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Ancient Greenland Escape Walkthrough

Ancient Greenland Escape

CoolGames8 - Ancient Green Land Escape is another point and click room game developed by Cool Games 8. A true adventurer lost as he walked around Greenland, which is the remaining items, objects and puzzles, help him to find his way home. Good luck and have fun!

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Hi, folks! Let's see about this one.

Skipping all the way to the final scene, I spy a familiar looking clue.

Oddly, it seems the TAB key works even on items to pick up, so this one should be pretty straightforward.

And this one is quite like previous entries. As you place items in scenes, new clues and puzzles appear.

Remember: You may need to pick up items from one scene in order to complete another.

It seems I have an extra "Calumet" and "Cree Snowshoes" but I have not found the spots to place them.

But I also need to find one more "Statue" and "Indian Craft".

Sneaky spot for the "Calumet" in the right-most scene, just under the inventory.

And sneaky spot for "Cree Snowshoes" in the second scene with the other shoes near the right side.

And out. Pretty easy if you've got a good eye for the black outlines.

NOTE: One of the "Statue" objects was a little difficult to place as clicking on the black outline did not work. Just click nearby it instead and the object should be placed correctly.

Seraku,could u spoil the solution for : at australia,at percent,at and,at hong kong??

@PeteBarbu, certainly. Though first some more gentle hints:

Read the clue as two columns, not as sentences. The first word of each line is the clue for one puzzle; the second words, for the other puzzle.

All words refer to a punctuation symbol. Most simply by name. Although, the two countries require a little more indirection. Think currency (and note that both countries call their currency by the same name).


I just realized the advice I gave in one of my earlier comments does not read correctly. I really wish we could edit posts in this forum. In any event, here's the update with an added parenthetical.

>> Remember: You may need to pick up items (that you have already placed) from one scene in order to complete another.

thank you Seraku :)

Either these are getting easier, or I'm getting better, but I made it out on my own this time! Just came by to leave some tips, but you guys have it covered. Good game!

אם יש גיימרים ישראלים... האם אתם מצליחים לזהות את אחד האתרים הישראלים במשחק?

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