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Lillesden Estate Mansion Escape Walkthrough

Lillesden Estate Mansion Escape

EightGames -  Lillesden Estate Mansion Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside Lillesden Estate Mansion. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Lots of stuff to collect.
You have to collect 4 grey balls/stones to put in the first scene. Click them each and they come out the 2nd hole further back with a symbol on for entry in big room 1 right and 1 forward.

shovel is used on wall, behind door with 4 shapes

Monica, were the grey balls just laying around? I only have three and I have a million things in my inventory.

Got the 4th ball!

Hammer is used on wall by stairs farthest upstairs, reveals # clue.

       Anonymous  7/21/16, 10:27 AM  

math is not PEMDAS...just left to right

Can't do the math even allowing for putting them in 312 order. Rats

Use axe on 3 logs, which are placed above puzzle needing 7 numbers

Sorry Suzie - didn't see your comment in time...but couldn't have answered as so much collected I can't remember what came from where!

DrLee can you spoiler the number for me...I don't know why it isn't working for me.

stuck on math too...

NVM - the notes are in 312 order, reorganize the answers accordingly ....DUH!

Numbers just dont work for me.

aaah, the notes are in this order, not the answers!!! thanks Monica McKinnie

Where do we use the magnifying glass?

Monica, no worries!

I did the math L to R, put answers in 3 1 2 order. Still nada. Checked my math three times.

Hi Hotz what do you mean notes? have I missed something?

What to do with the long stick?

yvonne - I mean the notes on the logs....the top one is 3rd position in number sequence etc.

hi yvonne, I mean, the math notes are in 312 order...

Suzie - once you complete Union flag and place in its location, use the magnifier on it for the 2nd 5digit number

magnifier is used on placed UK flag. long stick is used in far left and up scene

       Anonymous  7/21/16, 10:47 AM  

hi (again) ev1 ☺

put assembled British flag in scene with 4&4 holes for balls & use magnifier

Monica, you use the stick to knock down a "button" from near the ceiling in one of the rooms.

POP - pole in room far left and then far right from that.

Still missing one piece from symbols slider and one eagle puzzle piece.

Finally got the number puzzle.

I can't find a spot for the logs I cut in half so I can SEE the math!

my last eagle puzzle piece was is starting scene, bottom left on the floor (how could I miss that??)

Jenny, put them above the 7-digit #'s puzzle.

jenny, from starting scene go right and up: above 7#code

Thanks Hotz - I clicked everywhere in every scene and not there....and then after reading yours went back and flipme if it wasn't there all along!!!!

Thanks Hotz. now I can't get the math right lol. Can you help?

       Anonymous  7/21/16, 11:00 AM  

Guess what the MathS won't work for me! Arrgh! and please remember to call it Maths which is short for Mathematics which is plural..... thank you

I've put in 4210150, not working for me

And I can't be bothered with the final slider. Hate these sliders that don't allow you to quit.

Math: do the math left to right. The logs are set in 3 -1 -2 order. If log #2 represents the "1" in the 3-1-2 order, then put the result in the the proper number of boxes in the 7-digit answer area.

       Anonymous  7/21/16, 11:04 AM  

& the usual PITA slider at the end... :-/

FYI maths is British English, math is American English ☺

Chris - in England it is Maths; in the US it is Math. Strictly speaking in England it should be Math's as that is a contraction. In US it is not a contraction but an abbreviation. And here endeth the grammar lesson for the day!

Yvonne - pretty sure that's what I used. I did it so many times it was ridiculous!

Could someone please just spoils the maths in order for me. I am not getting it at all!

Yvonne - pretty sure that's what I used. I did it so many times it was ridiculous!

YamaD, thank you for responding, not my day today LOL

Well, I am giving up. Can't get the math no how, no way.
Hope the rest of you make it out.

Hi Jenny, see my post a bit further up, the no's are right, just not working for me

This comment has been removed by the author.

The math values are entered as follows - 42 101 50. If it's not working...I'm not sure why. :(

You have to use hammer on stairs to get clue before numbers will work...

MS. ROBINSON thank you :)

The last puzzle is undoable. I consider me out. Good luck!

I'm out. This was a really fun one. I was a little stumped on what to do with the blue squares you get after inputting 'ESTATES', but after eliminating everything else I realized that the pink-green square clue must be it.

I didn't find the slide puzzle particularly hard. The worst was the math; because it was "left-to-right" and not proper algebra (dong the multiplication first), I wasn't getting the right answer. I tried 'left-to-right' on a lark...

Oh, and math, math, MATH!!! I can handle all the Brits with their torches and spanners, putting petrol in their lorry, and taking the lift up to their flat, but I draw the line at "maths"! <- j/k... but not really

The math is wrong.

Never mind Forgotten One - we can accept our differences. It's not worth changing coloUr for. So long as we realiSe that there are differences between English and American English we can put them behind us (in the BOOT of our cars - i.e. at the opposite end to the BONNET which is where the English keep the ENGINE and Americans the motor)

Thanks for bringing back the nailpiller guys, you've made my day!

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