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Mission Escape - Fortress Walkthrough

Mission Escape - Fortress

MouseCity - Mission Escape: Fortress is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are a super spy on a secret mission. Things got crazy and now you must escape the fortress! Look around, see what you can find that might help you escape! Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

metal pin from shoe opens tricky lock
hint on box (note colour shades)


used sword on handle and out, nice one

gem colours to set as per 2 doorways are a bit fiddly...

The last lever in the black key room is stuck and won't go back up :(

also tricky colour hint for chest - take all bowls, mix 3x colours & for 2nd one remove yellow from green



Fixed lever. :)

same here Stephanie... :-/

You can just refresh, no need to restart. :)

thx SD - thankfully you don't need to restart from scratch, just reload game & continue

for chest sliders, top is 1 step down, bottom is 1 step up

don't miss sack for sand behind knights/gold door

fun game, I liked the lock & the colour hint - thx SD ☺

I can't get the gems right. Do I put the left door in first and then the right door?

alternating left door & right door
(start with most bottom gem at right door)

Thanks Alpha, I am off to try that now.

The red and the hot pink gems were way too close in color for me. The only thing that sort of helped was that the shape (orientation?) seemed slightly different between the two

Nope, I am still not getting it.
How do I put them on the door upstairs? Start at left side and go around? This is not making any sense to me old brain.

When I tap the up bar at the gems door, I go to treasure chest room, but if I tap to the gems door, I go to yard.

Is it bug?

WHoo Hoo! I finally got those dratted gems right and made it out.
Thanks SD great game.

Grrr...stuck on the darn gems, my brain isn't working today.

Out! Yay!

I can't put the gems right.

The colour of gems starting from bottom left:
y - Hpi-r-b-w-Hpi-y-pu-b-Lb-Lpi-r-Lb
L for light and H for hot

Can someone please spoil the colour chest order? I really can't figure it out even from Shining Star's post above.

Oh whoops! My bad. I thought the colour chest was linked to the gems. It's actually linked to the bowls.

Out now. Decent game, but the initial lock and the gems were really finicky and kind of spoiled the fun.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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