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Starving Dog Rescue Escape Walkthrough

Starving Dog Rescue Escape

Games2Jolly - G2J Starving Dog Rescue Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 2 Jolly. The concept of this game is to feeding milk for the hungry dog. Now, you need to find the key using the clues and by solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Starving Dog Rescue Escape

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Okay let's find the milk for the dog. Um - milk?

Joining you to look for dog milk. haha

Sneaky scroll under chair

Use cloth in kitchen for 4 digitd

Found sledge hammer in kitchen window (zoom in spot)

Use fish slice for key (frying pan)

Knife on pillow

Light candle outside at fire

Earphones for teddy

hi (again) ev1 ☺

There is a small place above red lamp in bedroom for a key (just not the key that I currently have)

Hi there KS - I must remember to look back at comments, lol

Serrated symbols go on car

Use key on outside of house

Use shovel outside house. Hammer on bottle.

R/L clue for liquidiser

Heart pic is for color clue in living room side table

Use power drill in bedroom ...

Drill is for keyhole in bedroom. and out! Cute game G2J

And finally dog gets his milk. Quite a simple little puzzle, but nice : )

Do dogs really like milk though?

@Zuleika, "fish slice"? Was that not a block of ice in the freezer? (;

what was green # 4789 used for !

only know that you musn't give milk to cats, they get scours of it...

@Seraku: Yes it was. But fish slice was utensil to get key out of frying pan - after ice block melted :)

@ ΑΩ: yep I knew that - strangely enough as I don't have any pets. Must have heard it around somewhere.

@Zuleika, ah... I learned something today. The term "fish slice" is not in common use here for the kitchen tool. It would be known more as a spatula. That said, the item in game looked more like a slotted spoon, but that is neither here nor there. (:

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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