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King Park Escape Walkthrough

King Park Escape

Games4King - G4K King Park Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you went to a park named king park which is been shut down due to some mysterious thing happening in the park. As you are an adventurous guy, you went alone to reveal the mystery, but you got stuck in it. So use your puzzle solving skills to collect the necessary items to reveal the mystery and escape from the king park. Good luck and have fun!

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G4K - yay :)

And straight away a slider pic...

hey, zuleika. :)

tricky pic puzzle


I'm in Hi all!

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 1:19 PM  

need one more gem

Hey cate, alpha and KS : )

direction order from (covered) numbers in unlocked scene

the green dot door is opened by making an inverted pyramid...one dot at bottom, 2 above it, and so on.

of course - hi (again) ev1 ☺

Use LDUR on left-side door (diamonds puzzle)

Not sure what to do with those leafy plants yet...

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 1:29 PM  

used crowbar and got another gem, still missing

the 1-4 code on the left of the 2 four digit codes(the udlr thingy) is used on 4 number puzzle.

       Anonymous  7/10/16, 1:30 PM  

nvm, didn't check inventory

A blue gem outside way above door on wall

among other puzzles, several number codes I don't see hints for that, have nothing in inventory...

Thanks for that cate : )

In same place as you Alpha

zuleika, i'm thinking that the leafy tree above them is for the 5 2digit puzzle(counting the leaves), but i haven't pulled it off yet.

Cate - I see where you're coming from (5 branches etc) , but I can't get anything sensible out of it.

Need 2 more blue gems

Guys!! What the heck do I do with the color puzzle? I'm so confused with this one

Hey IAmSamIAm: I think we're all in pretty much the same place just now...

me and thee. i also can't get the order of the 6 colors(from yellow triangle pressing thing) to coordinate with the 6 color monument outside. the same colors, but i can't get the proper order.

Maybe you guys have this already but in room with big carpet down centre and desks on each side, red rectangle puzzle is just clicking until numbers get green light. Gives strange object, lol

Oops - forgot to say, the six numbers (from red rectangle) are used on right-side door in plants scene. Gives place to put strange object(part of yin/yang sign)

thx Zuleika, code is for door in tree scene then

Using second set of 4 numbers (from LDUR clue) gives crowbar

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use crowbar on shield in room with 2x5 digits puzzle for last blue gem.

This comment has been removed by the author.

4 digit code in new room is from right side of the rldur

Placing all blue gems gives jug. Us on 3 plants for 3 flowers. No prizes for guessing where to place them ...

great find! thank you, zuleika.

Completing yin-yang sign gives hint for green rectangle puzzle

Little green man goes in left-side room at end of garden

colours from triangle hint first left then right column on rdul monument

now need key for monument box...

Excellent Alpha, ty : )

This comment has been removed by the author.

4 x 4 number puzzle in room with ladders: number 1 seems to 'lock' in a purple in first grid, but numbers in other grids don't. Wonder if we need hint paper or if clue is already out there somewhere...

@zuleika, i think we may need a clue, as i tried all of the combinations of the last three 4 digit squares.

Okay - surveying all the rooms again ....

Has anyone solved the 3x3 with colors under neath it grid? There is a red dot and no red on the triangle colors so I am stumped

The five numbers are from the tree!
3 0
0 4
4 0
0 3
2 0

And finally that tree has a purpose lol LRLRL

Brandi u r an absolute star! Ty - don't know how many times I added up those leaves incorrectly, lol

Ooh and the box gives us 2 little brown oblongs - where to use?

Put 1 "piece of paper" (that what i thought it was at first in statue by the 3x3 grid, get magnet

thx Brandi
forgot to involve left & ride side of leaves

Use the other one in left room and get rope

This comment has been removed by the author.

Magnet on rope from 2 oblongs

Use that in hole with ladder

Lower magnet down hole in floor - ladder room - for clue to 4x4 number grids

I can't get purlpe square to move beyond 1 or 2 on first grid, other grids are ok. Grrr

thx guys - had my issues with finding the rooms LOL

This comment has been removed by the author.

i cannot highlight first box...there is no purple.

Got it now, but nothing happening...

brandi, thank you! as zuleika would say, "you are a rock star".

don't tell me there's a bug at number squares... :-o

Its glitchy Cate. Put mouse in center worked for me. This new color clue is a yikes for me. I thought it meant green was in the middle red below tha and cyan next to red (right) but I dont think so now.

Purple highlighted on 4-15-5-16, anyone having any success?

Oh just spotted my mistake, sorry! Everything ok now : )

Can't find a place for the green key

man, thank you, k. i have played with that puzzle for so long and never got the first square to highlight. thank you, again.

@ KS - no I can't figure colours clue either. Not sure if I can be bothered either. We've been on here for over an hour - good grief!

Help,I'm stuck with the green key. Not open 6 colors ,color with 9 buttons and green squares with numbers from 1 to 16.

can't look at those flickering dots anymore... :-/

Hahah Zuleika. I know! I just want to print the puzzle out, cut it and try and play tetris to find the answer

Key opens the box you should have in your inventory Nafanja

К Стивенс ,what does it mean to Use another one in the left room and make a rope?

green key is for box you get from 6 colours - see my comment at 1:57 PM ☺

Just when I think I've worked it out something doesn't fit. Looks like we need a bigger grid!

The key opens the box you should have in your Nafanya inventory - do not understand. What field? I have in inventory only the green key from the green statues and left-right code.

I have used about a sheet and a half of paper try to write down ways it could be and I cant do it Zuleika.

I think you are reading clues that are for farther than you are in the game Nafanja. I would go back to beginning of comments and see if that works

Cyan and pink seem to occupy the same place

AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) thank you) Only I have tried to expose, but it did not.

Please email me the color) I Have a lot of options .. and from left to right and top to bottom.

Think I'll have to say goodnight now folks. Hope you manage to solve the mystery. it was nice to have your company - see u all soon : )

good night, zuleika...maybe good news for you in the 'morrow. :)

Opened) - Left-(top to bottom) blue,white,blue,right (top to bottom)was a hint to him,then disappeared. The colors were numbered to click on the triangles. Them and colors.

This comment has been removed by the author.

All the codes I've decided she paused for a color.

nafanja, for the monument, up to down...left is blue, white, cyan; right is green, yellow, pink

i don't have the paper code anymore, but then go back to orange buttons and click them in the order of roman numerals on paper.

i'm sorry, i'm sorry...right is green, pink, yellow!

g4k, please, no more flashing lights...it's not necessary and, medically, some of us can't look at it for any length of time.




This comment has been removed by the author.

cate, thank you. Translators tired .. I wrote that started this color code) I'm going to cut the puzzle with colored circles and try the 3X3 grid to understand the code.

Well I could never finish this game or I would have voted and given it a good vote. Sorry about not voting G4K.

you're welcome, nafanja...lol, i'm doing the same thing with little paper pieces.

I have the connection of the left and right images turned out.If we take the usual order of the grid from 1 to 9. 1,2,4 green.Yellow 2,5.Blue is 5.6.Red 1.5.Pink 8.But it is not working. Turns out the video walkthrough. Not the correct clue. Thought I had correct,but in the video the green somehow is pressed 2.!!!It is necessary to bear in mind from right to left. Nightmare! Too confusing the last puzzle.

Miss purple is 4.7. But that's the order of clicking is STRANGE. Purple pushing is 7.4. 214 Green,Yellow 52.Red 51.It is not clear...

In short we need green-214,52 yellow,blue 56(?),purple 74,51 red,pink 8.

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