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Living Room Escape Walkthrough

Living Room Escape

MouseCity - Living Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Mouse City. I haven’t realized yet it is the end of the weekend. Me and my foreign friends spent it in the downtown, strolling around the cozy streets, inspecting the famous monuments, then, we got stuck in some cheap pubs. I couldn’t come up with any fragment of memories, which could indicate how we ended up at my apartment. Good luck and have fun!

Note: This is a HTML5 game. Please comment about loading time, graphics, gameplay and how the size is in your opinion. Would apps (iOS/Android) like this be of interest?

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Well that's neat . . . when I change tabs it automatically mutes the music. Never had that happen before.

Graphics are fantastic. (I'm a clip artist. I KNOW!) Load time super fast (i'm on my laptop, wi-fi), game size when it opened was perfect for me--filled the screen, i didn't have to adjust it at all.

Game play itself--I do prefer hover-indication when i'm over a clickable spot rather than having to spam click-fest it to find everything, but that's just me.
Now onto playing ...

used pc for final code,out
good game,thanks

Couldn't find number clue for drawer so BF'd it. It was in the 60s or 70s I think???

Ahhh . . . get the clue from tv. Battery on table and in alarm clock (under tv).
2 sneaky coins so far--one on top of picture and the other under door.

Out! Pretty easy, combine clue on radio to clue on chessboard and paper clue. (abc123 grid paper)

Oops forgot to say where I used it but its for the 3 letters on desk.

use note from drawer w/ checkerboard for 3 letter clue. Get disk.

1864 not working for me . .

Nice game, good graphics and some interesting puzzles. Door number a little small on my PC. Loading time is fine - more please!

Graphics and gameplay was good, the puzzles are fine, some hotspots were tricky.

the only complaint I have is that the final, 5-digit code was very, very hard to make out on the greean display, and I couldn't zoom in on it.

out by big X

Good game
kept freezing

Love that you don't have to scroll up and down and up and down for the inventory. I like games where the cursor changes over hotspots rather than clicking. And once finished with a hotspot, it disappears so I know I've completed/found something.

Good graphics, good navigation, very fast loading, good puzzles. Good game! (No freezing for me...)

Excellent graphics and decent puzzles, but it needs changing cursor or more precisely defined hotspots, needed seriously help here, clicked as mad, but of course didn't click the right spot under the TV, because the whole area above that (even far away from the TV) zoomed to the TV. Love clever puzzles, love humour, hate clickfest, that's my usual opinion in every escape game.

4 digit code is not what you think (Spoiler)

begins with 2 and follows path on PC

4 digit code is not what you think (Spoiler)

begins with 2 and follows path on PC

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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