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Various Ancient Sites Escape 2 Walkthrough

Various Ancient Sites Escape 2

CoolGames8 - Various Ancient Sites Escape 2 is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. After visited many locations around the globe, an archaeologist is still looking for the mystery that is connected between many ancient sites, he was excited to see many objects that are scattered in many ancient sites, once again he must solve the mystery and puzzles are there to be able to solve the mystery. Good luck and have fun!

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Once the new scenes are open, you get the clue to the first color puzzle. Some scenes have color balls in them. Use the order in which they appear left-to-right on the map.

Haven't found spots for the Olmecjade (x6) yet.

Hi Seraku!

The jade masks go in the upper China site. There are hotspots to guide placement.

HINT: colors on right side come from combining # of images with color on symbol wheel. For example, 2 flowers means 2nd position, green. Disregard color of object and use color of object on wheel. SPOILER for right: Purple, Green, Blue (Dark), White

Opens up new scenes.

A new scene for the 4 coins appears after you input colors on left. And out!

Uh... I have no such hotspots, maximom. They are placing in the world, but I've got to do it blind apparently. Yay. /:

Oh, never mind. The cursor changes at spots, but it's not the normal black outlines.

What I should have posted is that they are invisible hotspots, the cursor changes when you mouse over.

To expand on Maximom's hint to make it clearer (since it took me a bit to comprehend it), you will find clues in some locations like "I PIZZA" or a group of two flowers. (The "I" in this case is a Roman numeral.) On the color wheel, you will find symbols including pizza and a flower that have a particular color.

Thanks, Maximom. I should have expected invisible hot spots from these folks. /:

However, I am stuck. I have placed everything but there is no exit.

Grr, never mind, yet again. Entering and leaving enough cities finally showed an exit arrow on the main map.

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I'm still missing one green ancient statue and one coin. :(

Oh wait, I hadn't seen the coin right on the map!

Yay! Found my last green statue in the scene with the yellow disc. Out now! I really liked that one!

Hour poking. Put three masks. There are still hot spots. No more masks. Not enough snake heads and 1 brown bar. Have an extra drum and three round,green type mask (rectangular)piece. Places for these items are not found.What to do?There are no new scenes.

@Nafanja: In order to open up more scenes, you have to input the color codes on the 4-X puzzles on the main map.

The clues for the right 4-X puzzle are 2 Flowers, 3 L, and four heads, corresponding to Green, Dark Blue, and White from the disk you can see in Southeast Asia. In true TG8 fashion, they hid the clue for the first symbol in an area you can't see until after you've solved the puzzle, but I can tell you that it's "I Pizza" corresponding to Purple. So if you input Purple, Green, Dark Blue, and White you will get 3 more areas to explore.

The clues for the left 4-X puzzle are the colored disks. If you take them in geographically left to right order, you will get Black, Red, Yellow, White, which will open up one last scene.

The only other trick that they try to pull is that the slots for the 'Olmecjade' in the scene around China are hidden. There are 6 hotspots that you need to just move your mouse around to find.

Забыли одну,thank you tremendous!!!)

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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