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Zooo Kidnappers House Escape Walkthrough

Zooo Kidnappers House Escape

ZoooGames - Zooo Kidnappers House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Zooo Games. This place is a kidnapper’s house and you are locked in it. To escape from this place, you need to collect clues and objects like tortoise, owls, and etc. Good luck and have fun!

Play Zooo Kidnappers House Escape

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Another designer using Christmas music?! I mean I get that royalty-free public domain is handy, but surely there are other catalogs to pull from. (:

Green book contains clue to 2# puzzle in far left scene.


Blue star hidden behind curtain on the right bed.

Birds in right scene give LR code for bulls (click on the rings).

Missing one more butterfly but have solved all the codes/puzzles. Stuck

hello you two. keep in mind that the 5 letter clue is used twice.

Left bed pillow hides an item, use a knife.

Hmm... I still cannot make the direction clue from the window map to the five switches. I've tried all possible interpretations of "top". Any hints to unblock me on this one?

Oops, realized I thought I'd done the switches but I hadn't. I can't get them to work either, Seraku.

i've tried the obvious, listing left to right and i've tried applying the numbers below to directions, and i've tried flipping them in order of the numbers. nada.

i've also yet to find another 2 digit hint.

No worries, stephy. We'll crack that nut soon, I'm sure.

Ooh, tricky one. The LR vases in the left scene are clue to the flower pot near the right scenes. Click on leaves the same number of times as there are flowers in the vases.

I think there were 3 two digit codes? 88, 44, and 54?

That got me the last flower for the table with two lamps. This gives the 2# clue for the right scene.

Okay, I've caught up with you, stephy. Need the final butterfly, and presumably it is the switch/direction conundrum.

Yeah, I've tried everything. Even switching the orientation or backwards--nothing.

hi all,switches were TBRLT (think clue was wrong)

Just tried reversing left and right, and that worked.

Thanks, kevaus! 1/5 stars, man. If the codes are wrong, that's bs.

other than that it was an enjoyable game !

Agree, stephy. This one was actually really good otherwise. It just goes to show how one poorly designed/implemented puzzle can sully the whole experience.

thank you, kevaus. enjoyable game, aside from the final flaw.

What do you mean 'Christmas music'? That's an old Irish air!

bugs is "in"

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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