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Royal Mansion House Escape Walkthrough

Royal Mansion House Escape

MouseCity - Royal Mansion House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Mouse City. In this house, a stranger trapped inside. There are some clues, puzzles, and objects left. Find those objects and hints, Solve the puzzles and help the stranger to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Won't load for me, have tried all kinds of browsers.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 4:51 AM  

hi (again) all ☺

unusual MouseCity style - let's see...

hi meritneith,loaded ok in ff for me

Chrome works fine for me.

Hope you get it working, because I'm stuck. :-)

Have a book with an alphabet, three out of six paper pieces for some kind of algorithm and a news paper.

Two digit code and five letter code are the only active puzzles.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 4:54 AM  

EightGames style: loads of stuff to collect...

Nope. Maybe it's the firewall. I can load other MouseCity games though.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 4:55 AM  

key from seat for most right room

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 4:56 AM  

cut page from brown book & pour sauce on it

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 4:58 AM  

key from 4#code for 1st room, also

place find button there

Hey, I was able to turn off an adblocker, now it worked. :-)

for 7x7 grid with colored squares:
you have to connect the squares with same color. the connections shouldn't cross each other.
note, there are 2 yellow squares too at positions 2/2 and 3/4 (square 1/1 is in bottom left corner)

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:00 AM  

oops - I got lucky at castle pic, it suddenly opened (couldn't make a screenshot...)

cloud & rock positions aren't clear at all

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:01 AM  

put bulb as first in lamp, then you can

place switch

Hi, Mousecity here,

Please share your thoughts what you think about these games. I plan to step up the Mousecity sponsoring featuring Selfdefiant + Carmel Games + Eight Games and release at least 1 new game every day. Always check in at www.mousecity.com first.

meritneith: I hope its working fine now, ad blockers can sometime screw up content a bit.


       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:04 AM  

little glitch:
if bottom number of left side of r/l number code in r1 d/w, change the 3rd one, then it can be changed

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:04 AM  

assemble puzzle in 1st room with

blue button, bar & grid

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:05 AM  

hi Mousecity ☺
thx for the game - I like it so far...

ΑΩ, now click many times on blue button to get 7x7 grid...

flashlight is used on big screen in second scene

write down clue from using flashlight in second scene!!!
my flashlight is gone and I can't see the clue!!!

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:10 AM  

coloured grid puzzle
(click blue button till it appears)


       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:12 AM  

I still can see the hint... hm



thanks AO!!

Hotz, mine was:

in out
out out
in in
out out
out in

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:14 AM  

maths on assembled paper


each sum multiplicated with increasing odd numbers - but result d/w...

Thanks, Hotzenplotz!

Didn't realise I could active the coloured square puzzle by just pressing the blue button.

It's decently straightforward after that.

Nice puzzles, but the number of clicks needed to move pieces are a bit boring.

thanks meritneith

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:15 AM  

I like that puzzled don't reset when zooming out

I can see 3numbers above lamp in second scene, but it doesn't work on 3#code in third scene.
where to use grey bars (called puzzle pieces)?

I'm stuck with 6 rectangle puzzle pieces, a 3 number puzzle, and one key needed.

Solution for the math:

add both numbers and multiply with the first one

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:18 AM  

huh? success at 2#code by switching the digits correctly obtained from maths





Hotzenplots - the three numbers above the lamp are the order to switch the three light switches.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:20 AM  

ah, ok, my bad - that's why - thx meritneith
but my concept was nice, too ☻

For the number above lamp in second room: it's the order to push the switches in the same room.

But no idea what to do about the lights the three switches apparently activated.

I wouldn't doubt that, Alpha! ;-)

thank you for switches hint, but to do with light beams after flipping the switches?

Older MouseCity game does not load either. I quest their server has a failure.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:23 AM  

oops, solved 3#code by flipping last number, I think it was



lit ceiling lamps should be the hint...

Don't know what the lights from the switches are for by now though. Did somebody mention before that the newspaper colours are translated with the book with all those letters?

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:24 AM  

ah, I see - 2 ceiling lamps on left side, 1 on right side, hence the 1 in code
Q.E.D. ☻

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:25 AM  

(2 different wall colours)

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:27 AM  

ceiling lamps - number of positions for code

And you should have a sheet of paper. Pour first the water on it, then wine.

That gives the clue for the two 4#

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:28 AM  

faint & not friendly colours at all on newspaper & letter grid in book (too many are to similar)...


       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:29 AM  

*too similar

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:30 AM  

with some guessing got the word



Any ideas on the sliding puzzle under the last key? Just finding it too tedious to work out.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:35 AM  

don't like those kind of bar sliders - this one is tedious, why not dragging the tiles...

Can't get the word from the newspaper and the book.
Could someone spoil it please?

Word from newspaper and book:


AlphaOmega, agreed. Or at least a full move with only one click.

I have done all the puzzle and used all the keys and have nothing left in inventory but still missing some of the letters for the puzzle far right.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:42 AM  

btw, bar slider puzzle resets when zooming out
(but for this one it's ok to be able to start from scratch - still working on it... :-/ )

Thanks for the word spoiler!

Jenny, how did you do the sliding puzzle?

Got it, I just missed picking one letter up.
Out now.
Thanks for all the hints!

The sliding puzzle is a pain, you pretty much have to move everything. Sorry I really can't remember.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:46 AM  

also my right side of numbers was bugged, couldn't put numbers in, so was just clicking around & suddenly it opened with not the correct number from paper... :-/

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:50 AM  

also the letter swapping puzzle is not my thing... :-/

Thanks for the hints, everyone, but I surrender. Could be a great game, but so many of the puzzles are too unclear, and WAY too tedious for me.

Gaa, I had a phone call and now I'm totally out of the game...

I have no items left but I'm missing one bar for the slider and one letter piece.

That old POP magic!

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 5:57 AM  

that I didn't like the 2 slider puzzles at the end doesn't mean that the game wasn't good - good to have a longer one from time to time with various puzzles, bummer re bugs...

anyway - thx MouseCity for the fine game & players above for a nice teamwork ☺

That bar puzzle was a pain in the behind but it gave four letters at last. I hope I got them all now.

I don't understand what the lightbeams (arrows) are supposed to show. I need the 3 digit code, but this hint doesn't make sense for me.

Now I know why I always skip eightgamews...loaded ok, animations started to bog down, then crashed when I came here for help. Way too many things in inventory and stuff that doesn't make sense...like the blue button was oval in inventory and was placed on a circular spot on the wall... I won't restart this one!

Don't tell me I did all that stuff to find a slider puzzle at the end! :-O

Okay, I think that will be the last puzzle and I won't miss some fun if I quit.

The idea of this game wasn't really bad although I'm not too fond of gazillions of items but well, it was still okay. But I agree to the others, the controlling was too tedious and could need a makeover.

Thanks for asking us though, MouseCity.

I take it as it would be better with less items to find but more puzzles instead?

I only got 3 mathpuzzle pieces..I still got the Alphabet book and placed the grey grid(nothing happened here..)any hint?

@Andrea Mondini,

Thank you, but how did you find this number ?

Thanks, Hotzenplotz!

Didn't realise I could active the coloured square puzzle by just pressing the blue button.

It's decently straightforward after that.

Nice puzzles, but the number of clicks needed to move pieces are a bit boring.

       Anonymous  7/6/16, 1:49 PM  


see my comments at 5:24/25/27 AM ☺

@MouseCity: I know I'm late with this, but if you're still checking for ideas, I have a suggestion, if it's not already been mentioned: Once we've "used" or "found" something for the inventory, if you could make the hotspot go away the game would be more enjoyable, IMHO. Thanks for the great games (both yours and selfdefiant's)- and for listening, too!!!

game is damaged, some of the numbers in the 2x4 numbers puzzle don´t react and won´t turn to the correct one.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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