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Avm Cruel Palace Escape Walkthrough

Avm Cruel Palace Escape

AvmGames - Avm Cruel Palace Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you have been locked up in an cruel palace which looks very scary. Try to get out of the cruel palace without anyone’s help by solving the puzzles. Collect objects and interact with them that you may escape from the cruel palace. Good luck and have fun!

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what will be the hint on scene5, I can not find where to use
Red / blue something

don´t understand the green, yellow, blue strokes.

Long press enable in scene 1? What does that mean?

green / orange / blue, from bottom to top, press green button after each

Roberto, press down on the little green man's head 5 times until all buttons behind him are green.

Hi Roberto, go back to start scene and hold down puppet till circle lights ups, keep doing, till all are lit

for the little man on the scene 1, hold until the first button is on, then the other

Thanks all! I though the green puppet was not part of the game. I was avoiding clicking on it, thinking I was a link to another page.

I can't press down on puppet - nothing!

Monica. You need to put green button first on door puzzle in scene 4.

Monica, have you placed green button, and seen the words?

Well I can't get any scene but Scene 1 Roberto....so I'm completely stuck

Click green button after each? Is there another green button somewhere? I can´t click my button.

monica, there is a key in left stones in scene 1....

I have a yellow ball and that is it... there is some on off circle of buttons in S1 and a little puppet and a keyhole. But no navigation arrows and no hidden ones I can find.

get the key in left stone to enter the house.

Well blow me down Hotz! I clicked those stones half a dozen times...I hate these fussy hotspots.

if you do it right, you can click Roberto

HINT: square red thing is an on/off switch, use near bottom of tree in scene 7 for 5 color clue.

My green guy worked without the green ball. What to do with the yelllow balls?

Thanks Sisli! I was doing it wrong.

Hi Ginner, place for yellow balls is further on in the game

5 colored lights are the clue for gate in scene 6

5 digits doesn´t work in my box. from top or from bottom.

Hi guys....so did the greenish yellow and orange slashes but the blue ones are just refusing to light up the puzzle for the LH door in S4. Any help?

I've tried
LRLRLLR and LLRRLLR and RLLRLRL (from bottom, just in case)

Don´t miss the stick in scene 11.

This comment has been removed by the author.

blue is RLLRLRL

stuck scene 3

got 2 yellow balls & a green ball

max - I do not understand what you mean by 'ck' - click? or check? I have double checked, and triple checked.

stick used in scene 9.

joycy, number clue rt side ceiling is for blue door buttons. Also ck hidden spot top of ceiling for green button

Roberto that does not work.
And I don't understand if it did because the top slash is a LH one.

Monica, meant check :), Roberto and I both have same solution for blue slashes so I thought you might want to doublecheck order you are pressing.

Well I have done RLLRLRL 4 times now. And it never works.

thanks for stick hints!!!

stick also used scene 11 right side in bucket by the google play ad

There's no point playing if the game doesn't work. I have done it so many times now.....if I can't get past this glitch I might as well pack it in. Night everyone.

thanx Maximom I clicked there before & nothing happened now moving duh

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hint for scene 6 gate: Blue ball, Orange object (right above blue ball), pink mushroomy thing, green bowling ball, red and white bowling pin

Took several trial and errors.

what to do with red/blue things in S8?

"se si fo fi" gives clicking order for bowling pins. just 1 click for each pin...

switch on the tree scene 7 gives the hint to the door of the scene 6 (use glove as orange)

the blue & red things on the wall sc4 I tried the reds for the ones in the door sc 3 not working

joycy, for door in S3: look at ceiling in S3...

ty Hotz I got that one it's those red things LH door RH door has 4# don't see that either

My blue slashes don't work either. I tried in chrome and firefox and same problem.

This comment has been removed by the author.

I stuck on 5#box. I think, we have to combine 5 numbers in S7 with red/blue in S8, but how??

those lines in sc 4 look like a 3 number clue stuck in sc5 can't see any clues that work

joxcx, you can go top right of scene 5

joycy, click candlestick, take you to new scenes

Hi Yvonne what candle stick is that the red things on the door tried all ways with those

Where did you use the key we get by using stick?

Hotz, I'm off to bed now, if you find solution for box please post, thanks, good night :)

my sc 5 is the stairs

joycy, scene 5

ninite Yvonne

scene 5 is a graveyard.

Roberto, key used in scene 4

I have no idea for 5#box...

Yep! I knew I had seen a keyhole! Thanks.

What does se si fo fi means?


25336 but no idea

still, I need a yellow ball and a square and I was left with nothing

Roberto, yes, see my comment at 4:50 PM...

thanks Sisli!!!

Hotz whats the 4# how do I find it

Has anyone found a clue for clicking the aviator dolls in scene 9?

Oh NVM! I used Sisli's clue for the blue 5# box and got the clue!

Also, solving the aviator dolls gives you a box where you use the red/blue clue from scene 8 (red only)

how 7645 solve the pins?

not in sc 5 yet

if 7645 means I have to click 4th,3rd.1st,2nd, isn´t working.

Roberto, just click them in number order 4567, SPOILER (3rd pin, 4th pin, 2nd pin, 1st pin)

oh! I see. Thanks again!

well. I am disappointed for bf´d the 5 digit box, so I quit. Thanks for all the help and good luck.

finally got in the graveyard

Like Sisli, I am missing one yellow ball and the 4th square at exit gate. All puzzles have been solved so I must have missed a pixel somewhere that might be hiding a yellow ball. Also the number for the blue box was not solvable for me without a hint from Sisli. So like the others, I am quitting. I will leave the game open for a little bit in case someone needs help.

This game shouldn't have made
it past beta test!

Number clue in scene 7 was
totally WRONG!

Even the Y-tube video quit after
opening the box, she too, missing
the 4th square and a yellow ball.

And that bowling pin clue, what
was up with that??

2 stars is rather generous,
if you ask me.

Apalogies for the late reply. have one issue in game. Just now saw your comments and replace the file in our website and send the updated file to Es24. hope it updates soon

moving well now but can't get the pins to work got the 7th yellow ball after door 4#

got a stick from left side house

It starts from left to right. finish one by one and click grenn symbol.

Stick used on S11 bottom left side and S9 top right side.

maximom did you get the yellow ball from the sc with 4 number door it's in the brick arch solve shapes

@AVM: simplify !

TY AVM but it's the white pins

joycy, thanks, not sure if I did....I exited game and probably won't go back. But if it was hidden, chances are I missed it. What a frustrating game! Also, see my comment at 5:53 if you are still stuck on the bowling pins.

got a box from the dolls stick not working anywhere

Maximom I know what you mean the game is frustrating AVM says they updated I did start it in another window but can't get into the llrlrl door in that one

joycy, see my comments at 5:49 - it's a R/L puzzle

stick gave clue for slides got pins to work from that

joycy, I just started a new game and am also stuck on the blue slash puzzle. worked just fine first time I played......sigh

Maximom I'm sticking to the game I'm on with leaving that one behind It;s another one to see if it worked better that door is trial & error

Tried again and blue slash puzzle still does not work for me. Too bad.

looking for the clue for the box from dols

Puffin I did that but kept m original game going that slash door is trial & error

This comment has been removed by the author.

got sc 1 buttons clue from arches sc 11 with stick right top

joycy, look in scene 8 - it's those red/blue things. I guess 3 times is the charm because I finished the slash puzzle on my 3rd restart. BTW, in scene 4 I only found the yellow ball laying on the ground. Do you remember where the other one was? I clicked around the arches, but nothing so far.

Completely replayed game and back where I ended 1st time...missing yellow ball and square for exit gate. Also solution for blue # box is still 25336. I wonder what AVM updated???????

This game is really messed up. Should fix all these glitches and then post again.
I have restarted 3 times and can't get past the coloured slashes in scene 4. The blue ones just don't work to open the door.

Hi Jenny! AVM posted above that they were reposting an updated game 2 hours ago. Obviously they didn't fix anything.

Changed the clue as 25336. If it not there please wait. Don't play again. I sent mail es24 with updated file.and updated on avm website.

Hi Maximom sorry my internet went down & it was early am here looks like we all need to restart once again

Maximom it's the brick arch on the tree in right grave sc

Hi joycy, I replayed on their site about 10 minutes ago and was able to finish now that they have fixed all of the problems. Although the colored slash puzzle is still buggy. I think they forgot to put one of the yellow buttons in the first time. Thanks for the clue.

well done now I need to start again :)

AVM restarted in your site got all green lights on for slashes door it's not opening

joycy, I had the same issue with the green lights. I had to back and forth out of the scene several times, retrying the door, before it finally worked.

refreshed once through that door was out in no time once fixed a nice game

Maximom it was sticky, the yellow ball in sc2 was the missing one was amazed at how smooth it went it all falls into place with correct clues lol



Blue slash clue does not work on AVM site and won't turn on last green light. Even the 2nd green light didn't turn on until I closed the puzzle and opened it again. You said u fixed it, what exactly did u fix?

oh yeah and RLLRLRL is NOT what the clue shows.

as of now I played again. scene 3 in no yellow ball. I don't know numbers scene 7 for I didn't continue

       Anonymous  8/13/16, 5:15 AM  

challenging game,thanks
didn't have any problems.

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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