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Wow Second World War Sewer Escape Walkthrough

Wow Second World War Sewer Escape

WowEscape - Wow Second World War Sewer Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Wow Escape. In this game, you came to see a old sewer to do some research work. But unfortunately you are trapped inside that sewer. No one is there to help you. You have to escape from there by finding useful objects, hints and solving puzzle. Click on the objects to interact with them and solve simple puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

Play Wow Second World War Sewer Escape

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first in will need help lol

clue number in left tunnel for box needed to make the frogs hop from other clue

Hi joycy - I will definitely need help too. Glad you're here ; )

wow picked a lock with a hair pin

I thought that hair pin was a worm at first and tried to feed it to a frog ...

25314 hint is for crate down right tunnel

found a shovel now where to use it

hey you two...there is a crafty black beetle hiding in the scene with the pink 4...lower middle right.

hi everybody... pink four? I miss a scene obviously and have a key but do not know where to use...shovel in scene with heart shapes on top of tunnel

Hi all, place for shovel is in room w hearts. still missing one. have key but doesn't open door...

lol Dani you were faster and at just the same place...

you mean stuck....Yes I am lol

@joycy - use shovel in room with red 7

Hi cate : )
Hi Uzi and Dani : )

Still cannot find scene with pink four...need direction i am afraid

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi Zuleika! Still stuck with key... where to use wooden stick?

the scene with the pink 4 and use for key are found after placing the 5 green fuzzy hearts above tunnel.

just seen your post Zu Hi I'm looking for somewhere to use key

In same place as you guys. Haven't found room with pink 4 yet. Need one more heart. Have key but nowhere to use it - also wooden stick. Have used wrench but still in inventory.

sneaky green cone thingy found in room with cyan 5...lower left at waterline.

Hi Cate Dani & Uzi :)

ok then... where's this darn final heart....

Found sneaky worm in scene with 6 frogs. Place in scene with face masks for last heart.

the box still comes up probably another use maybe a knife & hammer somewhere

Lots of hotspots in new scenes - give those odd coloured 'lava lamp objects for start scene.

Also have knife, strange object like melted chess piece ( need 3 more ) and some more puzzles.

found a piece of wood in the green star scene

Use knife on bag in scene with crate for colour order in start scene

where's the worm Zu?

Zu I can't find the worm the frogs like a tickle

thanks...I hate worms but that one was precious

Don't know where to place bug. Lone frog doesn't want to eat it...

Found it - green, top RH corner near hotspot for next scene

Hi all :) There's a green cone start scene on left chain

@ joycy: It's on the mid-right of the scene - neat the back wall of the sewer.

* near the back wall

Also it's green

zuleika, you'll need to collect a total of 4 bugs...you'll see the spot when you get there.:)

Hi yvonne : )

no's where cones are placed are order to press slats in box

Ty cate : ) A bit stuck now ...

Have placed 3 of the 'melted chesspieces'. Don't have a clue for the gear wheel puzzle not the symbol shapes in chesspiece scene

the five hearts, if someone is still looking for them...

feed worm to frog
fleur de lis
wooden crate box
wrench box
hairpin box

I have one bug, 1 stick/log, still have spanner/wrench/tool although used once. And I don't have any clue for the 6 gold circle puzzle.

hello yvonne...it was a good walk. ;)

Sneaky cone hiding above lights in scene after one with pink 4

thanks Zu I got it lol

cate, pleased to hear it :) anything else?

sneaky cone left near front in 5 tunnel

@zuleika...have you found all of the green cones and placed them? that was my 4th chess piece.

@yvonne...pretty low key...made lamb, drank too much wine, gave myself a facial.

@yvonne, but you would have loved the river...it was a beautiful day.

Cate - do you remember where all your chess pieces were - I only have 3 but one of those is your 4th one...so I must be missing one of the others!!!

cate, I raise a glass to you for a healthy happy birthday year :)

last chess piece from placing lava lamps

just need one more cone just found one under the masks on ground

@cate: no I still need 3 cones.

Wow - I am so useless at these....I still only have 3 of the 5 lava lamps.

joycy did you get the one in start scene?

okay, zu, so you'll get the last one when you find those three...let me go back to try to remember.

@yvonne...thank you!

Joycy.. did you find the one in frogs scene?

just found my bug in pink 4 room I think the stick may be handle for hammer

@cate: is it your birthday? Many happy returns : )

There was a sneaky cone in the top LH corner of the first scene, I seem to remember.

Monica one lamp in scene with chess pieces..right wall

yep, zuleika...it was monday and yvonne was my "virtual" celebratory partner.

My 5 cones so far: one form under the masks, one in start scene, one in scene with cyan 5, one in scene with 4 symbols - can't recall where fifth was from. Need 3 more

Just found my fourth lava lamp in pink 4 room

Virtual birthdays sound like the thing of the future ...

for the cones...spoiler...

right, below face masks.
on left chain in scene with lava lamp placings
on left metal grate where the frogs are
in the right duct where wooden crate is
below hairpin box

this will get you started.

pink cone just right of the pink 4

Got another cone from frogs scene - lying at base of round barred doorway

but stuck need one more green cone & another of the coloured ones

orange cone right of pink 4 after the hole

Got all those cate - but ty anyway : )

rest of cones...

the sneaky spot i mentioned earlier waterline, lower left in scene with cyan 5

above right light where prince symbols are

left waterline where pink 4 is

poo, zuleika, i wasn't fast enough with the posting.

There's a pink and orange in scene with pink 4 either side of the wall

@joycy: do you have a hammer head?

I am missing my pink lava lamp. Any suggestions?

Thank you Yvonne.

monica, the pink lava is in scene with pink 4...also orange one...one to the left brick and one to the right brick.

This comment has been removed by the author.

damn it...game just crashed.

thanks Zu I can't remember where I git the earlier cones they just kept appearing from sneaky spots

did you get the one left on 5 tunnel it's a bit hard to find it's on the ledge thing near front

Well I still seem to need one cone despite having checked and rechecked all locations. Guess I'll have to check again ...

Yep I already got that joycy - ty anyway : )

Oh no cate, I hate when that happens. What a pain for you...

found last one on the chain first left entrance

Zu there was a cone on the ground below where masks are placed

Any ideas about where to use paintbrush?

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP _ paintbrush paints on wall in cyan 5 room

Monica..if I remember I used it in the 5 cyan tunnel..there is a spot top right..you need the paint first

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

wow that was just th icing on the cake got a beetle & brush thing from hole in the wall after 8

Hi Yvonne :)

Now I have a dustbrush but no dustpan. Have tried using it everywhere and still nothing. Still have stick and no mallet head. And stuck,

last beetle just above the pant

Hey ev1 ty for going over where all the cones are but HONESTLY i have these:
- below the masks
- start scene on left chain
- from scene with cyan 5
- from scene with pink 4
- from above lights in scene with symbols
- from left barred gate/window in scene with frogs
- below hairpin box

The only one I could possibly have missed is on right vent in scene with crate. But I have studied that scene over and over in full magnification and with brightness turned up - nothing there. Don't know what's up here.

But I really do appreciate all the help - tyvm : )

6 blue corridor ...a pillar, there is a dirty area

joycy :) use brush scene with dark blue 6 on shaded pillar

still no clues for 6 golden circular symbols.

Have swapped coloured buttons on circle round to order but without knowing where 1 starts it doesn't seem to be working.

monica, the dust brush is used on lower part of column that is discolored...where the tunnel veers off to the right.

Monica dip the stick in the barrel left of the paint

monica, i think that clue came from placing the green and gold brooch that you got from banging wood into barrel.

Zu know you appreciate it, you're a good team player :)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Joycey I did that - and I used dustbrush since then. But don't know how to bang wood into barrel

@zuleika, maybe the "flash" goblins have carried it away...will look again...i'm sorry you're having such a tough time with this...i know it's frustrating. :(

LOL!!!! Just put wood into barrel - was expecting to get a hammer!

sorry, monica...didn't mean to mislead you. :)

Zu did you find it they are well hidden

Made it! Thanks guys

Thanks again cate : ) I've scoured that far right tunnel like a demented PI for ages now. I will have to let it go this time.

Never mind - it was fun playing with you. See u all soon xx

Zu ditto :)

just played again and it's in the far right duct/tunnel at about "2 o'clock" from the bag on the ground.

lol, zuleika, i'm so frustrated for you...and, i'm sorry it is hiding from you...if it's any consolation, your company is always enjoyable and looked forward to...sorry it was such a bust.

changed the colours starting at top for 1 not working

joycy did you see clue?

sorry to see you go Zu you've been loads of help

Yvonne no I thought it was the numbers as you go through wheres the clue :)

didn't brush up lol

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

enjoyed the game and the company...thank you for your hints. :)

cate look forward to playing with you :) have a good evening, good night.

can't believe this my game crashed Grrr

oh nooo, joycy...mine did the same thing right at the end...and, it's odd, because i've never had a problem before.if you were at the colored balls puzzle, you were pretty much at the end.

trying a quick way through enjoyed the game company was great

Cate lol played again & got as far as the last stick thing to get out somewhere & it crashed again considering myself out :)

Ack! Heeelp, stalked you all until we found the lava lamps, then whisked through until ... after doing the color wheel and filling in numbers from the colored dots along the way ... I have a rod or stick in inventory, no idea where to use this?? Feels as if I'm near the finish but, where IS the finish? Thanks for leaving good hints!

Carrie, from the last scene, go in the small circle on left side, and use on left tube there. it cuts it open and lets you out :) took me a while to find it.

POP, found it - the last blocked pipe has debris on the bottom, and that's where you use the rod (broom?) to sweep a path

Careful with the greens in the colour wheel at the end. Mine didn't work until I swapped the the 8 and 1.

Very good game. Reminded me of old Ainars games in some ways - probably the settings. Thank you everyone for the hints left here - especially where to use the paintbrush and where that last cone was ( in the cyan 5 tunnel). Good fun!

Game came up to me as "random" after almost 4 years. This was one I hadn't played. Great game, WOW! :)

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