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Meena Pretty Fairy Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Meena Pretty Fairy Rescue Escape

MeenaGames - Meena Pretty Fairy Rescue Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Meena Games. Assume that the pretty fairy wrongly went to the magical forest house. Unfortunately, she trapped by the crucial magician and he cursed on fairly and she changed as a statue. Help her by finding the three diamonds and rescue fairy as soon as possible. Use your smart skills to finding the necessary hidden objects to solve the puzzles and rescue cute little fairy. Good luck and have fun!

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okay, the RASI chart is a thing from Vedic (Hindu) astrology, I'm still trying to figure out what it means, but it has to do with the positions of planets relative to the signs

So far, a very weird, illogical game - I'm looking forward to meeting the crucial magician, lol

By the way Meena, the white circle + noise every time you click on something is totally unnecessary, and annoying

Hm, the first time I lined up the signs on the chart in the treehouse, nothing happened - just went back and did it again, got a flashlight

light works in dark cb, house on right

That's 3 colored signs, now need to find a red one

use red bag on egg stone

when you find 2 gray stones, bang them together

you will get a clue for the rasi chart,eventually, so don't bother sussing it out on the net like i did.

hi, just1. the colored 3 digit number puzzle is clued in by the fruit.

and, you'll use the flashlight 3 times to find the colored astrological signs.

sneaky spade next to door of 2nd house

hi cate! Thx for fruit - I was almost stuck

yes you're right - you get the answers to fill in on the rasi chart, don't need to learn or understand anything.

happy that my suffering could oblige you, just1...took me forever. :P

I just found new place for light, by dark tree - keep trying, has to be pixel-perfect

Pisces not available on color/sign safe - need to find green somewhere else

i believe the green was aries.

it's okay cate, I'm suffering too!

Thanks, but I guess I have to see it first, just spinning the dial didn't work

Maybe that's why I had to line up the signs twice, I hadn't seen something else yet (what, I'm not sure)

okay, I've poked the stupid flashlight in every corner I can find, still no green sign - cate, do you remember where you found it?

the green one is in the first scene, upper right, on tree.

the spinning dial won't work until you see the pisces symbol. and, i believe that was on the back of a chair in black in the dining room scene.

and then, obviously, you align the two pisces symbols on wheel.

Ah, just POPed that sucker. It's on the other dark tree - one in each scene. In 1st scene, put lght middle/low, in 2nd scene low left.

the four symbols that you need to see before you can do the colored/4symboled puzzle are found...

in bedroom of green lit house
on tree in first scene, upper right
on tree in second scene, again on right
in dining room

good explanation, cate - a neat bit of confusion they created there, Gemini is for color safe, but Pisces is for the dial, which was obvious anyway. I think I really don't like this game...but it's always a pleasure to play live with you.

back at you, just1. happy i made it through.

Out! I think I like the ghost girl better than the fairy...and we never did see the crucial magician!

apparently they did a "vanishing" act.

got out due to your hints above, hence thx just1 & cate ☺

I didn't like this game either - too dark & the exorbitant pixel hunt (esp. the one spot for flashlight) was totally unnecessary
also had troubles with the logic (or more the lack of it) - thx anyway Meena ☺

Layout of English but enter the name of the planets does not work(

For Rasi Chart, highlight the
"type here", then use keyboard.
All lowercase.

Where do the red gems go?

Gems go on pedestals
below statue.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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