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Knf Cellblock Prison Escape Walkthrough

Knf Cellblock Prison Escape

KnfGame - Knf Cell Block Prison Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Knf Game. In this game, imagine a situation where your partner was involved in a crime and police caught him and kept inside the cell block prison. Now as you are good in problem solving by finding the clues escape your partner from the prison by using the different clues in the prison. Good luck and have fun!

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After my disastrous end to play yesterday I don't know if I should be back in the fray so soon... but here goes ; )

Have a knife ( I think), a piece of string, a glass, a magnifying glass. Have used 3-digit clue from plate.

ZL Nothing seems to work in this game? I am stuck with glass of water, thread and magnefirer ?

Oh and 3 shapes paced on wall template near jail bars

Where did you get string?

Use the knife on fan. But???

M. glass used on wall for another 3-digit hint

AHH X marks the spot TY ZL

Hi ppl : ) Not sure where I got the thread - clicking around on right-side on scene facing bed.

Must try knife on fan again - didn't work for me first time.

But 381 dose not work?

No I can't get it to work on other crate either, bandy. Maybe something to be added to it...?

381 must be the key # Were to use glass on wall?

ZL I used it to stop fan and it gave me a piece to use on shapes puzzle?

I only found one place to use m. glass on wall, bandy. It's gone from inventory now.

This game is messed up LOL

what to do with water?

or string?

Oh yep I got that shape from the fan - ty bandy. Was trying to use it as a sd at first, lol.

Monica Good ? LOL

What's going on with the mouse that has the scroll

Aha put water on the table for 3digit

LOL ZL What does mouse want? Cheese? LOL

Yep Cheese LOL TY ZL

Hmm I'm stick too. Can zoom in on mousehole (what a nervous looking mouse) and on bricks in wall, also bidet/urinal. Then there's the 4 sliders - no clue for that. also needing 3 numbers for top crate and a few more shapes.

U r right bandy - messed p describes it!

Well he won't take it LOL

And out, there's a rod at the gate for the magnet

Well I tried to put water on table way back when and it didn't work then....hmmm very buggy

Ty Coffee Junkie. I tried that b4 but must have put it in wrong place : /

Me too Monica takes a few tried like the cheese, oh place magnet at top of rod

Thanks bandy an zu - very helpful....very buggy one this.

NP Zuleika, I've gotten far with your hints on games too so thanks!

Okay - got rod, but where's magnet?

Yes Monica very buggy! LOL Thanks for the help EV1

Think it was in the slider box, or behind the wall, mouse gives slider hint

Finally placed all paper pieces and got hammer

ZL Not sure I gave up LOL

Got cheese for mouse - but can't place it.

Took me ages, goes just in front of it

bandy - there is a sneaky shape behind urinal and also behind slider box.

ZL Just in front of him on floor

Ah placed it finally - gives clue for slider box

That bar thing from mouse gives slider hint.

Pole, magnet and string used together. Slide pole through bars for key then let yourself out. We're free : )

Ty for help ppl

Now how the heck to combine string and magnet?

OHH Got it Thanks ZL!! and out.

Sorry if this is off topic, but has anyone else noticed that some of these new games are super glitchy? Is it just me? Lol

where to use magnifier /

Still cannot figure out how the string and magnet go together? Got through whole game until string and magnet without hints, but i'm seriously at a loss here. Any help?

Viviana there's a rod at the gate for the magnet without zooming

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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