty good outing for a new developer.

no prob here with loading time

ΑΩ, make sure to check all of the windows in all views. My last black button was in the window over the shelves that had the ABC blocks.

And the keys all get used at the end, you need red, green and blue.

Need all black balls - check the windows- to get red key and get out

Found note in pencil cup on desk.. No problem with game slowness here

can't find the blue button to place in the chest. Gone back to the tic tac toe but not there.

Used 3 key.Liked the game. There were no problems .

my last black button on windowsill

no probs here either with game being slow while playing

ok, you need to find all black and white dots first, then the blue button appears

and the same for the red key

a note inside pencil holder

blue key from door puzzle, hint on note using uv light

VII-it must be the door to enter. The blue key is.

Not a bad game for a new developer. It ran fine for me as well.

I would have preferred a sound or comment that something happened after collecting all black and white dots. Something to make you go back and check previous places again. It isn't clear that collecting them does anything. Could just be like the gold coin collecting in a sneaky game.

Usually, when a spot is used, it is used
but otherwise it looks like most games

didn't like the graphics much, but overall a fine premiere for a new dev - thx, also MouseCity for sponsoring & players above for the hints ☺

Jo-Ann: Isnt there a sound already when you pick up an item?

A kofod: Please explain more what you mean?

Overall thanks everyone for commenting and its good to hear that its loading fine for most of you :)

Ok game. I prefer hotspots for the clickable things as well.
For me (using FireFox) not slow at all, neither the loading, nor the playing.

You cannot be serious! Things that appear without a logic where there were nothing a second before.

I think (as Jo-Ann already posted) the logic is; things appear when all black and/or white buttons are found.

@mousecity. Yes, sound is there when you pick up an item. However, I was not sure why we were pushing the white buttons and picking up the black dots. Did it mean when all were found the door unlocked (like a sniffmouse game), that it was another challenge in the game to find them all (like the coins in a sneaky game)? In the end it meant to go around and look at random places again. Not really logical so I thought that a sound or a comment when all was collected indicating that a key dropped or a button dropped would make more sense.

Okay, so: games require more logic in terms of when something is picked up (in this case all the dots) stuff happen (like you recieve a key or something) and _not_ randomly putting an item at spots already visited.

Whats everyones thought about graphics?

How about the game length and difficulty on the puzzles?

Loaded normally. Graphics fine. Puzzles fairly easy. Game length fine for a quick distraction.

Excellent first game. Immersive art; logical progression; no ambiguous clues. I liked it very much except for the unexpected appearance of circles and keys (I play with speakers muted).

It loaded quickly for me at 30Mb down, and it played fine on Firefox and Opera (IE can't handle HTML5, and Edge wouldn't load the game after the opening ad.)

I'd like to see more games from this developer.

So far the game is good, the graphics is straightforward, the puzzles are logical, I have yet to find any glitches/bugs.

As others, I seem to be stuck with the blue key.

(I use Chrome 51.0.2704.103m under Win 7, desktop, gamne runs fine)

I just don't get it - maybe I am thick.
I have found all white spots.
I have a blue key with no where to put it.
I have a red lock but no key.
Found and used knife
found box
found childs toy with numbers as hint for colours on drawer.
Used UV light with note
found a shape split in half and put in toy box
still 2 black buttons to find.
cant't find any more clues and can't do anything else :(

OK, so would someone be as kind as dropping a hint about the blue key - or rather, where to use it?

OK, I watched the video walkthrough, turns out I badly overthought the three-letter puzzle hint. From there on it was quite straightforward. Pretty good one for a first game. Keep on the good job.

For anyone who doesn't know where to use the blue and/or green key: don't bother until you find the red key for the red padlock. You'll know then.

Nice game. Loaded fast for me. I am using Safari. Appreciated that it did not have dark places hiding hints (Retina display does not favour dark spots... and sadly a lot of game developers like to put brown on black hints or vv as well as grey on white and vv which makes it impossible to play those games as the clues are virtually invisible.) The graphics did not impress me but that did not matter in the end because the game worked. But if I was to get excited about playing a game, it would have to include good graphics. (Eg. I always get excited with Mousegames because it reminds me of those games with lots of sparkly dialogue.) I play my games without sound so cannot comment on the existence or not of sound clues. However, I also thought it strange that things appeared in places I had already checked and did not connect it with the finding of dots.

Not bad for the first attempt, graphics are better than these boring "daily games" usually have. Decent. However, I'm probably not gonna play these any more, because there were no interesting puzzles, no humour (like Sniffmouse or some Japanese games do) and no zany uniqueness. And some hints were poor, e.g. this BAC -- gamers have to create a green line from a red-blue-yellow triangle... that's not the logic for my taste.

I would wish that the game designers would work a bit to make the puzzles more challenging and original, add some personal touch. Otherwise the new developer could evaporate into the mass of boring everyday escape games together with... OK, you know who I mean, there are maybe 20 of these.

However, very good for the first game, 3,5 out of 5, I'm sure the next games will include more interesting puzzles as well.

unable to play. Browser doesn't support HTML5. Use Internet Explorer 11. After reading the reviews, guess I'm not to sorry, all the graphic and sound issues.


I'm late, but want to say that for a first game I thought this was very good! I loved the logic and don't mind that by collecting all the black/white dots made things appear again was fun! Clever, even. I will look forward to more of these.

P.S....I also agree that it would be nicer if there were hotspots where the cursor changes...

10 attempts
still not loading

Finally got in
Agree with most comments above
Nice game Also overthought the Letters
Not bad for first timer
Not too hard or too easy

Good first effort, some good puzzles but most were everyday.Not fond of games that stuff magically appears. never thought to go back and check the checker board again. 4/5 for a first effort.

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