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Abandoned Sauna Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Sauna Escape

CoolGames8 - Abandoned Sauna Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. You are about to indulge in a sauna ancient antiques, but that all changed since the attack from something unusual, they made the ancient sauna becomes damaged and abandoned by its inhabitants, while you stay in there and get ready to escape. Good luck and have fun!

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1st scene left from start scene: Magnifying glass, cheese, hammer, knife, 6 Letter puzzle
2nd scene left from start scene: 5 mouse holes
2nd scene right from start scene: hat, 6# clue, billiard stick, color clue, vase

Clickable 8 ball

Got mouse after leaving cheese in mousehole.

I think the vase was in the closet. You can use the tab key to find hotspots.

Ah, good to know. Got it.

Poke diving board 3 in far left screen with pool cue.

Use pool cue in mousehole to get carrot.

gtg will check back later

Got green marble from number safe.

I will post as many hints as I can. I usually get stuck at some point on these games.

Put carrot on blue plate, nothing happened.

Gave 8 ball to owl, opens new scene.

In new scene, got magic stick and screwdriver.

whats the 6 digit number clue?- I've already taken the 8 so there are only 5 numbers on the wall if you mean those

Use magic stick on hat, get rabbit, feed rabbit, get another ball

Blue marbe from LH painting (with knife) - at least I think that's where I got it from

enzed SPOILER 814679

I worked it out by looking at the walkthrough for the last CG8 game like this. If there is an actual clue in this game, I sure didn't see it.

enzed, good clue about blue ball, thanks!

thanks Max- you can put the green and blue marble in (some of) the LH scene mouseholes

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Able to add hat to inventory

The new scene is the one with the paintings

Use magnifying glass on window in far right room, left side

There are now additional hints on the paintings and the word puzzle is clickable.

and numbers appear on the paintings


now got 4 balls- red yellow green cyan

cyan is probably blue in the colour hint- where is the purple?

Just need purple marble to finish. Have tried to hit vase with hammer in inventory bar, no luck.

I can only place the balls on 3 of the mouseholes

Placed hat on columns

Every time you solve a puzzle or do a certain action, a spot opens over the mouseholes. Did you place the rabbit on the blue plate, do number puzzle, word puzzle and place cheese in one of the holes? I think those were the triggers......

ah- I think the hat opened the bottom hole- now just the top centre one is not available

Oh, it was using the pool cue that opened one of the mouseholes.

I did that- but I still can't place a ball in teh centre one- directly under the word Schwimmer

I don't think I've used the screwdriver or the vase or the hammer

Dropped the vase on the stairs in the start scene and now I have a crumbled vase and I could take the hat off the columns but nothing else changed.

Usually you can smash the vase in these games. I am wondering if we were supposed to smash it in the closet, although it wasn't really visible yet. Or there is something else to do. Don't think I have used the screwdriver or found a place to re-home the mouse.

Puffin, good clue! But I can't get that dang vase to break anywhere in the scene! But I'll keep working at it!

can you place a ball in the one I can't?

Nope, still can't place a ball in the hole by what appears to be a tomb stone.

top of the steps for me- where the blue line is

Based on the previous games like this one, breaking the vase should give a purple ball. I have been looking at the walkthrough for Magic Angel Island Escape for hints for this game.

I guess the 100th time was the charm! Got the vase to break, but no purple ball! Thanks enzed and Puffin.

just replayed and you can't break the vase in the cupboard

time to give up unfortunately

Same here....I will try again tomorrow. Maybe someone will figure it all out and post for us!

One final note, I just realized that there is a faint outline of a vase in the room with the columns that can be used for placement of the vase.

So I got a purple ball... two of them in fact. I was able to break the vase in the opening scene and a purple ball appeared. I also placed the vase collected from the far right scene in the spot where the other vase was broken which revealed a second purple ball (and I now have Crumble Jar in my inventory). I cannot place either purple marble in the pool scene, probably because the hole is still blocked...

Can you guys elaborate on where to use the magnifying glass?

Kudos, Forgotten One, for getting the purple, no, 2 purple balls! Go to the far right scene, use the mag glass on the left part of the window frame, I think you need to move it up and down the frame.

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So the vase in the opening scene, which I thought was an outline, should have been hammered earlier in the game it would appear.

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This comment has been removed by the author.

Pete, the letter code is a combination of the clue from the window after you use the magnifying glass and the 3 paintings which should have First, Last, etc., now appearing on them.

To get the letter code, figure out which picture is of the ocean, which is the mountain, which is the waterfall. Then use the letter indicated by first, last, etc, for that word. For example: Ocean is ""second" and "third" so use the 2nd and 3rd letters in the word "Ocean", C E.

The complete solution for the word puzzle is in the above posts at 7:56 PM by enzed.

i got all the coloured balls but can't place one in the hole under swimmer word.The rest i can place. Anybody knows what I'm doing wrong?

OK- I see. Well done FO

You can only break that "outline vase" when the hat is in place on the pillars. As soon as you remove the hat you can't do anything.

Also to put a ball in the very front mousehole you have to use the screwdriver so we have now used both the hammer and the SD. This only leaves the mouse to be used (plus the colour hint note)

I think we're all in the same boat Deprinses

Aaaargh... none of the balls fit in the Schwimmerhole Enzed.... Feels good not to be alone though :-)

Oh dear, now i see it, the hole is even closed....

I have replayed using all the good clues everyone has left and have 2 purple balls and no open slot for them. I am still working on getting the hat off the columns so maybe that will get me somewhere. And I also used the s/d to open one of the mouseholes.

replayed but can't get the hat off the column this time - placed all the balls but nothing happened???

So I restarted and both Purple balls were taken out of my inventory... good news is that the jar in the opening scene was back so I could break it again and get another purple ball.

I used the magnifying glass and solved the word clue, and I'm able to place 4 of the 5 balls in the pool scene, but I can't figure out how to place the purple ball. I have a hammer (used), screwdriver (used), magnifying glass (used), knife (used), mouse (not used), "crumble jar" (not used), a magic wand (used), and the purple ball, but now I'm stuck.

Hope someone figures it out.

AmyElvis, with the hat, the trick is to place the hat, break the vase that is already in the scene, collect the purple ball, place the vase in inventory where you broke the vase (the vase crumble will now appear in your inventory) and click the hat again to remove. If you click the replacement vase after placing or try to whack it with the hammer, the hat will stay stuck, although you will get another purple ball.

Were you able to place all 5 balls? If so, what is your secret? Thanks!

Yeah, what's the secret!

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