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Puzzle Abode Escape Walkthrough

Puzzle Abode Escape

Games4King - G4K Puzzle Abode Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that your girlfriend challenged you to escape from her puzzle adobe. So now you are in front of her house. You need to solve few puzzles to win your girlfriend’s challenge. So use your skills to collect necessary items in the puzzle adobe to win your girlfriend’s challenge. Good luck and have fun!

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Lever for picture right of four flowers

ah, seems that G4K has the permission to post their games here again...?

anyway, like them, so let's go...

Ships wheel to open door.

seems nothing works? IE sliders, #,s ect ?

Hi everyone, joining you now.

seems to be a new turn «this puzzle isn't working right now» ;-P

Glad your here Jenny, I think we could use the help on this one.

Hi Jenny! and Ev1

Glad I'm not the only one that can't get anything to work.

I get 12:15 from clock but ?

yep, hi (again) all ☺

hint on clock
2 buttons & 4 square buttons on doors are working... hm

6 white flowers on left 4 on right but nothing to do with that info. lol

I was so happy that was gonna play a live one with you all and I can't do anything! UGH!

well, I am in the same boat as you all. stuck.

LOL K Some one will get a POP moment!

In the mean time I am just gonna keep clicking the bush that lights up, very entertaining. hahaha

waiting with you for the pop.....hi all

Well, this is very disappointing. I was really looking forward to a good game.

Jenny I agree this one is disappointing!

I tried playing directly on the G4K site and it is the same there. I left them a message the game is not working.

I think i will go do errands and then come back in. Really craving a good game today so hoping they fix it.

I am with you K I have better things to do today!

Yes, I have to leave too, gotta pick up grandkids from sport camp. If anyone gets going, please leave us good hints? :)

24 comments for nothing :-/

hello all...maybe the height of flowers is used on 4 square button, though i can only see 3 heights.

is anyone seeing any red flowers or dots?
I would like to use red white clue (on roof in left scene) on 2 dots inside house to get any further...

I saw those too but I haven't been able to figure it out.

It has improved the game - works

What is working? I reloaded and it's still the same for me.

The puzzles are working at the G4K site, but not here on the EG24 site.

on the original page works

Kajamira tell Palian it don't work here on EG24

refresh game and it works properly clock number for door

Or is this your'e game?

Gotcha! Finally!

Well, I did not get much farther on the G4K site. I managed to open the left side door with the clock time and that's it.

I also picked up a red gift, I can't open.

The flowers outside the first house are for the two numbers behind the red and white dot door in the first house.

razor blade

Where is the red/white dot door??

theres a blade in round picture in new house

On the left inside the first house

Stuck now though, lots of puzzles and no clues

Thanks, used razor blade to open gift for hint for door in first house.
I opened a cupboard under the 2# door but can't pick up the white ball inside.

Same here Brandi.

anyone find any clues for colours

LOL Annie, we can't find clues for anything.

haha same stuck with nothing left to use

I opened the first three buttons and a two-digit code. 1312122131. On a piece of paper red and white pressed 2 buttons. On the roof tip. Red top button. Pushing all that red,white,red,red,white. There are 1 pink crystal and a piece of paper do not understand XYICELP

well I am giving up. wasted too much time on this "lame" game.
Good luck to the rest of you.

The ax was used on the right log in front of the house.

Three green buttons on the daisies. See above comment. 2-digit code also on the flowers.

thanks Nafanja

feel like i have no brain playing this game cant find use for purple diamond or letters paper clue

Me either

back - ah, you have moved on - thx Kajamira ☺

(although asking myself, if it's another trick to lure ppl to G4K site...)

haha same stuck with nothing left to use

anyone find any clues for colours

I stuck with pink gem and 7 letter paper like everyone else, I guess..

where was hint for the 3 square buttons?

ΑΩ, white flowers in front of house...

Difficult to know if criticism is necessary, but flowers are vertical and three buttons are horizontal. unnecessary for this

i feel like xyicelp clue is related to buttons in scene with cat on sofa. we need to draw each letter. butt not working. phhhff

ah, I see now, tricky - thx Hotz

this game is hard

Tried 4 buttons to press on the letters,if the letters read the sticks. Only or 4 ,or 2 to count. Y count 3? Still does not work. Maybe not in that direction think?

yeah may be. tried eveything in everywhere

I'm going crazy, kkk

maybe g4 could give a tip

you seem to be new at posting, fátima
welcome then to the party ☺
(this time a stuck one LOL)

thank you, I always play with you , but only entered the agora Comments . Errors OS sorry ... I'm from Brazil

I have found a video-WT:
Nafanja, you are right, but count the stroke ends. and I has 4 stroke ends.
sorry, I can't see any better explanation.

and be warned, this code was at 2.30 minute of a 9 minute video

canon ball for basket under tree

thx Hotz

but I with 4 stroke ends - G4K logic?

yes, I know. but that's the only one explanation I can see...

ah, not the backrest to cut, but the seat

ok, after this step, it is a bit easier...

3# for symbols (cat,...) use this symbols inside house too...

G4K please associate clues with puzzles more obviously

number on coin for symbols in same scene

crowbar is used in scene couch with cat

water plant in room with number 2 on the wall

lever placed & pulled in same room (2) for hint outside

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

SPOILER for 4 button door


6 gems/diamonds go in 6 circles in cat on sofa scene. (you have to make all circles black first)

The special camps ,I can't find video walkthrough ((( Tell me please how to press buttons?

8 colored coins go on door with grey circle in black square...

The special camps,thank you very much!!!)



number square buttons at right door 1-4 from top to bottom

X has 4 (stroke) ends
Y has 3
I has 4*

*I see now, why 4 stroke ends, it's not only one line, but a line with «arms & feet» ☻

Rats! slow internet here atm, so slow posting :-/

"The special camps"? maybe a translation problem.
just call me Hotzenplotz :)

switch goes

bottom left in room behind left door for hint outside

LOL Hotz :-D

hint outside combo with paper for sliders

lever for left house, click button & pull lever by trial & error till panel opens

tedious placing of the gems, as each goes only in 1 particular spot

the game ends after 3x3 coin slider on door.

I must go to bed, good luck and good night everyone!!


combo gem colours with 1-6 order hint on lantern outside

1-6 order on lantern is used twice: on buttons on wall and in combo with gem...

Game really tiring. See you

CU Hotz ☺

paper with coloured numbers for slider bars outside

AlphaOmega (ΑΩ) ,thank you for explanations) I was very confused with these letters. Only with them was the catch) And the game is not difficult. The rest is easy)

thankfully we can play as team here, thx guys ☺

one the most difficult things in these games is to find the hidden spots where to use some items...
thx G4K for another challenging game of this style ☺

pleasure Nafanja ☺

Особлаге,it really translates Your name stupid Google translator( sorry.

OK game
Needed all help above
No relation between clues and where they are used

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

The only trouble i had was the coin clue for the symbols, you need to count the position gor each picture:
5- wheelchair
4- anchor

For the other symbols, there are 2 apples and2 anchors

Agree with joe, tough puzzles

This comment has been removed by the author.

what to do the the paper with the numbers 8642 on it. Need a hint for the 9 gems in room with the number 2 on the wall

paper with numbers

- 8 -
6 - 3
- 4 -

is the hint how to place the 9 gems
(octagon, hexagon, triangle, diamond)

numbers are the amount of sides, hearts go in corners

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