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Avm Escape Special: Fantasy Forest Escape Walkthrough

Avm Escape Special: Fantasy Forest Escape

AvmGames - Avm Escape Special: Fantasy Forest Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that your little tiger is trapped in a fantasy forest and you want to get to back to the real world. The only way to escape from the fantasy forest is through a cave. First, you need to get into the cave and escape through it by opening the exit door. Therefore, collect objects that will be helpful to you in solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Someone voted 1 star already? I detect anger issues.

Drag the key in the start scene to the left chest.

Hi bear, joining in

Hi Bear wheres the key

pop I got it

Hi,Dazz. The little circle numbers with circle and dots puzzle. Three reds go left, three greens go right, four blues form a rhombus in the center. Top row 641, middle row 4732, bottom row 516.

That was scene 8 btw. I forgot these scenes are nunbered.

you have to wait 15 min. till useless ads stop and game loads slowly, maybe that's one reason it's voted 1 star

When people do that i always feel obligated to rate the game as 5 just to provide balance.

Use crowbar on ground in start scene, 6.

Hi Dazz

Sneaky jar next to sign in 8.

Hiyo Joycy!

one red monster was on red mushroom

That melody gets stuck in my head even if I put everything on mute before I click on the game.

hi (again) ev1 ☺

just starting...

Picture puzzle piece appeared in scene 3 somehow and a key appeared in the start scene. I don't know what was done to make those things happen.

cute number button puzzle

crowbar worked easy

you said it bear! I always shut it off

red gem on branch sc8

Great, I clicked on the cage in scene 7, now I can't get out of that scene. grrrrrrrr

Bear I do not understand...in that scene I don't have such a puzzle - just a slider thing.

And I have nowhere to put my gems, purple sponge or gold coin

well Bear, for that key I made a wish, and it appeared)))

I'm not starting over. Red x, 1 star.

purple spongy thin goes in sc3, need 2

Which scene, Monica?

diamonds go in grid in s3

@Dazz, that's what I mean. I shut my laptop sound off before I even start the game, but the melody gets stuck in my head even when I haven't heard it.

Hi Alpha O already done the jigsaw not easy lol

Bear you made me laugh

Bear - S8 - I don't have what you describe in the way of a puzzle there.

AO - thanks

AVM needs to fix the freezing glitch in scene 7.

maths button number puzzle


oh no my games frozen will be trailing behind as usual

sc1, there is a green gem on your left, and ladybirds maybe was a memory

crowbar for s6

I don't have scene 3!!!

jars go in sc7, purple gem there

but Bear, I have no problem in sc7

where is the crowbar?

Monica duddette, from sc6 the starting scene, go behind

Bear took it Alice!)))

Dazz - can't do it

I hope Bear gives it back
or just loans it to me

crowbar from maths button number puzzle in s8

pic puzzle


Rats!! spoke too soon dudes,my game froze too

thank you alpha omega. i missed that scene entirely

Alice, there is a puzzle Bear gave the solution for it in sc8, that will give you your present

well, I got locked in too with that cat

Maths button puzzle in s8? That's a maths problem? I thought it was a slider that I had no clue for

Still no scene 3 for me

I'm locked in with the cat too.

well this is too glitchy or your clues are too obscure for me to get it....can't be bothered to continue

looks like AVM has set a trap for us all, now there's nothing to do but.....HELP!!)))

There was as sneaky little guy on the mushroom in scene 2.

This comment has been removed by the author.

my dear monica, at the beginning scene which is sc6, there is an arrow down

go right from s2

restarted but still trapped, tut tut tut AVM you bad boy))

Monica, the scene 8 clue is the puzzle itself. It is shaped like this <<>> and the each number must have two circles of the same color with that number of dots adding up to it. So the red ten must have 6 and 4 and shares the 4 with the red nine to have 4 and 5.

creatures in s4 for l/r puzzle in s8 d/w...?

There was a red gem in scene 8 that was easy to over look, up top.

Frizzing issues fixed :)

shouldn't have do that - joining your freezing party guys ☻
can't be bothered to restart - GL & CU in another game

froze again when I bring the locked cage up

Bear, I'm in scene 8. the only puzzle is on the tree red balls with a slider, what did you do with that?

opened the wings on insects on tree for flower

Hi Yvonne :)

LR from ears

Bear explained it at 10:49 AM & you can find solution in my post at 10:34 AM ☺

Alpha it's the other puzzle with the ABCDE & light up green squares

don't understand that one

Thanks for fixing this so quickly AVM!

maths puzzle was easy please a hint for the alphabet thing

out of clues stuck

anyone still here? I'm as confused as Monica was...there is no down arrow in opening scene (6), no such puzzle as your pic or description in scene 8...

deddie the puzzles on the tree right side it's easy yu just exchane the numbers til they match with colour

ok ppl
restarted - you have to open left chest first by dragging key behind right chest, then you get down arrow

sorry, the only puzzle on the tree right side is the gears pic where you turn the circular pieces to form pic...also, on left tree is red dots slider

I think everyone's gone only person I think to finish was Dazz there's no clues after that except the ears for LR yellow buttons

and yellow dots (L/R) on a signpost

Deddie the scene numbers are on the bottom they don't match

yes look at the creatures ears use all lol

don't match? so my scene 8 is not the same as your scene 8? and, as for opening the chests in a different order to get the down arrow, I'm not starting over...

creature? are we playing the same game?

giving up AVM no clues

for creatures you get there after unlocking the lock at the bottom

I don't have any ABCDE & light up green squares in s8, only the pic puzzle, the l/r signpost & the maths number buttons puzzle... :-o

are there 2 s8 maybe?

this is the most ridiculous game I've ever played...if you have to open the chests in a certain order or you don't get to access half the game, then that is a really bad game

use the crowbar after the jigsaw puzzle to open below the 3 chests to get the eyes clue then the key

Escape Special: have fun with challenge.
Clear clues are in the game itself.

Hi Alpha yes theres more scenes just posted

or maybe that keys from LR not starting again

ah, using ALL single ears - thx joycy

ok, place & move button from l/r puzzle in s8 on slot in SCENE1 for ABCDE puzzle

AO please let me know about that puzzle the moons won't move & change every time I zoom them

my moons won't move either...

had already placed the button but what next

nothing in inventory, missing 2 creatures for s5, 1 flower for chest & several more puzzles unsolved...

also missing keys for big chest in s2 & for tree in s1...

& now being caught by robot c.r.a.p. thingy - Rats!

also missing 1 jar for s7...

i think there are two different games that can be played depending on how you unlock the chests so the game can be played twice.

I moved the wingon orange insects Bf to get a flower but tried all ways to do the others nothing game sadly not solving

Science nerd have you got out

Hi joycy, did you have ball with slider puzzle?

there's a lock at the bottom of sc 8 gets you to more scenes

you're right SN

started a game in new tab, now had 2 keys in start scene, opened right chest first to get left direction arrow to s8 with other puzzles...
but it's not mentionned in game description, so for us players it's just confusing...

Hi Yvonne I placed a button in the slot & no clue as tom solve it

No Joycy, I'm still here. Trying to figure out the "15" puzzle. I have the numbers right s and nothing is happening so I'm thinking they have to be a certain way

AO, you see what I mean? Bear's and your pic was no help to me this time, as I didn't have it in my scene

now playing 2 different games simoultanously... ☻

in the other game, lock at bottom is in s7

like this it's difficult to give hints :-/

Science Nerd, same here!

Yeah. In my game I have the L/R buttons but not the rabbit ears with the hint

so how did you get into the other one AO

AO play mine please and help me out :)

Wonder if you have to play both games at the same time? That would be weird.

Science Nerd, it is a Special Fantasy :)

this is solution for magic square in game2 in s1


my comment at 12:20 PM

AO thank you for taking the time to help me :)

some of the puzzles are the same, also collecting same stuff (e.g. in G2, 1 creature for s5 hidden behind plant pot in s4)

Thanks AO for the magic square solution

now I'm stuck in both games ☻

pleasure ppl - but I'm not good at multi-tasking...

Yeah. I'm stuck with two sponges but no place to put them and L.R buttons and no hint.

AO, well, you haven't done badly so far :)

I'd like to take some items from the one game to use in the other one to proceed LOL

I think I need more keys to move on but have no idea where they are.

Yes! me too AO!

Trying to figure out if the colored birds are a puzzle or if there is a hint for the order they should go in.

that would be crazy if you could play 3 different games, as there are 3 chests...! ☻

Science Nerd in my game the 2 sponges go under the butterflies

scene 3, sorry, keep forgetting scenes are no'd

This comment has been removed by the author.

Well, I don't seem to have a scene 3 in my version. Did you get there with a key because I'm all outta keys

AO did you see my comment? we posted at the same time :)

I also have no butterflies.

Science Nerd, yes, as it's scene below birds

yep, yvonne
that's why I deleted my post
but in «your» game, I don't have a s3 (yet)... :-o

ok, then yvonne
where did you find the key for bottom lock in bird scene (s7 in your game)?

Have you placed flowers in chest scene 2?

Where did you get that key yvonne?

I did but I didn't get a key

yep, yvonne,
but don't remember what I got...

AO lol, now you're asking, started this ages ago, went away and had dinner, backtracking to see what I have done

well, I will play the new (hopefully relaxing) Tototo game meanwhile...

I did the l/r yellow balls, got it by accident, I think it was lrlrrl

Hmmm yvonne that didn't work for me on the L/R yellow balls

ok yvonne
but can't continue as this isn't the correct way to get the key - where's the hint I'm asking myself...?

watching Tom & Jerry meanwhile LOL

Does the red dot puzzle in the tree (same scene as yellow L/R) have something to do with the dots on the ladybug wings?

Ok, sorry, all I've got in inventory is the order of the diamonds, missing purple one, lots still to do, did moons with clue paper

tried this already SN
(6544) but d/w...

Science Nerd that's what I thought, have tried combinations, nothing so far

stuck. missing one jar and one flower - any hints?

same here Lilly...

Hi Lilly, depends what game you are playing, there are two options. In my game I need 2 jars, as well as other puzzles to complete

well I have jewels, sponges, no keys no paper hints.

where was the second sponge?

in your game I didn't find 2nd sponge yet...

...? two games?

Ok. Think I'm just going to have to pass on this one for now.

Science Nerd me too.

me three - thx for your company & CU ☺

AO thank you :) good night

This game is just a troll attempt.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Buttons left-right work L L p P L L L L p P . The yellow button is in the slider at stage 1.

Got the last flower. From the grid slider (green cells)pressed the button from the letter And diagonally down.(from upper left to lower right corner)

AVM this game is messed up

The code for the red wheels will be after the birds.

I have nothing confused. I played opening chests from left to right.

Natanja your green cell hint has made it work but I tried that earlier maybe games fixed now

Does not work the puzzle with colored diamonds(((the Most disgusting of all the puzzles for me.

joycy , I accidentally clicked so. I haven't seen hints of these green squares.

well I escaped the way to o it is to go the down arrow way key in left chest first & the green cell follow Natanja clue

Natana I persevered with that one lol got that far wasn't going to give in really messy game

also Natanja if you refresh & start again the keys can appear different & putting the key in the right chest first takes a different way & that way def won't work

Yay!!!))) It turned out colored diamonds) If you long to suffer ,something will turn out)

joycy,nah ,thanks,I don't want to re-play this game) I would like this option to finish)

All!!)) I finally passed the game)

This comment has been removed by the author.

well done Natanja your the only one that came up with an answer

thanks to Nafanja re ABCDE grid - due to that I could finish game that started with dragging key behind right chest to open left one for down arrow
just asking myself how should we know the puzzle solution if there's no hint?

& still have game2 open with no progress...

Which puzzle have not hint. Diamond puzzle have clue paper in s1 right side tree hole.

the ABCDE grid - or is ABCDE the hint itself?

Have hint itself ☺

& where's left/right hint in game2 (that starts with 2 keys & opening right chest first for left arrow) - bruteforced that puzzle...

for scene 8 & the hint for red buttons in s8?

Red flower plant has the hint. Forgot scene number. LRLRL- probably right answer. Please check.

ah, ok, thx

in game2, after solving butterflies in s3, there's a number on signpost for red buttons in s8

ok, game2 finished, too

all in all a very nice game, some fine puzzles - thx AVM ☺

but without mentionning in description («special» isn't enough), it was only confusing that we played two fairly different games...

& have you already a new tune in the pipeline, AVM?
the jazzy one you have once was great
(or wasn't it you...?)

btw, in a few comments we'll reach the 200 comments borderline - so to see 201th & following posts, click blue «newest» at the end of this thread

Yup. Sure planned to give more 2 way games. Let's see.
Have you finished 1st game?

I have finished both games - 2 way games make it difficult to give hints...

I tried the cactus clue yesterday (many different ways) and it did not work on the L/R buttons in that version of the game. As for the other version's L/R buttons. Where did the clue LLRRLLLLRR that Nafanja posted?

So, it came from combining the bent ears and big eyes of the red creatures. Fair enough, but this game was still a disaster. Spinning/slider puzzles like the gem puzzle really should have a skip feature added to them. Completed the game, only because I hate not finishing things. Still a thumbs way down from me.

what started excellent, ended disastrous. I'm tired to try to finish this game.

Game has skip button and "X" now to get back from cage.
Everything worked ok, but did not see a clue for #'s puzzle.
Good game otherwise.
Thanks for fixing it. Avm!

couldn't hold myself back - just had to make the 200th comment ;-P

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