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Avm Fantasy Street House Escape Walkthrough

Avm Fantasy Street House Escape

AvmGames - Avm Fantasy Street House Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you are trapped in a fantasy street house and you want to get to back to the real world. The only way to escape from the fantasy street house escape is through a locked gate. First, you need to get into the fantasy street house and escape through it by opening the exit door. Therefore, collect objects that will be helpful to you in solving the puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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Hopefully I don't get robotted during this one. I'm not a robot!

hi (again) ev1 ☺

can't play just right now, so plz leave clear hints (step by step as the best ;-P) - CU ☺

Use the broom at the gas station. Use the glove on the manhole at the gas station. Use that paper clue for the red buttons in scene one.
Place orange guy for a key to the right door in the restaurant. Light up all the 0s in scene seven which gives both a number clue and a left right directional clue to be used on the cardinals.

Wow - this is early for AVM.

Game loading...

Hey Bear: )

Looking for the 0s in S7. Can only see a l/r puzzle and can zoom in on cupboard - but no 0s there. Where to find them?

The colored dots on the bushes and such are a clue for the arced dots in the far left scene.

Use the far right light green color on the arc as your green, not the dark green. And use the deep right near the center of the arc as your red.

In scene 7 there are buttons on the wall. Grayish or white, press the buttons until all the Os light up.

POP - got the 0s, lol : )

Now, to figure out where to use the shovel.

Use the shovel in scene 2 lower left.

Not getting the arc puzzle. 4 arcs but I have 5 sets of coloured dots.

Dots: 6 green, 4 dark green, 3 yellow, 1 red and 2 cyan (together).

One bush has 4 green dots, then one scene has 3 yellow dots, one has 2 cyan together with 1 red. The number of dots is order of where you should put your marker on the arcs. Use the lightest green color (far right) and the deepest red color (top right).

Use the shovel again in scene 8.

The "orange" clue means to do the combination of colors forwards and then again backwards on the six buttons in scene 3.

The broom is in scene 3, just the bristles are showing in the middle of the screen.

Finally got those arcs done ...

Used shovel in S2 - think I still have to open up S8

Avm really need to find new music

Feather duster form placing all 4 bales of hay in S3

Use feather duster when zoomed in on cupboard in S7 - gives 'orange' clue.


"orange' puzzle (for S3) gives key to left room in S6.

After you place the star, click the hole in the wall below it.

For the red 3x3 do not push the square without the dot, tricky.

Hi Bear, thank you for the puzzle image :)

Turtle goes in 9.

I feel like I need to go back to bed. I know you hints are clear but I am still not getting the 4 arc things.

Hi KS when you look at the colours count how many eg red 1, do them in order top to bottom

You're welcome, yvonne.

Placing star in S7 - from slider pic in S9 - doesn't seem to do anything...

Thanks Yvonne, I was using the wrong green

There is a left arrow in scene 7

Arcs, from top to bottom put your yellow dot on the second red, cyan, yellow and the lime green on the far right.

Welcome All :)

Changed the BG music and updated the game

I can't find a clue for the four colors in scene 8.

Ah Bear - just saw your comment t 10:25 - Ty : )

If the game is updated, does that mean we have to start over?

Lol - all that effort (slider pic, star, turtle etc) just for one robot!

Btw has anyone been able to take the robot on the angel statue in S4?

No..no.. changed only the music.
ASP buy new sounds and replace all the sounds.

I can't reach the puzzle piece on the statue, Zuleika.

I'm thinking the letters in EsCape in S8 are a clue to the picture puzzle in S4 but I can't figure it out. My inventory is blank. I also can't take the little robot in S4.

My turtle has restless leg syndrome. And I wish this bot would leave me the heck alone!

Sorry for little robot in S4. hit area miss placed(corrected it already).

Puzzle in s10, I lit it up, except middle, it opened

Not working for me, yvonne. And ty AVM - but I still can't take robot in S4.

Do we have to restart game for these things to work?

Starting over, to reach the robot.

Afraid I can't be bothered to restart. Good luck ev1. See u another time : )

stick from s10 goes on statue s4, gives colour clue for s8

Like the new music, thank you AVM!!

How did you get a stick, yvonne?

Oh, you put the big letter C in the blue buttons grid.

This reCaptcha thing has to go. I am sick of having to click on a million pictures just so I can post a couple of sentences. ffs

Coin clicks in scene 5, top to bottom, left to right. 0103 3312 2230 1003

joining in...anybody still playing?

This is too frustrating. Have fun everyone.

Looking for actual coin clue and duck directions

Forget it! Nasty und not enjoyable, like usual. Adio AVM! Exactly like FEG, Cool, Bold, Novel and others (even ENA)...

Wow! it took me awhile to see that broom.

Bear----Great tips.

hey all....and yes good tips, but I'm stuck on the two birds....got the zero's done, tried many combos, but not the right one I guess...do I need to see another clue to figure out the zeros?

AVM wont let me play their games any more unless I allow ads to sufficate my computer. Oh well. So long AVM.

Thryn, use the bright green O's from bottom to top for the birds. I think it was something like, RLLRLR or LRRLRL. I don't really remember. Good luck.

thanks Bear....I'll give it one my try, then give up....thanks for checking back in :]

hmm frustrating...how does RLLRLR OR LRRLRL when I see
and you have to push them left and right to light them up....way to vague for me....try and have fun y'all....

@avm...as appreciative as i am for your games, you make it really difficult to access. i have to disable adblock for not only your site and your page, but for everything...and, inevitably, malware ads are loaded on to my computer, hence, i have to clean it every time i play your games. it's a drag. and unnecessary. you are shooting yourself in the foot, in that this nonsense chases gamers away. surely you can simply have ads on your page to generate revenue without the surreptitious tracking that is added.

yes! It is RLLRLR

can't get the l/r birds either

Thryn---You have to look at the bright green color 0s. Then you will get RLLRLR

ty Gika... had tried what Bear posted, even RLRRL AND LRLLR...nothing worked...had already signed out after spending a lot of time on those silly birds....will try one more time...grr

Ginner------ you have to get the 0s done first (just click left, right, left,right....until you get to the top, then you ca use RLLRLR for the birds)

Thrynn, you have to push the buttons, rlrlrlrlrlrlrlr keep doing that until all the Os are lit up. Then that is your clue for the birds, and under it is a number clue.

Thrynn---hopefully you can get it right. I am stuck now. The "Orange" color clue is not working for me.

Anyone playing? I still mising one robot, need some clue to dots on Scene8

must have been a glitch, had only got 5 sets of zeros...restarted game got the 6th...onward!...and ty Bear and Gika

note the 4 digit number under the "0's" puzzle for the l/r birds.

hey Bear--How does the "Orange" clue for colors button works?????

I am stuck!
I have a round paper with black/brown circle on it. No idea what to do with it.

Where is the shovel, hint for light blue sliders, hint for ducks etc. etc.
Can anyone help?

jenny---have you used it on the skull for the free dots??? (the brown dots you have to make it blue)

Jenny, this paper... brown = blue... scene 4

not sure where that goes, but it has letter B at top, must be an A and maybe a C somewhere?

Glad you got it Thrynn!

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 12:17 PM  

good game but always ruined by trash ads

again Gika, ty....for dot hint...

Thanks, finally got the shovel.

got the birds...stuck on colored buttons in sc3...don't get the forward and backward thing

Ginner I am with you, stuck on colored buttons.

THERE is nothing left on inventory and there is a long list of things that I can’t find… Anyonte to help??
Scene 1 – 1 green face??
Scene 2 – Clue for Duck ??
Scene 2 – Clue for Slides ??
Scene 4 – Clue for Ghost ??
Scene 4 – Clue for the 4 pictures???
Scene 5 – Clue for coins???
Scene 6 – missing one robot
Scene 10 – Clue for 3x3 grid??
Scene 10 – Missing Key
Scene 8 – Clue for color-dots on the wall??

@gika, if you're talking about the 6 colored buttons, you must follow the clue from dusted cloth...click the colors forward and the then click the colors backward. 12 clicks in all.

@cris, the clue for the "rainbow" of colored dots is found throughout the scenes by noting the various colored circles.

the clue for the 6 colored buttons is found by using a duster on cloth in scene 7...you get the duster by placing the 4 straw piles. my last straw pile was in the scene left of scene7. this should nudge you along.

cate--Ty, I tried that and it didn't work. I am going to try again.

Cate, I need the 4 collors to the Scene 8 wall

This comment has been removed by the author.

moving on...stuck with nothing in inventory.

Cate-I tried 4x and finally got. Ty

Birds are the O's from bottom to top

s8...purple, red, green, orange. I think that came from star puzzle or turtle...not sure

everything got too easy after figured out the C-Grid on SCENE 10

@cris, don't worry about that yet...go into scene 9 and do what you can there.

by the by, when you are doing the "jigsaw" puzzle, or slider or whatever you want to call it, there will be 3 papers on top of the others...the color order is rby.

you're welcome, gika.

where do you use the rby clue?

My game just went black...I am scared to refresh the page :(

Well I had to refresh my page and I have to start from the beginning. So I will just give up on this one.

Thanks everyone for the help and great tips.

Went black? When it appears. We have not face any issues

Thank you Cate...

avm, it happens frequently...again, your ads are suspect. g4k is just as guilty, as is feg.

Yes. it just went black, I came to see the comments and when I went back the screen was black (maybe it was my computer). I had to refresh the page.

It would be great if there was a continue button so I don't have to start from the begging.

you're welcome, cris.

bummer, couldn't play it live...

arch puzzle has got me stumped LOL, but actually it was easy - doh

thx, ppl above for all your hints, needed some of them urgently

& thx AVM for a fine game, like the new soft tune ☺

Gika, The "orange" clue I tried to explain at the 10:08 mark. The clue means that (indicated by the top arrow) you have to press the colored buttons from left to right and then (indicated by the bottom arrow) that you have to press the reverse sequence of colors from right to left. So, you begin with whatever color is on the far left (in the clue)then you press each color until you get to the far right, then you press the far right color a second time and work your way back (to the left) through the color combination in reverse. I'm sorry that I wasn't more precise when I left this clue the first time.

duck? how do i do the ducks?

Tony, when you are ready for the ducks clue, you will have a circle piece of paper that says something like BRFL or something. Those letters mean back, right, front, left, or something like that. I'm not sure I am remembering it correctly, but you will work it out when you see the clue.

       Anonymous  8/25/16, 12:15 AM  

challenging and clever game

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