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Real World Escape 166 - Starving Walkthrough

Real World Escape 166 - Starving

SniffMouse - Real World Escape 166: Starving is another point and click room escape game developed by Sniff Mouse. You are locked in the room with some man who is starving. You better find a way to get some food or he may eat you! Your target is to find 12 sniffmouse icons by solving different puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

wow, do we get now sniffies twice a week...?

slow loading...

Thank you Guntars! :D

no hints puzzle....haha NO HINTS

Wow! So very stuck and so early in.

You look up "stuck" in the dictionary and you see my picture.

LOL Codeman!!!


Want some help?

I was as stuck as Sticky the stick insect stuck on a sticky bun!

not greedy at all that guy, he's satisfied with one cherry LOL

Haha! I have a hanger that I need to do something with and I placed a basketball.

Thank you Guntars for another amazing game.
Any chance you could post the next one when we are sober?

Austen, when are we sober???

Codeman have you solved the "clueless" puzzle?


Codeman - when Beelzebub skates to work!

tricky the secret of mirrored balls

That puzzle is a hit/miss.
Keep trying.

Ok, solved it, but did I just brute force it??

trial and error for the no clue.

Ok, moving along.

there's a puzzle behind the plant relating to paper & house

the fanlight yeilds a clue

Sort of Cody.
Guuntars did hint that there was no clue.

No it's a NO Hint puzzle :-)

Oops - sticky keys - sorry Guntars!

this one was pretty straightforward for me - very nice as usual - thx Guntars ☺

Loved it once I got my brain going with a little help from my friends...thanks Guntars!

The no clue one was trial and error the basketball one was tricky but after trying 2 times i looked in mirror again and it made it easy had one on x and two one place off.

Well i'm glad you all are moving along. I however am stuck just after the no hint puzzle. Have a total of 2 bballs up. Tried bf the clock and the 3 dial puzzles to no avail.
Any concrete hints here would be appriciated. Hanger?




TAS, the number code you got from clicking the door lock should have given you a sniff and a clothes hanger.

have you seen the numbers on floor from door?

they go on purple cabinet

WOAH totally missed the door lock! That explains the hold up and sticky keys here.
Thank you!!

house puzzle



Another top of the line game with fantastic music. TY Guntars♥

I'm still lost wht to do with hanger?

under cabinet house is on

must have to do something to it first?

Yap Cyndi you need to cut it with some pliers.

you need pliers from house puzzle

Have you solved the clueless puzzle yet?

thank you got it should've stuck with the paper the hint clue threw me off..

That was AWESOME! I really went fast after I figured out dollhouse room order Thanks you Guntars! Another Success!

The number in the window shadow is not 1423

The clueless puzzle is basically find the order on your own Austin. Start with button where arrow is pointing and then the rest is just guessing until you get them all green.

Really bummed-have tried playing this game twice but my hanger keeps disappearing from my inventory :-(

Oops! My third basketball disappeared when I tried to place it on the shelf.

Lovely game as usual Guntars Thanx
Sharon what is a NO HINT puzzle?


You grab the regulation Sniff1 from right in front of you then start sniffing around.
Not much going on other than finding a basketball on the raspberry shelf so in desperation you try the door handle and this time something happens.
The number code from the floor opens the wardrobe to reveal Sniff2 swinging from a handy looking coat hanger.
The guy on the chair is hungry so after trying to feed him the basketball (well you never know until you try) you get frustrated as nothing else in the room seems to work.
Eventually you discover that the no hint cupboard will yield Sniff3 and the black key if you fiddle around with the buttons enough and inside the key cupboard you snaffle Sniff4 and a paper hint.
By comparing this hint with the doll’s house you figure out the order to hit the panels on the house diagram.
Eureka! There’s Sniff5 and some pliers.
A minor technical adjustment of the coat hanger provides you with the perfect tool with which to yank Sniff6 from under the doll’s house cupboard and that rodent also holds a jigsaw puzzle piece.
Completing the picture by the door nets you Sniff7 and an arrow clue which you use by the overgrown budgie to gain Sniff8, another basketball and a time clue.
Your time hint provides you with Sniff9 but who has been putting cherries in the cuckoo clock?
After feeding Mr Appetite his enormous meal you take Sniff10 and head for the mirror with your lipstick (replaying the “wibble” in your mind as you go).
The mirrored clue shows you where to place your balls gaining you Sniff11 and the essential ff.
It’s about ffing time you got Sniff12 and you gleefully head out of the door saying a big thank you to Guntars and voting the usual 5/5.

Joe M No hint puzzle has No Hint on it....just a trial and error puzzle. :D London next week!

@alliswan - my hanger disappeared too. If you click on the very bottom of the hanger, you get it and then it disappears. Click on the top of the hanger to get and keep it. Or you can go back to the now-empty space in the closet, click towards the top and you'll get the hanger again.

Other than that one glitch for me, a very enjoyable game - thanks!

My hanger disappeared.

if you have a little difficulty with basketballs
-look in the mirror again

Thanks, Janet! I'll try again.

Game is glitchy. My hanger disappeared as soon as I picked it up so can't continue.

Thanks, Janet! I'll try again.

Magda and Jenny - see my comment above - click on top of hanger to keep it from disappearing

The coat hange Disappeared after opening the closet

The game was buggy: one of busket balls disappeared after I placed it on the shelf and I had to restart.

Lovely game - thank you!

Yup, things disappear, not restarting. Great to hear the ramblings of drunk people. Ugh.

My hangar disappeared before I could use it.!

Same her Mighty1 - my hanger never went into my inventory :(

From above @alliswan - my hanger disappeared too. If you click on the very bottom of the hanger, you get it and then it disappears. Click on the top of the hanger to get and keep it. Or you can go back to the now-empty space in the closet, click towards the top and you'll get the hanger again.

Austen thanks for the walkthrough but can you make them a little less boring. Wading through the piffle to find the actual clue? Not ungrateful just bored.

Sorry for that little bug with hangar...
But anyway, thanks for playing and thank you for the comments...
Now i know where to improve the game...
Austen's wt was borring? you should read it again! It is fantastic, with a great sense of humor!
Austen thank you for that!
Anyway, I am reading all the comments and I will be more careful on the next game!
See you soon!

Thanks Guntars

One of the best sniffmouse ever. 5 stars

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