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Ancient Africa Ruins Escape Walkthrough

Ancient Africa Ruins Escape

GamesBold - Ancient Africa Ruins Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Africa is very exotic continent, this vast continent holds many mysteries, miracles, and diverse flora and fauna, ranging from vast desert, dense forests, and tropical feel tempting, but on the other there is also the historical relics of ancient, which has existed since thousands of years ago, a true adventurer interested to see these treasures, and he wanted to solve the mystery. Good luck and have fun!

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Puzzle seems familiar. I think they have used this exact one in the past, or it is very close.

Hint: The solution involves computing four values and concatenating the results into a single string.


Seraku, GB always uses the same puzzle solution!

HINT: last silver mask goes in same scene as others on the left pillar near top.

A-B-C = (AxBxC)(A+B+C)(A+B)(C-B)
E-F-H = 5-6-8
(5x6x8)(5+6+8)(5+6)(8-6)= 24019112
subtituted with the signs

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As soon as I see one of those 'character' clues, it's a great big Red X from me.

I really don't like these games! Limited inventory space, and no logic place to place items is extremly anoying!

Pretty straightforward. Find and look at each equation clue in each room (even though you don't need them if you've played these games before...they're always the same formula). You can use tab for the equation clues. When you've looked at all of them, the equation puzzle will appear in last room. THen it's just a matter of finding and placing everything and you're done.

Of course, in these games there's always one item that doesn't go in an obvious place. The last silver mask goes in the same scene as all the other silver masks, except it goes near the top of the far left large pillar, in an unmarked spot.

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