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Pokemon Escape

Games4King - G4K Pokemon Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Imagine a situation that a pokemon trapped inside a forest. There is no one to help pokemon to get outside the forest. If You can escape the pokemon from the forest prison cell. Good luck and have fun!

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For arrow puzzle, look at signs to see which letter is odd (NSEW) and which way the sign is pointing.

Butterflies go on grid next to Pikachu.

Fill pitcher with water by the cross and pour water in hole by the tree with compass for red and yellow gems.

You can do four color tombstone with only three gems placed in the scene beyond. . .4th color clue pops up after placing 3 gems.

Red butterflies go on grid beside pokemon

Hi Jenny,
I think the number paper clue is for butterfly grid, but I need two more butterflies! Help!

use 10 for 163572
for example
1 + 8 = 10 (click 8)
6 + 4 = 10 (click 4)
and so on, in numbers large tree

Hi Kimbly.
I am missing 2 too.

Thanks for number sisli.
Use hammer from that on sleeping angels stone (1 right of start)

Brilliant, Sisli. Thank you!

I have all the butterflies and a paper hint with zigzag line but I can't make it work.

I still need a 5 digit # hint.

I haven't figured out the four colored triangles :-(

you're welcome
if you confuse the graphic of butterflies, top-down 526 341

Finally! got the butterflies and out now!

There is a paper clue for the 4 triangles. It has circles on it. 2 were north, 1 south and 1 west I think.

Where does the paper clue come from? I thinkonce I get that, i'll breeze through.

I finished, I think eyes on the statue gives the paper with the hint of arrows
green and blue up
left yellow, red down

but first you need all the nuts

Ok. I'll muddle through. Missing letter clue and cross numbers also

Ahh! I didn't see the word above the weepy angel.Got it now

the numbers of the cross is the last of all

Thanks so much. I play these games silently most of the time. Nice to be part of this one. I do appreciate your help.

For the record: the games with wandering eyeballs creep me out. I try to leave those scenes as quickly as possible.

the same

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I only find 3 butterflies a lever from 3 colors and a green gem from arrows please help

numbers on my tree are 579834

anyone still here?

the color grid all left, complete with the same color
gives butterfly and water jug, fill where the cross number, use it at the scene of big tree and nuts

are u talkin bout the colored balls i guess im dumb cant get it to work

and by the way Thank You for trying to help me Sisli


Wow i was way off Thank u so very much

my numbers dont work for tree puzzle

supposed to add up to 10 right?

@dawn, yes, the numbers should add up to 10.
Sisli's comment was a bit misleading.

1+9 (not 8) =10, so click the #9 first.
6+4=10, so click the #4 second.
3+7=10, so click the #7 third, etc.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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