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Avm Pansy House Escape 2 Walkthrough

Avm Pansy House Escape 2

AvmGames - Avm Pansy House Escape 2 is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. The concept of the game is to escape from the pansy house. In this story, there is a house. The house looks very beautiful. Assume that, one day you have been trapped in the house by unknown people. Your mind says ,that you want to escape from the house immediately. But you didn't have any source to open the door. So use your intelligence to find the hidden objects and solve the puzzle to find the source and escape from the house. Good luck and have fun!

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use solve twice.

color letter/number clue paper and lighter.. stuck!

4 digit took long

Thought the houses were clue for 4 spinning awards.

color letter/number clue paper and lighter.. stuck!

Use lighter right side in scene where you use the knife.

where to use knife and where is lighter...

Cut rugby ball.

stuck...no idea no clue i ve seen...2547 only clue i've...

Use 2547 on 4 numbers in little houses scene. Right wall.

I have letters/numbers clue paper still in inventory, but doný know how or where to use it again.

tell scene number where to use 2547

confusing doll color

scene 6

Now I have a blue/green/yellow/red note used once.
Put 3 tiles in place.

spinning houses wasn't hard

can't even get started on this one - how does the clue on the wall relate to the door in the opening scene - tried all the combinations :(

To Roberto: SOLVE is used 3 times.


stuck...no idea for letter with numbers

Click letter and related shapeand then green button.

Hi Mig. I´m stuck at 4 digits. Tried all I could using the paper clue, but nothing works.

@Jaheer. Have you opened the 5 digits door?

Hi Soulness Minion, after you have clicked a letter and shape, press the green bar, if it's right a circle will light up, keep going 'till all lit, then door opens

no roberto

4 digit code



stuck! Have managed to get to S1, S2, S5, and S7...no knife and have no idea what you mean to use solve twice. Help!

need help..leeter with clue no idea

How to crack 4-digit code:

1) First word "BLUE" painted in red => so look at the blue-painted word "YELLOW" => look at the yellow-painted word "GREEN". The word "GREEN" consists of 5 letters, so first digit is 5.

2) Same algorythm.

3) Same algorythm.

4) Same algorythm.

@Ginner, knife in scene 2 under the left hatch.

@Jaheer Hussein, use lighter in scene 5 on right column. You will see the word "SOLVE". Look at the letter clue for numbers and make 5-digit code.

challenging game,thanks

Have not found any clue for 4 corners (medals).


make all medals point to the center.

My numbers 2547 will not work

@Darlene Lyell

These numbers should be placed there, where they point to.


4 5
7 2

thanks nomelted, that helped. Medals won't work for me.

@Ginner, medals will work after you get paper with 4 painted words and "FARM" on it.

Those colored bears are rediculous.

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