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Real World Escape 165 - Pants Walkthrough

Real World Escape 165 - Pants

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 165: Pants is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are trapped in the room with some man who lost his pants. If you will get pants for him then he will help you to escape from that place. Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons to unlock the door. Good luck and have fun!

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whoohoo Yay! Guntars thank you!

I thought paws should give code for pics, but doesn´t work!

Worked! from top!

Good game! Thanks Guntars!

Had escapegames24 page up for about the last 3 hours refreshing and hoping for one of these! WooHoo Guntars!

I have no idea what you mean by paws

Are the bottles a clue for the 4x4 grid? not getting it. Not sure what u mean by paw clue either.
have key card (used once for a/c but can't open door) iron, and skirt. Stuck.

by using lipstick on up part of wardrobe
No. Bottles mean nothing.

Try using AC controller until it breaks.

haven't found lipstick

Remember the paws are in the mirror...

bottles are a red herring

What mirror?! I wonder if we're even playing the same game. There's a dirty window.

Sorry, i'm just frustrated.

Have you found the crowbar? Use it on ironing board.

Excellent game. Thank you

same as you sss girl no lipstick no crowbar and there's no mirror?

After connecting the wires, you have to insert the card in door reader for the lamp to work.

If you look at the broken air conditioner above the TV, you'll see a four letter word

Crowbar inside cb. Use letter code from AC, after break it.

I've used crowbar but nothing after that. Iron doesn't go anywhere. Have clippers. They havent worked on anything. also have instructions and room card and skirt. Wires ------AHA! use clippers on wire in vent.

By far one of the greatest games ever Guntars! You certainly outdid yourself. No easy game, indeed! Thank you!! ThxACxo!

I must be brain dead tonight. Trying to figure out well basically everything. I think I need to start with color clue to ge crow bar out of closet.

crowbar comes from letter code.

We need a Sniff through. Arrie? Where RU??

Where are you stuck at?

ok yeah I got it after I broke the ac and used the word left on the grid I was able to figure it out

I am so dumb! haha Use room key on air conditioner really means use room key card on air conditioner! hahahaha

stuck after getting ironing board down--have iron, skirt, wire from vent, instruction card and room card

Nice game! Not difficult for once. Nice small hints to get me going.

Room card needs to go in slot by door - then you can fix wire under desk so light will work

Use wire under the desk.

same holly. Put wire on lamp cord under desk already. \

Out and loved it! Remember everything in a mirror is mirrored!

Got card in door slot, fixed wire, but can't turn on light

Um guys? Where is the mirror to use lipstick? Did I miss a scene? Still have instructions, cut skirt, and iron. (And lipstick & room key)Have opened closet, used 321 clue from tall lamp. Fixed wire. What am i missing here??

there's 2 lamps holly, one is on the desk.

The light on the desk should turn on - click near chair - gives color code

I'm at the one on the desk, but can't turn it on. I don't have the bulb for the other lamp

Mirror is on open closet door - click right side - near the hangers

Mirror is the open color cabinet.

SSS Girl use the Lippy on the closet where you got the iron...but on the right hand side on the top. Also next to the TV you use the 123 clue

Holly did you put your room card in the slot by the door? Otherwise the lamp won't work even though you fixed the wire

thanks, I had it in, but took it back!

THANK YOU for the mirror!

Thank you all for nice comments!
There were some tricky parts...
But I hope that you liked it

Loved it, great Game! Thank you, Guntars!

       Anonymous  7/19/16, 12:48 AM  

Good game. takes time to think where to use items,mirror place was tricky,thanks

I wonder if people remembered doorcard before they went out

the wire won't stay in place under the desk - am guessing I need tape from somewhere?

no tape this time...

it worked for me after several tries, just had to find the right pixel

out with taking keycard with me ☻

even more tricky stuff in this one, hence thx ppl for the hints above ☺

great fun game - thx Guntars ☺

thanks AO!

where is the lipstick

can't get the slider to work

Need scissors to cut the skirt in half to find lipstick

Slider - from left to right 3-1-2-4

Slider clue after you clean off window - not from wine bottles

thank you Guntars for all the famous sniffmouse-games

and I wish you will post the game from your friend here: Alps Escape

I like it but I need a little help ;)

Fun game. Thanks for the hints everyone. It took some time but I got it!

Is anybody still here? I'm stuck rigt from the start! I have the room card, instructions, iron and skirt and nothing works! What is the 4 letter word? I see Friedrich on the gate above the tv. So please help me on my way.

Don't bother! I'm out finaly.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Excellent game - thank you Guntars!

Excellent and enjoyable as always, thanks, Guntars!

Sniffthrough 165 – Pants:

You snaffle Sniff1 from by the door and do your usual check of the door handle.
Hmm….. Nothing happens this time.
Moving to your left you look on the cabinet and see that room service have delivered rather a lot of wine along with instructions for operating the room.
The window is too dirty to see through so you turn left again and inspect the desk.
The lamp doesn’t appear to work so you follow the wire to find that it is broken.
The guy on the couch can’t find his pants so you set off to see if you can help.
There’s no bulb in the tall lamp, the pictures are loose on the wall and the ironing board is jammed.
This hotel could really use some maintenance!
You take the abandoned skirt from the chair (what was going on in this room last night?) and decide that as this searching is hungry work you could do with some of the breakfast on the table:
Coffee, toast and a black key.
Ok this will speed things up a bit and you unlock the desk to find Sniff2 and the room card.
The poor guy must be freezing with no trousers so you use the card in the aircon as instructed.
27C should be warm enough.
Now to turn the fan up………
Damn! It’s broken.
You look up at the vent to spot Sniff3 and a 4 letter hint along with a bunch of wires.
The word opens the other drawer in the desk wherein you collar Sniff4 and a crowbar.
The crowbar makes short work of the stuck ironing board and you use the cutters you gain from there to take a wire from the vent.
The wire repairs the lead for the lamp but nothing appears on it until you remember to use your room card in the slot by the door.
Now you have the colour combination for the closet and receive Sniff5, a cloth, a bulb and an iron.
Looks like the laundry service is as good as the maintenance crew!
Using the cloth to clean the window you notice marks on the balcony floor.
These turn out to be a clue for the slider cupboard under the TV which hides Sniff6 and some scissors.
Cutting the skirt reveals the world famous Lippy and you use this on the closet mirror to get the picture code.
After grabbing the needle and thread you use the bulb in the lamp to get the code for the light switches thereby acquiring a remote.
The TV (DIY Channel – how appropriate!) provides you with Sniff7 and a set of instructions so you set about converting the skirt into pants.
The happily dressed man gives you Sniff8 and the code for the safe and inside it you find Sniff9, a 4x4 pattern and…….. a tattoo removal machine?
Sniff10 is yours when you prise him from your wrist and the pattern opens the cupboard under the booze to reveal Sniff11 and the ff.
You know what to do with the ff and if you don’t then where have you been for the last 164 games?
All Sniffs safely secured you high five the rating board and say thank you to Guntars for another brilliant game.

fantastic Guntars
You are awesome
Thank you!


Big fun and excellent game. 5 stars

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