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Avm Purple Castle Room Escape Walkthrough

Avm Purple Castle Room Escape

AvmGames - Avm Purple Castle Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. In this Adventure game you have to escape from the purple castle room. You have been trapped in the room castle and you have to escape from room castle. Solve the puzzle and find the right objects to escape the room castle. You have to unlock the main door lock and open the door then escape from the room castle. Collect all symbols to escape from the room castle. Use the symbols, keys, puzzles, locks, magic puzzles and etc to escape from the purple castle room. Good luck and have fun!

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Gonna give it a try!

ok, got an orange, a red wire (?) and a grey disc...3 rooms open...stuck already

Me too Siouxzana!

...door has no '9' in the selection, so can't use combo from 4# clue

The one is a different color than the rest of the numbers too

...yeah, I thought "ooo 1 for door one...3 digits...but no '9' :(

in the scene 6 the puzzle, the totem is in the center

Cache emptied, memory cleaned and everything overhauled - please don't let game freeze for me this time!

...how did you get into scene 6, Sisli?

I BF'd the numbers it was 47? I cant remember the last number cause door opened up so quick

...478, apparently :)

Got red wire, grey disk thing and an orange...

Clicking ramdomly those 4 buttons, the door opened.

4 buttons on wall...one is slightly pink - 4# number, first one is same colour?

hi (again) ev1 ☺

LOL what a beginning reading your comments, bf'ing & clicking randomly...?!

Hint for slider picture: totem has 3 faces - place 3 sets of eyes evenly down centre.

..I did it randomly, same as Roberto - think I hit pink then diagonally down..not sure after that, sorry

random clicking got the door open for me too, think the hint was in the orange because I got a knife but my orange disappeared.

...my orange has vanished....I didn't even nibble it!

That's the weirdest looking yellow tennis ball I've ever seen, lol

ok, I have a knife, 3 wires, 3 discs and a cat on a ball(?)....oh heck, what a game

Orange gives 3 digits.

Yes my orange as gone too ... where was knife?

knife from placing tennis ball in hole.

...after you've posted the weird tennis ball, you get a knife

Put yellow 'tennis ball' in top hole of scene with 4 crosses on wall

Are the two flowers under the totem the hint for the 4 colors?

I guess I need to cut my invisible orange :(

Now ...where to put this little cat ...?

POP yes, got another cat

Let me know if you want me to spoil the colors

This comment has been removed by the author.

cats go in scene behind key door. Now need a left and right clue

ahhh...so because we bf'd the door, our orange vanished

@ Jo-Ann - yes they are. Gives another cat and key

please spoil flower colours (feel like I've tried all combos now)

have 2 red wires, 1 green wire and a knife

Need another key, another grey disc and no idea what to do with the red and green dots

Place coloured disks in S2 - right-side door

restarted & suddenly there's a 9 under buttons...

spoiler for colors

orange, yellow, blue, pink

Flower Spoiler (L to R)

Orange- Yellow- Purple- Pink

Lol Jo-Ann - I seem to be shadowing you : )

...the yellow, is the greener yellow of the two - cheers

Do we put red circles in green squares and vice versa ...?

put red in red, green in green...gives key

pic puzzle


haha Zuleika!

Stuck. Where are hints for colours and 3#'s. nothing posted above works on either of them.
Where is key?
I have a vase, 2 discs, a knife and a red and green wire.

Hi Zu, yes you can just about make out the colours underneath green then red

...water a plant with the vase Jenny

Thanks Siouxana!

already it happened, but
1493 refers to the four buttons
3 --- 1
4 --- 9
1493 click

Ty yvonne - gosh that seems like it's going to take a long time.

How do you know wich button is 3,4 or 9?

not sure what put red in red and green in green means?

Stuck with 2 red wires, 1 green wire and a knife

don´t know the order of buttons or how to click the cats in s2.

red/green disc slide about - look at background - is either red or green. Put green disc on green back ground etc

knife was supposed to cut orange revealing 3 digits.

Doh, those green and red buttons move. lol I always miss simple things

Red/green circles puzzle not panning out - seems like I have a couple more green than red...

start with a green top left then alternate

Ty Siouxzana - I though it was the other way round i.e. red on green

Roberto did you get paper?

I was thinking about trying to make the red buttons in a + pattern with green background. Anyone try that yet?

Not yet yvonne! Just opened disks door.

because it was an error of the game
AVM corrected, now he puts a 9, the orange does not go away
TX AVM !!!

put the red dots on red background and green dots on green background.

...well, that's weird...mine was/still is same on same :0

Hi K, are you referring to scene 2?

Ok, now for pattern of disks on RH door in S2

right door in s2
swap coloured buttons after placing the missing ones, placements are seen when moving the buttons


black on top, blue left, red right side, purple at bottom

Roberto, the paper is the clue for l/r

And my shockwave crashed.... boooo

S2 door: align grey and pink discs on vertical axis, blue and orange go on horizontal axis. Gold dot in centre.

have to go good luck

CU yvonne ☺

now back to colour slider in s10 :-/

scene 10, pink dot needs to be at top, then others in order

No idea what to do in S10, lol

not sure what to do with puzzle underneath

Ty Siouxzana : )

scene 10 pink at top and others in order and nothing happens?

backed out of scene 10, came back in and now there is a paper. What is the paper for?

pink at top, next line Y R B W G - may need to exit room, re-enter and try again

paper is for cats on balls

in s9 drag to connect dots, all squares have to be used

after solving, you get yet another wire & hint for shapes

oh, no! game froze, now I can't go back in s9...!!!

..anyone figure out grey tetris in room 10?

I think the clue in S9 (beside the #s) is for pressing the shapes in S10, but I can't get the order...

clue to the right in room 9 is 4# (look at outlines) for door

caught up and trying the color slider in 10 and hating it.

Hmm thought that grid in S9 would be obvious place for wires bur ...

ooo but you're right, it is most of the shapes 'too'...except one?

enjoyable game, thank you avm.

hi hotz...start with the shapes left to right.

don't miss the little square and i went bottom to top between the second and third digit.

also had to clip a picture of it to have side by side when i did it.

S4 pic is cute : )

This comment has been removed by the author.

same problem Alpha, game froze after tetris hint appeared. can access my inventory but can't go back.

9 shapes...can you do an order ie it starts with 3, I assume?

..you already did...thanks

Not getting S10 shapes at all

Well, not restarting this one.

Ty Hotz - u r a star : )

Last green wire from circular pic in S7

zuleika, you want to fill in the spaces around the 4 digits...i think they were 1352...so, click on the shapes that you see as you go from left to right...hotz, posted them up above. and, hi. :)

very nice game AVM. thank you

you are welcome Zuleika :)

...that was fun and hard work, all at once

Welcome everyone :)
Hope you all enjoyed

nooo! can't finish that one!
restarted the 3rd time, did all the stuff again just to encounter the same freezing in s9 - no more restart for me :-(

Hard luck AlphaOmega, i have checked twice now also. It works and no freeze issue

And finally out - ty to everyone for help : )

A belated 'hi' cate!

To to AVM - a good game : )

the game freezes, may those of the first version will not freeze
but it freezes, red X

This comment has been removed by the author.

В С10 не получается правильно нажать на фигуры(((

My game seemed to freeze to, but when I went from S9 throught de door with the code to S4 and then returned to S9, I was able to go back to S7.

Still not getting the shape-order right.
Hotz wrote an order, but one is missing i think

I see in the tooltip on the panel from left to right as 1-type P is large,2-small square 3-small L,4- __dash),5-cross 6-unit view,lying down, 7 - One standing,8 - L large.Does not work(

I'm not getting the shape order either. Tried everything I can think of and 3258147 does not work for me (seems to be missing a number).

I see 23581746,but does not work(

Буревестник,where to press,the third small square.

Hi, I replay today and AVM Games changed the shapes in S10. yesterday there was a second "single little square", so my Spoiler @7/8/16, 11:45 AM (3258147) is wrong for this new shape order!!!!

I think, I tried 20 combinations, but I can't get the new shape order..

Особлаге,half the night I tried unsuccessfully(

the closest weekend to the games do not function properly. The person in charge is not as competent.

the closest weekend to the games do not function properly. The person in charge is not as competent.

Total 7 shapes..

Sorry AVM, shapes puzzle still does not work.

Have you solve the puzzle and see the hint?

2471635 not working(((

АВМ игры .what?. Figure take from the panel in which 4 digit code?. There are still a large black circle.It is not active. To him probably the lever need?

There is one green wire. Line puzzle done.

Color with pink at the top ,crosses, dots,red and green squares done. What else is necessary to solve the puzzle?

2471635. Try. It works. all the best.

I understand.The problem is that not all browsers work correctly and the game works( On Yandex these buttons do not work as it should. Nna Fox is generally not possible to play,it's a good app. Just Google for the game works fine.Sorry. So much in vain killed time(

Yes Nafanja it finally worked in Google Chrome but not in Firefox. I spent a lot of time too!

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