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Brown Dog Escape Walkthrough

Brown Dog Escape

Games4King - G4K Brown Dog Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have decided to shift your house, so you went to a house near by your city with your dog, to have a look at the house. As the dog is quite notorious and the house has many rooms, the dog started playing with joy in all rooms, after few minutes you noticed that your dog is missing. So use your puzzle solving skills to collect the necessary items in the house to find and escape your dog from this house. Good luck and have fun!

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clock for 3#code in dog scene

Well I can see I'm already off to a brilliant start. What clock?

don't miss matches in flip flop scene...

Science Nerd, clock is behind left door of starting scene

Ah. Found a key.

and don't miss the door on the left side of flip flop scene...

and where is the key?

Sorry....key is under the mushrooms in first scene

1. key is behind mushrooms in starting scene.
2. key from 4#code behind left (open) door of dog scene...

you can tickle dogs ears... (left/right)

Sneaky door to the left of 9-ring puzzle

Ack! Got a bug. Zoomed in on the flip flops but did not write down the numbers. After picking up the green/white thing, I can no longer look at the flip flops.

Seraku: flip flops say: 153 462

L/R and number clue in locked fireplace.

I thought, could combine letter clues with 7#clue (after placing 2 coins) but no luck...

@Hotz, how'd you get the coins? I've got two bow ties, a screwdriver and a lit match (which I hope stays lit until I can find the third candle).

Where do the colored bows go?

Science Nerd, you have to find 3 colored candles first...

Seraku, screwdriver opens kegs in room with table

Running out of hot spots here. Any tips on the location of the third candle? (I've got the green one and the red/pink one.)

Thanks, @Hotz! I swear I tried using the screwdriver in that scene, but I guess I didn't get the right spot.

Okay, placed two of those ornaments. Now I have four bow ties and the lit match. Still need one more coin.

Also, no clues yet for the switches or the 8-color wheel.

Oh, and I just noticed the 4-color puzzle in the ceiling of the left-side room. I suspect perhaps the bow ties might give the order once placed. But it sounds like I need that third candle.

*embarrassment* Sorry, @Science Nerd. I thanked the wrong person for that screwdriver hint. My bad. (:

Finally got that Chinese character puzzle done. Would have done a screenshot but it disappeared after opening.

flip flops give clue for 6 switches/handles...

you have to place and lit 3 candles to get a place for 4 bow ties...

any idea for 0-9 switches or letter/number grid or colored numbers wheel?

No problem Seraku!

Out! Nice game! hahahaha just kidding (and picking a little) I am late but in and gonna catch up and try to be some help.

Seruku, where did you find the match?

Last candle (blue and white) from 6 switches in kegs room

@Hotz, I think I've caught up with you. Still working on those number puzzles. The 7 numbers and letters must be related somehow. It's probably a matter of getting the right order.

I haven't used the two 3# clues (magic hat picture with 891 or red cup with 185) either. But I've tried using those with the 0-9 buttons to no success.

My wooden switches were up down up down up down from left, I got the 3rd candle

I still haven't used the 3#clue on red cup, 3# on magician picture, 7# from placing 2 coins and letter clue next to 0-9 switches...
I am so stuck

Where's the screwdriver?

@Science Nerd, @Hotz mentioned the matches are in the flip flop scene. Specifically, look at that vase that you had to move. It is not all one piece.

@ Science Nerd: Vase in front of flip-flops. Click top to reveal matches

Aha! Thanks Seraku!

The 'Cure Yourself...' hint seems to relate to the letter/number grid on wall in previous room. Thought it was initial letters of word and no of letters in words - but no.

@Zuleika, some of the letters are written larger than others. These are the same letters in the grid puzzle (albeit in a different order).

Thats what I thought too Zuleika, but still working on it.

Hi Seraku : )

Yep I noticed that about the letters. Still haven't made anything work on puzzle though.

Sorry Sweet4grease, I can't remember where I found that screwdriver. Anyone else?

I've been wandering around looking for the screwdriver. Hit evry hotspot I can find and nadda. Please help!

Where was the hint for the switches? Apparently it won't work without having seen it.

The switches hint is the flip flops, some up and some down.

I think the 7 at the bottom is actually a 1

I think, SD came from pressing on 3 "flowers" in starting scene. the clue was on a paper...

@sweet4grease: I think SD came from the 3 little buds on left of mushrooms. Got hit for that from paper which I think might have been from 6 switches. Not sure - I should write these things down.

@Zuleika, that's what I have been assuming too, since the 7# clue uses a 1 not a 7.

The Cure Yourself involves the letters that are capitalized (CEYOHDW) which match the letters in the paper on the wall in the adjacent room. I just have no idea how they relate to the numbers.

If the bottom number on DYCOWEH grid is a 1, then the 7-number clue cold relate to that. Trying out combos ...

Does anyone remember where the paper came from with the hint for flowers in scene 1? That's where I'm stuck.

@sweet4grease: have you doe the 6 switches puzzle in the kegs room? Hint comes from flip-flops.

Oh Great. I can no longer enlarge the flip flops. I hope that's not going to negate me using the hint from K Stevens

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If you click just right of the flip flops, you can still enlarge them.

I thought that to Science Nerd, but just click a little higher on the flip flops and it will zoom in

Zul, yes, I did the switches. I didn't get a paper from it.

Welp, that was stupid of me. I accidentally refreshed the game page instead of the forum. *sigh*

Thanks K Stevens! That worked!

Maybe SD came from placing 3 candles ...?

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Did the 3 candles too, no paper.

I am so positive now that the 7-number clue is for the DYCOWEH grid. Willing it to work, lol

Did u use the colours of the bow ties on the 4-colour puzzle in left house?

I have a 185 hint, a 891 hint, can paly with the dog's ears ( there may be a left/right clue somewhere), I'm puzzled by the letters grid, the red jigsaw puzzle may need a clue before getting it right, and have no screwdriver. I've done all the other puzzles I've found up to here.

I don't have any bow ties. I think those come sometime after the screwdrier. I also have no key for the fireplace.

I almost think the screwdriver was in other house near floor (I could be wrong)

I know that the SD was revealed by a puzzle that's all. It wasn't just lying around.

The chinese symbol puzzle gives a key to use in the far left room.
That gives the paper with the l/r clue and for the buds in the mushroom scene.
The buds puzzle gives the screwdriver.

Has anyone gotten the letter/number puzzle yet? I've tried every way I can think of and no joy.

Yes I thought initially that the buds gave the SD, Peggy. Ty : )

I FINALLY got the Chinese puzzle and am moving again! I swear I did that thing 8 times correctly before it opened. Thanks everyone.

Still stuck at the letter/number grid. Hope someone has a brainwave soon - I'm getting nowhere.

I'm still working on it but I've tried every combo of letters in order of words vs letters in order on paper and their coinciding numbers and have nada. It's always possible I missed a possible combination.

Has anyone used the number hints 185 or 891 yet? Maybe there's a second clue for the grid we need.

Or has anyone found a clue for the symbols above the candles?

good point sweet4grease. I have no idea where those numbers go or the location of the hint for the flowers

There is also the colour/number wheel in switches room. Clue for one of these remaining puzzles must surely come from grid.

We need more brains! Where did Hotz and K Stevens go?

Also, I haven't done anything with the color wheel in the room with the barrels and switches.

Are we missing a room somewhere? It seems we're short on clues and/or puzzles.

I'm going around searching for hotspots that we might have missed.

I am still here but no progress, so I will go to bed (midnight here). good night and good luck everyone

Who are the 2 people who rated this game a 5? Did they actually finish it?

I try the anagram _code why, why code, chewy do_, v.s. nope

lol. I tried that too Aysberg

we wait,G4K from the tip, we were stymied

Seems like 3 out of 5 times when everyone is stuck, there's a bug in the game.

I thought the same thing Sweet4. Games4King is famous for having a digit wrong in some puzzles. Usually at the near end. I am still here just needed to take my eyes off the screen for a bit.

Same here. It's late and I'm tempted to switch off and go to bed but don't want to throw in the towel either, lol.

Wonder how long it takes G4K to post their walkthrough?

I am pretty sure when we finally figure it out, the door next to it opens but the when is turning into a big if on my part. I am totally stumped. I even tried where the letters are in the alphabet

Wondering why the number at the bottom - which I think is a 1 - is in bold?

I left them a message on their FB page as well. Hopefully they read that and will come to our rescue.

Zuleika, that could mean a lot of things....or nothing. My brain wouldn't go there when I tried to do something with that thought.

Hmm - I see on their FB page that Sharon Redmond left them a 'great game' message for this one. Wish she'd left a few hints for us : (

Had to step away for awhile... I was hoping to come back and see that one of you fine lot had sussed out the solution. I guess we are left waiting for the official walkthrough.

Any contact info for Sharon Redmond?

Had to leave for a while and was hoping someone had made some progress. I suspect there's a bug somewhere.

lol....I just messaged Sharon Redmond and asked if she could pop on and help us.

Oh I didn't think of that - good idea : )

Had to leave for a while and was hoping someone had made some progress. I suspect there's a bug somewhere.

While we are all lost, there is a new Hooda math to refresh our brains!

If anyone wants to brute-force the number/letter grid, be aware there are 25,401,600 possibilities. (Well, technically, there are 432,938,943,360 options, but we are assuming that there is a mapping between number and letter.)

Haha Seraku : )

Actually, I will have to leave now. It's pretty late here.

Good luck ev1. Hope you manage to solve xx

I'm just leaving it open until I go to bed

I hope there are no errors in the game and I hope that makes sense, there is a solution.
110 comments go to waste

The grid contains all the numbers 4819253 except the 1 is a 7, and all the large letters CEYOHDW. It should therefore be a simple matter of matching letter and number, except there is no number 1.

@Jon Kay and Gizmo, what looks like a 7 is actually a 1. What has happened is the 1 has been stretched horizontally, which explains why it looks thicker than the others.

If you go to the room to the left with the 0-9 buttons, you can see the same font is used for the numbers there. The 7 has a completely level top bar whereas the one is slightly slanted down.

Thanks everyone. We already figured that out. What what can't figure out is how to match the numbers to the letters. No matter what we try it won't open.

If anyone succeeds in opening it tells us how to do it we will me most grateful.

I've been scouring the net and other game site comments looking ..

tried anagraming the letters . . no luck there.

has anyone solved the 1-9 numbers puzzle in the back room?

G4K must respond to the players

Still no walkthrough posted by G4K? Has it ever taken so long?

Methinks they have noticed a glitch and are trying to fix it ....

@Zuleika, given the schedule most of these developers try to follow, I wouldn't be surprised if they are busy on the next game.

But if there really is a bug, it would explain a delay in producing and releasing a video walkthrough. Since, if the game is working as expected (albeit with some potentially thin or fractured logic), we should have seen the walkthrough posted by now.

Disappointed to discover there has still been no response from G4K. Selfdefiant would have responded immediately.

@Seraku, yes I agree.

I'm intrigued though that a few people appear to have completed the game (if we go by the star ratings).

Also a regular player who posted on FB called this a 'great game'. Did they really complete? Can a glitch/bug appear at a later stage?

I've been wondering the same thing Zuleika.

Did anyone found a clue for yellow shapes above candles?

@jaina, no, I suspect we get that clue later in the game, once we either figure out the number-letter grid or the 0-9 buttons.

Also, I have tried brute-forcing the "sun" shapes. Nothing worked, so we definitely need to have seen an in-game clue of some form.

thx seraku. i was afraid to hear this. :(
i'm not yet ready to give up on this one...

The really annoying thing is, up to this point, it was a fun game. Now I'm determined to finish it.

Now I've sent a message to EG24 asking them to have G4K either fix the game or at least respond to the over 100 comments on this site. It's the principle of the thing.

someone reported the game? all the way down on your website
I just did it

Just did what Sisli?

video published a half. no solution yet

Seriously? The published half a walkthrough?

Ok so this is hard to explain but I cracked the letter/number puzzle.

Use the numbers from the 2 gold coins (481..) paired with the captial letters from the writing on the wall in the order they occur (CurE Yourself...) as coordinates for the puzzle eg. 4C, 8E, 1Y

We tried that. Did that actually open the puzzle for you? Maybe they fixed it.

yes ceyohdw run vith 3819253

vith- with (the excitement)

Unknown--That's the first thing I tried. Did that work for you? It sure didn't for me.

I'm pretty sure a lot of these companies leave fake reviews and comments for themselves, which is why I never trust the first two 5-stars or "great games" of any game.

will 4819253

Aysberg--Wait, THREE-eight-one-nine...? Not FOUR-eight-one-nine....? How were we supposed to figure that out??? :(

and we tried all versions of both the number of the word. they correct the error does not declare in writing two lines are

Wait, Aysberg, WHAT? :( I'm more confused than ever.

I wrote it wrong, use numbers from the 2 gold coins

Okay, but that actually worked for you, Aysberg? What happened when you did that? Has anyone else gotten that to work?

The combo of 4819253 and CEYOHDW does work now

Looks like I'll have to restart if I want to get it to work...which honestly, I don't think I'll even bother at this point. I'm over this game. Thanks for the tips and good luck everybody!

I do not know English very well. with the help of the translation, write and I read. Sometimes I can't tell and do not understand all you write full well. Translation is not enough.

When you get paper clue candle + tumbler - mushroom x photo, use a double digit number for mushroom (dots and dots)


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Hi Escapers,
This Game's complete Walkthrough Video Published.
Thanks For Playing.

Games4King Team.

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Thanks G4K. But don't need the video. Have resolved the problem. We also finished the game

Finally! Swung by to finish the game!

Finally! And out in the blink of an eye :D

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