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Sneaky Search Inchworms Walkthrough

Sneaky Search Inchworms

Sneaky Search Inchworms is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. The inchworms have found their way into the lovely garden and Sneaky needs your help finding them! Find them all as quickly as you can so you can escape! Good luck and have fun!

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There seem to be 5 in every scene

Scene 11 (with domed floral hedges) I can only find 4.

Got all the others so gone back to S11 to find that missing worm!

Hidden in plain sight on middle hedge - bottom of right-side 'V'

Got key - now to get to exit door...

LOL inchworms sounds way better than caterpillars & they also have a nicer look than crystals (i.e. they're better to see, but thankfully the sound remained the same, as I love it) ☻

I think SD has created the game for his kids ;-)
(& the kid inside me - thx SD ☺)

always starting search at the far right scene LOL

lovely garden pics indeed, just amazing what you can do with flowers

97 at first attempt, found quickly 2 more, now always the obvious missing last one LOL

opened another game & finally found the little scamp LOL bottom of tulips in centre

now I can chill on the beach ☻

(compared the 2 game screens)

This is a hidden objects game?

So NOT an escape game.

Did everyone find the Sneaky coin? It was somewhere around frame 13 (?) in the lower right corner.

zoz yes, 1 Sneaky coin

Jenny, YES it is an escape game, you find a key to unlock a door and escape. :)

really a sneaky coin in this one, zoz?

indeed! bottom right in 1 scene after tulips :-D
(never thaught to search for it in this type of game...)

Yup, it is an escape game - you escape each scene by finding 5 inchworms until you find the key to escape from the garden!

So if someone reprogrammed Pac-Man to have a locked door at the end of each level that you had to get a key and open, would that make it an escape game? Just putting a door in a game doesn't make it an escape game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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