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Axend Rebirth Walkthrough

Axend Rebirth

MeltingMindz - Axend Rebirth Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. After finding the book of curses, you started noticing strange things. You came to realize that the book was unleashing evil so now you must do what is right and return the book to stop it from creating more! Good luck and have fun!

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Thank you SD! Heading on in....

Happy Monday morning!

Oh, and thank you for doing this through Melting-Mindz. You always post the best stuff on your own site.

Yes! Let's do this!

Sneaky crowbar on wire fence.

So many orbs. Need a jar. Arrow box not working?

wait a bit SD got some probs to fix
map doesnt track and I think gamebreaker when I used purple key..

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:00 AM  

hi (again) all ☺

I bet it's a long one...

LOL he did very sneaky with the swen clue..

26 rooms..
jar is go right in house then up and left I think..

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:01 AM  

ah, a new shopkeeper ☻

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:01 AM  

joining too

Ok, new arrow clue. That's what I get for starting to the left.

heya Dazz note my first comments here..
I get notifications...

Orb jar! R, then L up hallway.

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:03 AM  

really need a map

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:04 AM  

hiyo Leroy

If you're map isn't working you might need to restart. Mine is working now.

Don't forget to go back outside for a boatload of orbs.

Nvm refreshed now map works as does purple key..

yeah I all good now nerd LOL just killed ghost with sacred dagger..

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:07 AM  

lots of orbs, think I'll steal Leroy's jar)))

Number in book in N

used light to dark clue..

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:09 AM  

red key from map

greeting from Swen ☻

Gives lighter which lights lantern and gives gold key

Yes there was a few bugs but they were fixed before I published here. You might need a refresh, not restart. Thanks everyone!!!

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:09 AM  

would have preferred only mouse over orbs - loads of clicking...

I think this is gonna be a good one!

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:12 AM  

lever in D & S so far

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:13 AM  

red door in S

Hmm must be clue for menu dragging?

LOL Alpha ya want spoil on red key?
It was very sneaky..

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:16 AM  

blue door in H

purple door in L

floorboard in T

Liked the red key trick

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:19 AM  

purple key from K, hint in S

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:20 AM  

green door in E

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:23 AM  

red gem in V, hint in H

Use dagger on spirit in Z

Can someone explain where the map is. Thanks.

Greyscale dots for rotating arrow box.

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:27 AM  

seems blue key in Y, but need SD...

Anyone find the SD yet? I also seem to need at least one more lever to open the gate. Have a gold key and no gold door.

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:27 AM  

my weapon isn't doing anything?

Im same lurker I also got red gem..
think needs another lever to open bars..

Too bad we don't have the crowbar anymore. Could have used it on the floorboard in T.

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:28 AM  

you need orb bottle first, there's a shopkeeper, when you just go several times up from the start

hmm what in the bathtub??

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:32 AM  

oh, no - have to go :-(

leave clear hints plz - CU ☺

Thanks Alpha. I just started and realized there's going to be a shop somewhere, but I need many orbs first. I got kind of lost, so I'll go back to the first room! I have a purple key though :-)

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 7:33 AM  

looks like I'll have to repeat the game, seems I took the wrong weapon and have no more orbs

sacred dagger Dazz..

Just pixel-hunted every room I can access. No SD. Maybe someone will find it by the time I finish folding laundry.

I also bought the cross instead of the dagger. Do I really have to restart?
And where to use the gold key?

Game in back of book in N

damn book finally got green key LOL

SD after green key used..

SD in B Knife in A

Hmm what to in in X???

book has clue for menu

and still cant lift floorboard??

Thank you, Science Nerd! I didn't realize the first few pages were the clue for it.

Selfdefiant - You've made an excellent game here, and I haven't even finished!

Can't find the swimming pool again!

You're welcome Lurker!

Found it! Use cross to get red gem

Those new rooms also give you the last lever to access behind the gate. Get the hammer for the 5th gem. Place the curse book you forgot you were carrying around and out!

Hammer in W for floorboard

Wow...can't miss that knife!!

Thank You indiedog12 - that was hard to see!

Truly excellent game SD - Thank you :-)

Aha hammer in W

For everyone restarting because they don't have enough orbs, go back outside. The 8 or so should cover what you're short. I bought them both at the same time. Oh, also get the red key off the map before giving up. That also supplies a bunch.

lift floorboard with hammer (forgot the scene, hallway near church with pentagram)

Hi! How do i get the golden key...?

apparently I'm missing on lever. Only found levers in D, I, S and U.

Finally got gate up! Don't know how. It seemed like I might have pulled some switches more than once.

Swimming pool is in J

Excellent game thank you SD!! Loved it! ThxACxo!

Levers D, I, S, U and W (if my notes are correct)

For lever in W - need to kill the ghost first - he's blocking it

there is no lever in W...

lever in Z not W

the gate didn't open and I had to restart. now it worked after pulling levers in D, I, S & U

Don't forget the red gem in the teddy in L

Oops so sorry labeled my map wrong - there's a ghost you kill with the sacred dagger and behind him is a lever and the paper on the wall for breakfast, coffee etc

hrmm. Need one last red gem, which I assume is connected to the note in Z that I cannot decipher. Is there a magnifying glass or something I am missing?

*head slap* Dragging, who knew.

Drag the things on the menu in Z with your cursor.

For note in Z, you can pull down the top and separate the titles. use the "how I spent my day" from the book for the order

where to enter 6 #s?

This comment has been removed by the author.

Six numbers in D

Great Game SD!!!

where do I put the number from the book?

lol, thanks Janet - I missed that box about 20 times

@AmbarVioleta, get lighter from box in D, light lantern

My map says six numbers go in D (lol hope it's right this time)

Got it..

I`m stuck. I don´t know how to use the dots clue from the book to get the golden key...

This comment has been removed by the author.

For golden key - enter six numbers (dots) in D to get the lighter and then light the lantern in F

Thanks Just1! I Got it! :D

Death is top left - guy with scythe, then after the dog, put the skull and crossbones (green fluid on driveway is antifreeze)

I didt it! Thanks everyone!!!
See you on the next game!

@Bonny, 'Death' is the Reaper figure - the dog drinks poison (antifreeze, I think), so the skull at bottom is last

What do I do in X? Can't get rid of the ghost...

If X is the pentagram scene, hover over each point and place your crystals

A most excellent game, thanks again SD!

Oh, thanks, Janet! Didn't notice those hotspots. Out now - wonderful game. Will play this a lot in the future!

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 8:31 AM  

excellent one

Thanks everyone!

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 9:20 AM  

game in book in N



       Anonymous  8/22/16, 9:22 AM  

fun game, enjoyed it, liked the new turns (e.g. book) - thx SD & thx ppl above for some hints ☺

Great game SD! Did this one with no help too :)

Dont understand book game, spoiler no help Alpha :(
dont find blue, purple or green key

OK. Finally got book game. Spoiler helped Alpha :-) ty

       Anonymous  8/22/16, 10:50 AM  

came back and finished it, thanks selfdefiant, that was a game!

Great game! Thanks Self Defiant, I have been missing these ones!

Also wonderful hints left here. No problem getting out.

Sorry SD but the game in the book was impossible to do for me. I'm not seeing so well. In my oppinion that was a very bad game to place. Srry, one star.

This comment has been removed by the author.

AO gave the spoiler for the book game, but I'll make it even clearer:


Got map, crystal ball, and knife. Ended up 5 orbs short for the dagger, so had to restart. Maybe there was enough, but I wasn't about to pixel-hunt them.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Sensible shopping - not impulse buying!

Get the objects you need to buy with orbs in the order they appear in the shop, left to right. That way you'll always have what you need at the right point in the game.

Excellent game! Finished with 9 orbs left.

If you haven't been to a room yet, you can't get there with the crystal, so it makes sense to wait until you've visited a fair amount of rooms before you buy the crystal. I bought it last...

Wonderful SD. Back to the old days with some tricky bits.

Great game!!

Gorgeous game, SD, thank you! Almost got it on my own but I had forgotten about the last page of the book.

Loved the game.
Thanks SD!!!

dont see a book in N :-/

If the book of curses is the book from N, I have that but it doesn't open, so I see no pages or puzzles.

POP the book is on the small table up the right corridor in N. It is not taken into inventory.

Six number box is in D on lower shelf of small cart.

Thanks everyone! :)

Been busy the last couple of days but finally got around to paying and had to leave my thoughts. We posters of many games have been playing some tedious games lately and this was a breath of fresh air. Thank you so much Selfdefiant!

Outstanding, SD. A game that hearkens back to your early, more complex asylum games. Kudos from a grateful fan.

Haven't played a SD game in ages and thoroughly enjoyed it. Finding the hammer was the trickiest!!

how to get red key?

Red Key from map. Buy map in shop. use SWEN on map.

       Anonymous  10/7/17, 4:57 AM  

Can`t go on, cause I wanted to buy the dagger at last, but have 5 orbs missing... All riddles solved so far... :-( Is it a bug?

cant get past the door

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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