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Avm Patio Concrete Room Escape Walkthrough

Avm Patio Concrete Room Escape

AvmGames - Avm Patio Concrete Room Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Avm Games. Assume that you moved to a new house and picked a concrete room as your room in the new house. Unfortunately your room door got locked and as today your parents went to work in early morning itself, so you can’t seek any help from others. But you know that there must a spare must be in this room. So use your skills to collect the necessary items in the grey room to fetch the key to escape from the concrete room. Good luck and have fun!

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first one of the day! Loading......

hi (again) all ☺

I'm stumped at s3...

and I am already stuck! lol

Waiting for game to load...

I've got an orange circle and two green circles

S1, do the pattern opposite of one above it, pull lever

Hey ev1. Think we"re all at similar place.

I've placed some stuff and got 2 green discs and 1 orange disc left in inventory. Playing around with S2 puzzle hasn't worked yet.

Hi Zu :)

Awesome Thrynn - thanks!

Thrynn, thanks, that gives knife

Hey yvonne : ) Trying to find join-up pattern with green and blue dots in S4 now

CU in new butterfly escape...! ☺

yw...stuck on green/blue can make a line on left side ...thought maybe the W in far right room was clue for that, can only connect 4

there's blue and green above door in s5

S4: I can get 3 green dots on left to link, plus top green in middle - but sequence seems to stop there...

s4 puzzle clue is in s1 above the door..you have to connect the dots

have to go for a bit, please leave me hints :)

oh! ty yvonne...scenes are kinda dark, missed that

Well-spottted yvonne : )

When 4 Ls drawn in, click on middle green button for another pattern and green disc

I meat S5...

Key and grey disc from S2 puzzle

Use key in S5 for new scenes. Clicking grapes gerts clue for flowers in S1

Green and grey discs go in S9

got another green circle and clue for number color puzzle

Knife used in S10 for final piece for slider pic (same room)

I loved the minions!

boy, that picture puzzle was hard

@Thrynn - yes! And all for an orange disc...

Grey disc under mat, S10

S9 puzzle activated - but can't seem to do anything. Maybe hint needed?

LH puzzle in S6, pelmanism for orange disc

Omg that slide puzzle....

Gika - can y0u remember where/how u got clue for number/colour puzzle in S2?

don 't miss grey disk in S6 under table

Sorry Zuleika I meant color ball puzzle not color number puzzle!! I haven't got there yet.

pic puzzle

No worries Gika : )

Need one more orange disc for S6.

Anyone figured out how to make S9 work?

Tried wonky 'W' on wall in S3 as hint for sliders in S7 (and also puzzle to right of it) - no joy.

Did anyone figured out puzzle or any other clue.??

not yet, but when I leave S9 and go back the green/grey discs are in a different place then when I left....glitch?

Ah u r right Thrynn - just noticed that.

Going over to try KNF game while waiting for this one to get going again,,,

Stuck with everyone else I think. Have a red dot in the middle of my green/grey puzzle that changes with new view. Music notes wall seem to be inactive.

I keep coming in and out of that room to see if those green buttons will form a W....lol

Hi JackAttack welcome :)

Going with you Zuleika!

lol, major stuck....blue notes, designs on wall in S3 make no sense to anything we're working on....the green dots are starting to make my eye twitch....

thank you for comments, have caught up, stuck with you too lol :)

Ahhh, got it. In music notes room, count the dots on the matchstick looking things, gives 4 digit code (which then gives last coin)

This comment has been removed by the author.

Hi sysin :) thank you for puzzle pic

Thanks, Jack. Was stuck there for a long time.

Now working on the 4 letter box. The letters in the music notes room can form "beautiful", but it doesn't help me. :-)

JackAttack, thanks, still missing one coin

Wow Jack! Thank you so much

nice job Jack! gave me a nudge to get going again

place black ball in S8

Well done JackAttack : )

Grey/green balls can now hop across. Big ball goes in Guy Faulkes room, gives 4 digit box which i'm stuck with, along with a slider clue that doesn't seem to work.

working on 4-letter box...

I think the Futi from music notes is a clue for the box...just trying to work on the order of letters

The puzzle on S9 works now

Game crashed - 'aw snap'

That's it I'm done tonight. good luck ev1. See u soon : )

Tried a b c d notes and their corresponding letters (as per treble clef) which gives i l f a ....but my music sight reading may be rusty.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Place grey balls on the left side and green on the right!

The clue for gray and green balls are on Scene 6 above the gold coins!

stuck again!

got it! count the position of the notes on the lines....3 4 are from the first line 4 2 are from the second line

and out! I'll stick around for a bit if anyone wants help

Thrynn, thank you :)

yw yvonne ;-)

Ty Thrynn!!!!

ok I still need to do the birds, and 3 coloured no's

the 3 color clue comes from solving the puzzles in RH room

thrynn, thanks for sticking around, out now :)

Avm thanks for a good game :)

np, my pet peeve is when people say "out" and don't stick around long enough to help people

Serously, what are you talking about count the position of the notes? what is that for??

me, too I can't see how to count the positions of the notes on the lines...

alpha, i'm here...give a heads up when you're here too! :)

hello again cate ☺

I even watched the VWT in order to understand, but still don't get it... :-/

well, again, i'm an idiot...did the blue green "L" again and again, but neglected to push the center button...alpha, i'm on the picture puzzle so it may be a minute...

no prob - you'll get it there at the end

(once you have the box with letters)

btw, are you able to solve all puzzles only on your own? if so, how? & then you're a genius!

ha! alpha...hardly...i just take a deep breath and dig in...i figure that there is always a solution, it just has to be found. sadly, more often than i care to remember, some of these games are a bit buggy, or absolutely absent of logic. and, of course, i need nudges now and again...that's why i'd be a sad and failing pup if you, yvonne, zuleika, austin, small-tool et al weren't here. ;)

so, i've finished the picture puzzle and don't want to go further, until i know where you are...so...?

I have the box from placing ball in hole in s8 that is related to notes hint, everything else is solved till then

okay, i'm right there with you...do you have the paper clue for it?

yep the 3 4 for top note lines 4 2 for bottom ones, but I don't see how to count the lines...

or more the positions of the notes on the lines acc. to paper

do I need to involve the notes' tails, too?

okay, got it. explanation to follow.

okay, so look at the blue marks, just the top line for now.

each line and each space in between counts as a place on scoring.

the first and third notes fall on 1(the first space). nothing falls on 2(the first line). the second note falls on 3(the second space). the fourth note falls on 4(the second line).

so your top line is UI.

will wait so that you can try the bottom one by yourself. ;)

and, you need pay no attention to "tails"...just the little fat blue circle.

ah, that was my prob - I saw (& still see...) 2nd note falling on the first line, not first space...

give me a minute or so for the bottom line...

the bottom is a bit easier, though it doesn't follow the same logic(big surprise from avm).
, in that you just count the highest note, and then the second from bottom.

LA is what you're looking for.

not precise logic, but remember the source.

first note to take is with small L, but can't see the 2nd letter... :-/

the top two are UI...and, the bottom are LA.

that's what is frequently frustrating to me about avm games(aside from their ads and tracking)...they are not consistent...the formulas to find the two rows of digits are different.

ah, our comments clashed...
TVM for your help cate, much appreciated! ☺

AVM logic... tsk, tsk, tsk LOL

i know, lol...i have to gird my loins and hold my breath every time i play avm. sometimes they are great, but sometimes i simply want to throw my monitor through the window. enjoyed the evening and company...good night. :)

nite, nite cate - CU in another game ☺

& thx AVM for a fine game ☺

For anyone comming here for help 6898 is the 4# you get from that annoying notes puzzle

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