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Wow Finding Ichchhadhari Nagmani Escape Walkthrough

Wow Finding Ichchhadhari Nagmani Escape

WowEscape - Wow Finding Ichchhadhari Nagmani Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. Ichchadhari Nagmani has been used as a plot basis for many comic plot and stories. Ichchadhari Nagmani is a mythical shape-shifting cobra in Indian folklore. Any snake which completes 100 years, get the spiritual powers for changing its forms and preserving its poison by not biting any living being. It prefers to be in the form of a human being most of the time. It possess a gem called "Mani", considered much more valuable than a diamond. In this game, you are going to the forest to find out the nagamani. You have to find the nagamani and escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  7/24/16, 8:43 AM  

Played this one before, good game

Hey Mig - have u finished already?

Going in...

Place pearls from lotus flower in openings of 'hand' - scene left of start scene

Place seed with pointed spike in slingshot - get water jug

Zu same scene, wash their hair :)

Use flame on beehive and then use sword on it, get coin with yellow flower on it.

Numbers on stone far right scene for piano keys

Ty yvonne and KS : )

Placing strawberries in far left scene gives lightning sign

coin with flower on it goes on barn door, gets you flower and crystal ball

lightning piece on left of yellow roof house on the edging hard to spot

flute goes in tree hole, scene where you place lightning

Ladybird goes in tree hole, scene you place pearls

Darn it - I tried that with flute yvonne, but put it in wrong hole (facepalm)

Key doesn't work on any of the 3 keyholes I can see.

When you place lightning pieces you get key for door

Coins go in piano scene - needing one more

Scroll with fractions is hint for numbers in piano scene - sorry if I posted this before.

Yeah, I thought so, but I can't change anything on the number globe. What do you do to it?

You can switch numbers that arent highlighted, just move them around until the sum of the 4 surrounding numbers add up to middle number

hi (again) all ☺

(posting probs here atm... :-/ will this one work?)

my last coin was behind grass right of lightnings

The 2's on the globe are for the button on the back of the opening scene

There is a nest in a tree far back right in lightning bolt scene, light it on fire

Thought that four candles (?) in far right scene might be hint for pattern on rock in beehive scene - but not all colours match

Has anyone figured out the numbers on the tree left of snake? Cant get it

I'm missing 1 coin, AO, do you remember where you got them all?

Anyone placed anything in wicker basket yet (beehive scene)?

This comment has been removed by the author.

See your post too late K Stevens, get it. Thanks

Used the hook/pick tool on the vine last scene left

Has anyone used the 6 sheets of paper that we got near the beginning yet?

Use ball from that Aridza on weird fish in scene with "clock"

WooHoo new scene!

K use it in the house at the candle with the yellow flower on it

does this post finally work?

6 sheets of paper are used on candle inside left room for skull hint

use white ball of paper on crystal in new scene to get 6 numbers.

First key found opens box in new room (mid scene with mermaid)

In the room opened with the first key, use flute on secret place on left wall for last yellow circle piece

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Maximom - I got those 6 numbers from crystal too , but I used the glowing yellow flower (bit like a tulip)

Brown disc goes in round space on left wall in multi-snake room - reveals stag head

Butterfly to snake in green mist. Reveals space for bowl of milk (?). Gives colour order for jewels.

Zuleika, interesting! Did you use the paper to reveal the numbers? Or did the glowing flower do that? Could be I blanked out on how I got that one...this game is getting a little tedious for me.

Good find, yvonne : )

Maximom - I used the flower to reveal the numbers. Still have paper in inventory. Yes I know what you mean about tedious - I feel the same.

I think the only things in my inventory I havent used is the crumples paper and empty bowl

Zuleika, I just need another cup of coffee, I think I'll try this game again later.

This comment has been removed by the author.

@ Maximom - me too. Taking a break now. Will look back later.

Hi AO yes can see your post :)

posting probs hopefully gone...

revealed numbers on stone are for arrow puzzle in right inside house room

What cauldron Alpha?

I managed to place the cyan crystal twice and couldn't put in the last one. Don't know if that happens every time you try to do the cyan, or just in the order I happened to do it.

great, it seems I can post again ☺

key from arrows for basket egg in woodpecker scene

cauldron in right inside house room (the one with arrow puzzle & flower puzzle below cobra)

KS the cauldron is the room, door last right

Oh I dint think I have the key for that room yet, I am still in room with stag head and stone with numbers on it

in right inside house room you also get 2 more flowers (1 from chest, 1 from CB)

Which stone with numbers, ks? I just have a crystal lower left I can't do anything with

I started off this game strong but I am dropping fast lol. How did you get the key for right inside house Alpha?

I think the key for the right house needed the last yellow coin to be placed?

I think key was from symbol puzzle in most left scene (with the slingshot)

Ok, I havent found the symbol clue hint yet. I will start looking lol

KS have you place the 3 coloured crystals?

that's a very confusing game IMHO... :-/

started another one in a new tab & already don't remember several steps, as you have to use everything on everything to proceed...

where was the clue for the arrow puzzle?

egg is for basket in lightning scene

to be really helpful in this game, one should post each step by step - way too much to still have fun...

dayamayii in the first door room the numbers from the rock

thanks yvonne. I still don't know how to get the numbers from the rock (is that the crystal lower left?)

yes, use sparkly yellow thing on it

thought the seeds(?) would go with the 4 plants, but no

the 4 white seed thingies from right inside house scene go on tree hole in mushroom scene for coins that are placed in right inside house room

placed coins give snake symbol hint for most right scene

AO I need a blue plant and last red flower don't know what I need to do now, I've confused myself, not hard I know LOL

OMG all this time and I just forgot to pour jug of water over the other cobra ladies head! UUUUGGGHHH. hahaha

KS how could you? I posted that 8.58 LOL

oh, yvonne
if I only remember... :-/
one red flower was from placing 5 flower bunches in most right scene, another from placing moon coin in most left scene...

AO I've got a feeling I may have a glitch, done those things you posted, all this time and I can't finish

didn't took notes for everything as it's impossible for this game, when you want to still have fun playing, but one blue mushroom/plant was from flower puzzle below cobra (also pretty difficult to shortly describe locations...)

AO I've been on this too long, would you believe I missed the blue flower in inventory

last red flower may come from the blue mushrooms/plants...

sorry, but for this game I can't be bothered to replay... :-/
(this game is too long for this style)

oops, yvonne
yeah, this happened to me, too in several EightGames LOL

Give the pipe to deer head, get glowing green orb, and out!

AO, sorry for being a pain, thank you for your help

not at all, yvonne
it's the game being painfull alas...

Where to pour green stuff from bowl? I believe that is my last red flower. You guys (alpha, Yvonne and all have saved me a few times in this game, thank you!)

Pop! pour it over red cardinal bird

Out! Never seen a mounted deer smoke a pipe before. I wonder what was in that pipe anyway! Haha!

KS glad you made it :)

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