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Pleasant Forest Escape Walkthrough

Pleasant Forest Escape

MouseCity - Pleasant Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by  Mouse City. In this forest, a stranger trapped inside. There are some clues, puzzles, and objects left. Find those objects and hints. Solve the puzzles and help the stranger to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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where to use shovel?

i've got it - 3. scene, gives 2 eggs

Hi ppl just going in

Last scene on the right Lilly, on the grass

game slow not responding very well anyone else having this prob

i have 2 sticks, but can't do anything with them...

also missing the last egg :(

You need 4 sticks Lilly, and then join them all together. But I cant do anything with that!

Yep, missing last egg too. I have a rope and the joined together sticks. Stuck now............

Sue - that's exactly what i have. i suppose it has something to do with the hole in the tree.

where is the rope??

Rope is in start scene hanging from tree

and what to do with blue flowers?

Knife hidden in tree first scene

Use knife on rope to hold sticks together

ah... i have the rope - looks like one more stick ;)

Flowers go in start scene on rock

which tree, Sue?

oh, i have it! :) thanks

There is a hook that goes on the end of stick after is is put together

and out

easy after that :)

use stick with hook to pull down branch on tree after you zoom in on it

game working now updated google

can't cut flower head knife keeps coming up as sticks tied with rope where's the hook it might solve that

stuck done everything else need 1 egg & can't cut last flower will need to restart the game :(

Missing the ant and the square wooden shape for the chest.

just starting again Jenny the square is in one of the puzzles will replay for rest

game not loading this time

ant bottom left corner 2nd scene

as I thought hook after placing flower heads cut flower heads before cutting the rope

Mouse City
I have said it before
I will say it again
Games are good but the ads are slimy and nasty!!!!

Where is the third blue flower?

nvm...found it in second scene right under the right direction arrow - very small.

Very enjoyable game. I don't see slimy, nasty ads, Joe M. I must have done something to not get them. I hope MC can fix that - I wouldn't want to play either if I saw slimy, nasty ads...jmho.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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