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Affulence House Escape Walkthrough

Affulence House Escape

EightGames - Affulence House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the affluence house. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Hope this game works properly.Last EG was bummer!

Hi all. Green buttons go on paddles 2 left of start.

Joining in...

Fill goblet at bath.

Now we can get some plants to grow.

Lamp gave 4 symbol code which gave my last colour button for 5 colour code back in lamp room.

Metal rod and stick for fire in END room.

Fire needs 4 sticks

Cant figure out what paper with numbers is a hint for

Don't miss screwed in panel in ceiling in long word room.

Or where the green balls go

Looks like something needs to be added to the paper with numbers Andrea.

I found only 3 logs so far.

Think you're right methanwy. Missing a stick for fire

Can´t find the way to the scenes aboce "start" in map?


I think you need a key to get into the scene above Roberto

There was a stick left of and above the scene where you place the sticks. Can't remember the 4th, but I think left from start, since I always go left first.

USe metal rod on brick wall by door in room with dining table and coloured balls/numbers for key

Anyone found a screw driver?

Got it, thanks methanwy

Good find Andrea!

Feel like I'm just going round in circles now throwing balls at stuff

Found a magnifier after the symbol puzzle. There's a hotspot on a sofa, but I suppose we need a knife.

Still missing a blue ball

Lizzie, which symble puzzle?

I'll have to come back. Kids are about to be home from school. Leave good hints!

The one above the fireplace with the green balls.

I'm having problems with the green ball puzzle. Seem to do five of six steps fine, but the sixth doesn't work for me.

omg, duh. magnifier on book.

I cant find the green ball puzzle, too many fire places!

Second paper with the numbers gives the word clue & a screwdriver.

Two left of start.

Nevermind! got it!!

Got the green ball puzzle at last. Don't know what I did differently.

Use magnifier on book.

Letters go with number paper for word clue.

How to input numbers on ceiling panel?

I think numbers on ceiling go with those 9 balls on the stairs

Sorry, missed your posts Lizzie.

Use the numbers to draw on the circle board.

Last slider wasn't super tricky.

MUCH better game than the last EG!

They do, draw the line from 1 to 9

Okay. Now I'm gone. Good luck guys!

Andrea drag your cursor from number to number, 1-9.

Key goes to locked room upstairs

My grid by staircase has now become active.


These people STILL can't
correlate their navigation
arrows & maps the to the
layout of their rooms!!

I'd NEVER let any of them
drive taxi for me!

I can't find the 4th log. I found one in rooms left of fireplace,up from fireplace, and one in the room with the bath where you fill the cup.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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