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Toon Escape - Mall Walkthrough

Toon Escape - Mall

MouseCity - Toon Escape: Mall Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Selfdefiant for Mouse City. You are stuck in the toon world mall! Look around and see what you can find to help you escape! Good luck and have fun!

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Flamingo eyes for directions in purse in fitting room, gets us a hair pin

going in... :)

cant figure lock slider?
gotta be something the colour bars top and bottom

one more key by pulling toilet paper

lighter behind ashtray next to guard

got it...

any hint, Leroy...?

no clue for key slider :-(

I was just gonna write the dame thing Lilly. lol

Click on the individual lock thingies until you can see the bottom of each

hi (again) ev1 ☺

place lock parts in grey bars so they're visible

got it - move the sliders to the mark above them

got dollar now LOL

thanks, K :)

same thing, different ways to see it ☻

got sd :)

4 digit clue?

combo out of order at stairs with phone for number box

Look at colors order on sign and match color with number on middle phone for number code

Can't figure out briefcase in stall :(

news for arrows

open grill with sd and new scene now..

and out :)

I figured that it was the doughnuts that were the key to our freedom lol

LOL typically U.S. - donuts for the cop ☻

nice little game, liked the lock - thx MC/SD ☺

It won't let me get newspaper.. keeps telling me I might be able to get it later.

where to use ball?

news is toilet clue for case

Figured it out, nevermind ^_^

no need to have a newspaper, just the NEWS hint

on game itself

got it and out LOL missed the obvious hotspot..

ball is used in the game for the ticket

cant figure out 4 digit

Todd - look at/pick up middle phone on wall. See the 4 numbers and their colors (Blue = 2, Yellow = 4 etc). Now look at the colored letters on the Out of Order sign and put numbers in that order. Blue (2) is first, etc.

4 digit code

on sign oUt Of orDeR

numbers on middle phone

combo those 2 hints in order of oUt Of orDeR


or like Janet said ☻
(mine was longer to type ;-P)

I'm probably the only one who is always stuck in the "obvious" places, because nobody leaves hints that I would need. I'm into the puzzles, but way too impatient for searching and pixelhunting, that's not fun for me at all. Anyway, finally found it -- there is a key in the janitors cart.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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