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Avm Escape From Living Room Walkthrough

Avm Escape From Living Room

AvmGames - Avm Escape From Living Room is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Accept the biggest challenge in this escape game and escape from the living room. If you are addicted to challenging situations now it’s the perfect time to show your skills. In this point and click game you will test your aptitudes with several brain teasers and puzzles that will keep you focused until the end. Play this escape game you need to forget anything and think outside the box. Imagine you’re in trapped in a livingroom and you must escape as soon as possible. The main goal of this room escape game is to find the hidden key that open the exit door. Finding the key will not be that easy as you think and you will need to explore every corner and pay attention to every little detail. Point and click on every object from the room searching for hidden objects and clues. Only following these simple instructions you will successfully escape from this amazing living room. Good luck and have fun!

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hi (again) ev1 ☺

I'm looking forward to a very hard pic puzzle ;-P

ooooh active game :)

pic puzzle

cloud goes on top

joining you Alpha

clicked on the cabinet on far left scene and there are 3 holes...???

Switch goes in sitting area

Has this game been beta tested yet, or are we the unwitting guinea pigs?

Sorry Paper clue is for word that opens another door to get to sitting area

Joining in...

opened another room with clue word from paper!

Too many colors codes for me out by X GL EV1

Beta tested. :) Welcome everyone

hi AVM - thx for the game ☺

@bandytrc, Too many colors codes?

which scene bandy (sitting area?)

Just me AVM I can't see colors that well so It is not a bad game just I struggle with colors that is all no worries.

AO Passed door ( word puzzle ) Far right.

Joining late ... will probably never catch up, lol

where's paper with hint word?

Sorry S9 AO I forget they are number my bad!

nope Zu (& hi)
I'm already stuck LOL

AO S1 for paper

CB by stove.

thx bandy
didn't open any door yet, so only have scenes 1,2,5,6...

Where to use X Y Z?

Alpha first scene on cabinet by stove

AO Paper clue was in S1

AVM Bandy is colour blind.

So infuriating when a word is so obvious (like 'kitchen') but you have to wait for clue anyway ....

I said out by X I am still struggling LOL Water is used in S9

Alpha did you get the paper? Use the hint for door with letters


I am stuck. need spot to use XYZ, knife, pitcher and grapes.

4 lemons opens door in S2

Water plant in scene 9 for lemons.


Got a broom? From S4

I have 2 hearts, grapes and a squashed water bottle (?) in inventory. Placed switch in S9.

POP second pitcher fills bowls on counter in scene 2 then make X Y Z on them for 3 flowers.

ah, a riddle - DUH - thx ppl

(yep, when you know it, it's obvious, I was way overthinking by taking the first letters or similar LOL)

Got a pitcher in scene 3

Pitcher from S3 used in S2

Now stuck again with knife, fork and spoon and still the grapes.

Got new rooms now (after placing lemons). Onwards and upwards...

got jar in scene 3

Jenny use knife spoon ect in S5

Hey Jenny : ) Where did u find fork and spoon?

but jar in bowls with dots and write Z, X Y

Fork, knife and spoon go in top cupboard in scene 5

This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.

Mopped up a mess for another clue...

broom in CB left of window

Gika S4 left CB I think it is a broom?

stuck now with fork,spoon, knife and grape

Hi Zuleika. Sorry not sure, maybe from placing 3 flowers in scene 4"?

I am stuck again with red bowl with grapes in, a knife and a green bottle I took the top off.

Use cleaner in S4 on floor then broom

Put grapes in red bowl from S3

Where is the mop please?

thanks got the broom

Ty Jenny - yes got them already from the flowers.

Can anyone remember where they got broom?

o-oh, new G4K out, now being spoilt with choice... :-/

ZU S4 left cb

okay I placed the knife, spoon and fork in cabinet scene 5. got a key and star

0->3 Means increase every number by 3 in scene 3.

how about reading comments? ☺

Still can't find a broom. can anyone help?

Thanks, Bear!

I have a second knife and a bowl with apple grapes in it.

Ty - got broom. And I'd clicked on all those cupboard - musta gone too quickly...

Thanks Alpha, I did read that comment about a cupboard left of window, but what scene? The one in scene 4 does not open for me.

I have been trying to cut everything in sight but nothing is working.

Jennny in S4 see the micro and stove? up left cb

@Jenny - it's the top corner cupboard, on left of window

thanks bear

Thanks all, that cupboard in scene 4 would not open so I started over and got the broom this time.

Any idea about what to do with the number clue in scene 8?

Knife seems to work on cupboard in S8. Place to put coloured 'cubes'

still need colour hints for lights over counter in scene 2 and so many other places. Can't find anymore hot spots.

I opened that a long time ago Zuleika, before I got the second knife.

CB in s8 also opens without knife btw

Really Bear? I tried it a couple of times b4 and it wouldn't open. Oh well - u r probably right. And I still have 2nd knife in inventory so ...

I think we need one more fruit for bowl then use knife?

Probably. I also think 3 colours for S2 lamps might come from the fruits in bowl.

You can take the fork back after you place it

thanks brett, fork for scene1

Well spotted, brett : )

Use fork in S1

got color clue by clicking on lamp

scene 2

Where in scene 1 Hotz??

Jenny stove hood

This comment has been removed by the author.

Thanks, found it.

no need to try fruit colours on lamps in s2 - they d/w (at least for me...)

Fruit doesn't appear to give lamp colours. Knife still not cutting anything.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Paper with diamond for scene 2 green dots. made diamond shape.

Placing lever in S6 activates adjacent buttons - but not sure of order to press. Anyone seen hint?

add pineapple to fruit bowl and put bowl on counter in scene 4

Excellent, Jenny : )

little glitch btw - empty fruit bowl is still in inventory

Great find Jenny Thanks!!!

Place fruit bowl in S4

Place fruit bowl in s4

LOL ZU Jinks you owe me a coke ! :P

Oh wow - virtual coke on its way, Jen !

dolphin in s8 gives key in same scene

Light up the red 1s, then the green 1s, then the red 2s, then the green 2s. You can keep looking back at the paper and you won't lose your place.

I am missing one piece to the picture puzzle and still haven't used the second knife.

key used in s5 for symbol hint in s7

The first numbers in the times are not important. Concentrate on the minutes.

Anyone figure out the lower left cabinet puzzle in scene 6?

I didn't get key from dolphin Alpha

you're way ahead of me, it seems...

Oops - see what you mean Alpha. Had forgotten about using dolphin colours on other puzzle in room, lol

As soon as I saw the symbol hint above the stove, I shotgunned forward very quickly.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use heart colours in S7

Bear where are you lighting up red and green 1's and 2's??

In scene 6, when you place the lever, Jenny. You have to wait until you find the clue paper first.

the brown cup looking thing its a lever for scene 6

I only have two puzzle left now and can't find where to use the knife.

This comment has been removed by the author.

POP got it!
Need 1 more puzzle piece and still have knife.

Bear---where is the clue?

Oh, there was a picture piece behind the dolphin!

Bear - don't understand your comment at 1.14 (red 1s etc)

knife is used at the end (after circle picture puzzle in S1)

Out. Woot!

I still need 4 puzzle pieces. Still have knife. Also have 5 numbers.

still need hint for left cupboard in scene 6

Zuleika, you will understand it once you get the clue paper.

That clue comes from the picture puzzle, Jenny, when you cut the watermelon.

Bear if you are out can you please tell us what to do with cupboard in scene 6??

LOL posted at same time. Thanks. I am missing 1 puzzle piece though. and can't find anything else to do?

AVM came through with a good game that wasn't broken. Thanks, AVM!

Haha - whenever that will be. Anyone worked out 8-button puzzle in S6?

Did you get the one behind the dolphin, Jenny?

you're at the same place as me Zu ☺

Got it....I liked this one.

Great help everyone.

The 5 papers with #'s on them go on the wall in scene 8 Zu.

Zuleika, you have to find the clue paper first. It comes from doing another puzzle, I forget which one.

Thanks bear, I did miss the dolphin one!

The numbered tiles are slider blocks.

I overlooked that one many times as well, Jenny.

bowl of fruit goes in s4 on counter...need 4 fruits

Finally out.
Good game!
Couldn't have done it without all of you. Thanks.

Nice game thx AVM

argh, can't get the number slider! :-/

& slow internet & robot c.r.a.p. thingy suck!!!

Ty Jenny - I shouldn't have taken my stupid pills this morning. Seems so obvious now ...

finally - cursing always helps LOL

hour paper for s1

(in to out = top to bottom)

Have you solved S6 puzzle yet Alpha? Or got second star for S8?

What is in your inventory, Zu?

Zu, did you take back the fork and use it above the stove in scene 1?

Knife and clue paper with 1s and 2s in red and green

Yep - did that Bear

The ones and twos are for scene 6 lever puzzle, on the right.

Match the same buttons, all red 1's first, then the buttons will change to green. Do all green 1s. It will change back to red, so do the red 2s, then the green 2s.

I'm solving the pic puzzle in s1, but can't swap several tiles... :-/

Look at the clue paper like each set of numbers is only one button, 4 buttons are on the left and 4 on the right.

The tiles can only take short paths, so you have to move them to a place so that they can cross over to where they need to go.

ah, you have to swap already with the invisible=correct ones
(don't like that sort of puzzle...)

If you try to make them walk a long way, they will be lazy and not move at all.

Yeah, it's weird once they are in place because you have to remember where that now invisible spot is.

pic puzzle


finally out - phew! that was another fig. forceps delivery for me LOL

thx all for your help & your company ☺

Tricky to move some of these circular pics around in S1...

I think it's easy to see where to place them - they just don't want to move, haha

And out. How I could eat that watermelon right now.

Ty for help ev1 - especially Bear. Thanks for hanging around xx

This comment has been removed by the author.

No problem, Zu.

Hey EV!
Could never do these without you

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