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July 31, 2016

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Marshmallow's New Home: Room 6 Walkthrough

Marshmallow's New Home: Room 6

Maroya - Marshmallow's New Home: Room 6 is another Japanese point and click type room escape game developed by Maroya. In this game, you try to find the canned cat food by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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going in..

right behind you, tommy. :)

put correct flower code in then backout and click lid..

hunting battery now LOL

leroy, be sure to look behind everything.

found battery behind zoomed codebox..
new room now

snap LOL

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Out, but I can hang around to help.

fruit names fit that small xword puzzle...
aint seen banana clue though

Need 4 number drawer - have hammer two sides of ladder and three rungs. Think it has to do with TV and color book but can't figure it out,

       Anonymous  7/31/16, 3:58 PM  

janet - look at the circular arrow above the number clue then back to the TV

I can't do the arrows. How many times do you have to click each?

Dr Lee - thank you!

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Magda, Only once for down

Think it was 7 in total (if I remember right)

Just upgraded to Windows 10 and chrome is hanging and crashing like it did on XP.

DRULURD? It doesn't work.

Magda, you're heading D when you enter the maze.

So sorry Magda if I remembered it wrong.

Can't understand color/letter code
Only have: sugar, ocean, cherry and apple

Tessa, to see the banana clue find a screw on the side of the chest of drawers. When you have all the words, mix the colors of the objects (sugar + cherry = pink, etc.). Fill in the letter that goes in each intersection with the right background color.

OCEAN (blue), CHERRY (red), APPLE (red), SUGAR(white), BANANA (yellow)

It wasn't easy to find the screw of the closet. You can see it only from the side view.

What's the order for the colors? Found every color hint, but don't understand which order to put them in, and what the combos are...
I got Ocean+cherry=purple
cherry+sugar= pink?

@Eltonno, the color box tells you the order; the 1st color is purple, so enter the letter you find where ocean and cherry (blue + red) intersect.

@just1, wait... am I missing something? I have an incomplete ladder (4 rungs and 2 sides) haven't found a hammer....
Where do i enter the letters? I thought I had to put them in the bottom drawer color input?? I'm confused! And I really need to get to bed! :)

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on the desktop, top drawer, there is a piece of paper that tells you the colors of the bottom drawer, as you get confused

shirts to the left of another drawer

Oh, I thought you were at the end, Eltonno. For the drawer with colors you need to have opened all the drawers in the chest of drawers and use the colors of the clothes on the left side

there is where comes the hammer

Riiiiighht! I was going insane, but I missed that obvious hint...
Well as I was making an image for the puzzle, I might as well share it

help! can't figure out 4 digit code with the blue and red..... i get 2899 but that doesn't work
also drulurd doesn't work on the arrows..... very stuck

son of a gun must have been doing the arrow one wrong somehow because now that one opened. still can't get the red blue 4 digit code. have no idea what to do with the circling clue.... don't know how to work the tv..... grrr

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The circling clue I was stuck on too - look at TV and see which 4 numbers are circling clockwise

brin3m, Take a chair away from the table and open big drawer. Take red paper, combine with 2899 and you will get the code.

For arrows take away first "d" and you will get right combination:


Janet I did that but i get and 8269 doesn't work either.... that's what i get.... sigh

brin3m, try put blue paper on red and you will get the right code!

Oops reverse it

nomelted, what do you mean take the chair away from the table? what chair? you mean the one by the desk.... if that what you mean nothing happens differently there either. i get 2899 or 8269 and neither work.....

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janet do you mean flip the one of the numbers upside down?

brin3m, my english is bad, sorry)
When you use red on blue in inventory, you get 8269. When you use blue paper on red, you get another code.

oh well have to go to bed.... will come back tomorrow

OK. I'll give the codes.

blue/red code (gives TV remote):


Spiral drawer code (TV clue):


So sorry Brin - trying to do it from memory and just adding to the confusion. The order should be about item the red, then about item the blue. My sincere apologies.

Where is second side for ladder?
I have the one from behind desk.

Found it, beside bed.

Kev Jonesy, look at the lower side of the bed.

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Thanks Nomelted, good old POP.

Lovely game! Out with no help.. clever puzzles and very cute, like the other games of this series.

A good one all in all.
Would have been a 10-minute quicky, if I didn't have to spend another 20 minutes finding the damn second ladder side until I found that super-sneaky hot spot by the bed...

it doesn't seem to be a good thinking day for me today...
had to rely on the hints above, hence thx ppl ☺

the hint which coloured number plate putting on which wasn't clear enough for me...
found arrow hint a bit misleading (not my logic LOL) - still don't understand why we had to let out the first down (but not the last)...

anyway, it's only me today, another time I would find this a great game, what it is in fact - thx Maroya ☺

no 2nd ending in this one?

That was fun, nice puzzles, especially the last one, some brainwork needed and that's good, thanks!

ΑΩ, about the number plates -- there was a hint which showed green over the red (or was it vice versa) on that door or drawer.

And for me the arrow sequence with first down worked well, perhaps the game creator adjusted it later?

A well devised game....IMHO.

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