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Mirchi Islands of Cambodia Walkthrough

Mirchi Islands of Cambodia

MirchiGames - Mirchi Islands of Cambodia is another point and click escape game developed by Mirchi Games. In this game you have to find a precious golden mask from the Cambodia island. Search for the hidden clues and solve logical puzzles to get the mask soon. Click on the objects to interact. Good luck and have fun!

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Good morning Mirchi.
Good morning sunshine. So hot in the UK today.

Chop off branch on tree with 3

Cloth around branch - seems like we need string/rope to tie and make torch.

Check four tree trunks for a hint ...

Straightforward, thanks

Think the word is 'island' but maybe we have to see hint first ...

Magnet goes on fishing rod

Fill tank on boat with petrol and get access to new scenes

Anagram hint for 6-letter word is on signpost

Coloured numbers used in far right scene

Hey - refreshing didn't work! :-O Going in now. Zuleika, here in Germany it's HOT too, so I'm crawling in any shadow.

Scroll from bottle gives hint for directions box

Hey meritneith : ) Yes I think much of Europe is in for a hot day!

Use petrol on torch also (branch plus cloth), the ignite with 2 stones.

Last jewel from beehive (smoke 'em out). Place jewels, get mask and you're out.

Really nice little game. Think I have left enough clues if any1 does get 'stuck'.

I've said this a bunch of times, but maybe Mirchi will actually listen - please don't make the word so obvious, if I still have to find something that gives it away. Use twice as many letters, or even the whole alphabet. Especially if it's a word that's in the title of the game! Why should it not work, if it's a puzzle I can already solve? That's not 'brute-forcing', it's just using a brain.

I'm out now too. That's exactly the kind of Mirchi games I like the most. Thanks!

I think there shouldn't be too many hints needed. Maybe the "hardest" thing was building the burning torch.

Is the word supposed to be island? B/c it's not working for me, forwards, backwards, nothing...

Mirchi games are always playable «intuitively» re what to do next
straightforward relaxing game - thx Mirchi ☺

you may see zoomed hint first on signpost
(also note arrow)

Ahhh that was it. Hadn't zoomed in. ty ΑΩ.

Thx Mirchi. Very nice graphics. I loved to play this one.

Just saying, magnet goes on fishing rod and fill petrol tank without saying where those things are is NOT leaving a hint, it is so frustrating!

Nice game
"Political statement"
Truly after what happened in Turkey and Nutcases here in US

Sorry guys
No more statements as above

It's really really hard for
me to believe that the folks
at Mirchi, have never seen
an outboard motor on a small
boat before! lol!

No complaints from me. I enjoyed the game Mirchi. Thanks. When I don't like a game I close out and move on to another game. It's that simple to all you complainers.

Not complaining, just
having a chuckle.

Mirchi games are fun,
I enjoy them.
4-stars from me, usually.

Use the values from the shaded Pi from low to high.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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