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Mission Escape - Cave Walkthrough

Mission Escape - Cave

MouseCity - Mission Escape: Cave Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are a super spy on a secret mission. Things got crazy and now you must escape the cave! Look around, see what you can find that might help you escape! Good luck and have fun!

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OK then. I need more coffee - this took longer than it should have!

Just starting - game loading - but I'm gonna get coffee too ; )

Coloured bands on pile of logs combine with numbered diamonds (on oil drum) to give 4-digit code. Gives pick axe.

Hmm, lighter doesn't ignite coal. Where to use?

There are always four play buttons to click in these games before the game begins.. thus I call these 4play games.. 8D

Somehow got pipe from rock-breaking truck by accident ...

Hit the play button 4 frickin' times...really

Use connecter pipe to join the other 2 pieces in scene with Danger sign. Look down hole for bucket.

Sneaky wheel for cart in scene with rockbreaker truck

Bucket is used a couple of times.

The word is not know. So many options anagrams gives(.

Filled my bucket with coal - maybe it should have been water first? Can't seem to empty it anywhere...

Just go back to the water - it will fill with water.

@Nafanja - the word has nothing to do with the Olympics, but with US geography. Big river...

Yes it needs to be water first - still bucket automatically 'loses' the coal when you fill with water so - all is good ; )

Push the cart when you have ridden it to the left get a crowbar. Sneaky..

Now coal won't empty into container. Barrel thing jammed - need something to unjam with...

Ah found crowbar - it's so dark down there

@Zuleika Smith
That would be the crowbar I mentioned.. :)

And out. Nice little game : )

Lol - didn't see your comment Peke - but ty anyway : )

Heh heh, I live near that river :)

@Fred It's my best friend's last name, but it took me five minutes to figure it out. :)

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Seems like the truck code is any 4 numbers you want to punch in. I used 2 different sets and both worked.

Where's the crowbar?

Just saw that there is a 4 number code on the caution sign. Must be a bug that is letting any code work at the moment.

I'm at the end of my rope, and nothing here but a lighter and water ...

After you attach the wheel to the cart and move a screen to the left, move the cart and you can grab the crowbar.

Thanks, Deanna, but I don't have a wheel or a cart ...

After you go down the rope, go to the right and get a ladder. Then you can go up to a few new scenes.


New scenes are above where you got the lighter.

truck panel to get pipe opened for me without hint, but just by clicking some of the number buttons... (found hint later)

otherwise a solid nice SD game - thx ☺

Funny I also counted the number of times I needed to press play...I like the 4PLay moniker! Don't like the multiple longer ads...

Just a guess for GRANDE?

Fun as always. Thanks Selfdefiant!

several bugs in this game
when you get the ladder and opens the red box,
so it seems illogical to go further up
color and "oil number" not working
truck panel

Can't figure out the starting scene, where's the rope?

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MouseCity always crashes my computer, does anyone else have problems with the site?

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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