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Who Can Escape 5 Doors Walkthrough

Who Can Escape 5 Doors

5nGames - 5n Who Can Escape 5 Doors is another point and click room escape game developed by 5n Games. In this escape game, you are going to unlock 5 different doors with your puzzle solving skills. Are you ready to unlock the doors? Good luck and have fun!

Play 5n Who Can Escape 5 Doors

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first room .. blue shapes slider .. shapes can be swapped

I made all the lights turn on with the playing cards but then nothing happens.....

Ohhhhh, I had to see the clue first. Never mind. Moving on.

First room (top LH) swapped shapes, used squeegee, completed puzzle from that clue....but now I am stuck.

I have 3 green leafy pieces, I can zoom in on light but don't know what to do with it or where to put leafy pieces. Any clues?

Aha - sneaky spot above door.

Still need 4th green leafy piece

And another sneaky hotspot above LH window

There are very many sneaky hotspots in this one. You have to take your time moving your cursor over the whole game screen in each level. Good game though.

In the last level, the arrows are the clue for the levers puzzle.

Some of the colours in these puzzles are far too similar and/or vague.

Yes Clodagh, Bandy won't like it.

Central room/door - I have put 3 coins into the phone but the number doesn't work on that or on the hotspot bottom LH side of door. Hmmm

There are 4 coins, Monica, and a sneaky spot on the pillar to the right with another number spot, I think.

Thanks Bear - don't know how I missed that!

You're welcome, Monica.

Bottom LH room/scene I cannot find anywhere to put puzzle pieces, I cannot find clue for sliders and I cannot find clue for cards. I presume if I find the place for the puzzle pieces all the rest will follow. Any clues?

Symbols go on the left wall, if I remember correctly.

Once you place the symbols it will give an arrow clue, use the arrow clue on the sliders.

I think the sliders gives you the clue for the cards. Each column should have only one type of card in it.

Do you have to zoom - I can't find a spot to zoom or if I don't zoom I can't get the pieces to stay on the wall.

Once you hit the hidden light switch on the right wall, there will be a symbol at each light near the top.

Yes, there is a zoom hotspot on the wall.

At last - it revealed itself. Sticky hotspot on top LH part of left wall

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Took me FOREVER to find the stick, by the plant lower left, in last scene. I almost gave up on this game.

Nothing but a random, pixel hunt X

Love these games! Took me 25 minutes to finish, but I think I did pretty well. Thanks 5NGames!

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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