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Can You Escape

Games4King - G4K Can You Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that you have been kidnapped and locked inside an abandoned farm house. As you can’t communicate with others, you can’t seek any help. So you have to escape yourself from the farm house. You have to solve few puzzles to open few doors which help you to fetch some clues. So use your skills to collect the necessary items to escape from the abandoned farm house. Good luck and have fun!

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Handle is to hold up sliding door in LH scene

Clock yields entry in S1 but I brute forced the pink number

No. of flowers used in scene with fountains

My comment at 11.23 - pink is on the clock (just missed it the first time I zoomed)

razor blade top center through doors from start scene

Key does not open double door pyramid/balls scene RH door.

need a star and need some clues. Don't understand blue bar clue on back of coin

Stuck in the same place - key and coin and don't get the clue either?

I accidentally clicked an advertisement (again) and have to restart G4K really needs to open their ads in a new tab! Ugh

K Stevens - did you work out what to do with big button in LH scene? It seems to move a moon from one spot to another in the 4 button holes to its left but what to do with that?

Ok back to where I was (still stuck) I am trying to figure out coin with the two updown or 4 push buttons in left house with clock

Can't bruteforce the 3 button RH post of S1

Where's Bandy when you need him!

I thought the black/blue hint on back of coin might be for the 2black/blue jigsaw pieces through the door beyond the fountains. Can't make it work though...

Stuck in the same place.

okay got the two circle room to open use coin I think

I wonder what the up arrow is for by the drum? So many questions, so little time! lol

Yup use coin for two button door, mine worked upside down, (black on top)

Yea Zu - I tried the jigsaw thing too. And I tried clicking them 5 and then 4

Well done LeAnn : ) Care to share with us?

balack/blue is LH door...black is top blue is down

Ty K Stevens and Jaheer : )

Thanks guys - opened radio in that room but didn't seem to do anything.

in the new room radio looking thing opened but nothing inside. . .this is tough

stuck with key..no clue is having yet

Yes - new room, but we're all stuck again, lol

Thought flowers might be hint for flowers but haven't been able to make that work

It's a real stinker! I need to run off and do some errands. Will pop back later and hopefullyl you guys will have left me some breadcrumbs to follow!

Sorry..I meant flowers hint for sliders

Flowers for 3 buttons!

Tnks K Stevens for flowers clue

Science Nerd - see my comment at 11.23

no guess in flowers...how stevens?



3 buttons give bone and clue for right door blue bottons

Use bone on drum

How can this be K Stevens? I don't understand.

Did you get right door blue buttons to work from that clue, Cris?

Look at flower positions bottom ones are 1 taller ones are 3 middle is 2.

bonne for drums start scene

@Monica. Note levels of pink flower (from 1 - lowest, to 3 - highest). Use this for the 3 button through leftmost door

oh i get it

look at numbers on back f coin and positions from 1 to 8. Press 4 buttons accordingly

got it...frog is place over stone

Ty K Stevens - did that already but will try again...

Hmm - still not working

K Stevens you beat me to it on the 4 part door opener on the coin. I'm still here! So addictive

524 for RH pillar in S1

stuck with Tree Coin and a star coin with 524 on the back

Don't know why this isn't working for me but IS for ev1 else.

Can I check: the 26 and 15 are for the left and right (respectively) black parts - and the 78 and 34 are for the (lower) blue parts?

Right I really have to go - those coins do not go in the final room pillar/ball centre position....or at least not until we get all coins. So back to being stuck again!

Zu - top rh !, top LH 2, Bottom RH 3,4, and so on until you have clicked all 4 buttons according to the position on the back of the coin

lever is placed inside radio

I can't get the numbers for the black and blue puzzle pieces either. I've tried it every way i can think of.

Zuleika Imagine Uper right uper left down right down left. use numbers 1 is uper right an 8 is down left

Hey Monica - yep, that's what I've been doing. No idea why is doesn't work for me.

jaheer - hint where u got lever pls

Ty Cris - but thats exactly what I'm doing. Nothing happening : (

zu - have u zoomed out & back in after failed attempt b4 starting again?

Oh lord - I was using it on the wrong door - the blue/black jigsaw pieces. Facepalm. Ty ppl : )

I think you are all at the wrong door. Proper door is one with the circle divided into four quadrants, not the black/blue switch things. And yes, where did lever come from?

Ha! I was using it on the wrong door too

did u got knife monica

sience nerd see jaheer's comment @11.58

no jaheer = from whence did u get knife?

after setting 524 clue...use those symbols in another scene

Knife? Lever? These things would be helpful. Can you give us a hint Jaheer, please?

Lever? Knife?

In inventory I have key, 3 yellow buttons with icons. Btw did anyone notice large number 4 on left beam in scene where we got frog?

Oh no - used the key, sorry : )

Dump bowl into sandbox in room with little tree house

place knife outside stone and go inside to get clue

ah... use knife as lever! 8)

red lever goes into the little wooden house/thing in the room with bird cage

where to use sign letter paper?

Got knife etc.@Jim: use exactly same symbols from first scene as scene where you got frog.

got it! as code for pink sliders :) gives blue lever

Yes, I have 4 round symbols, sign letter paper and two "gems". Stuck

When you use a note with sign language, see the OK sign. This is a hint to the sliders on the door near the radio. Great game!

Lily, how?

Jim - put the 2 gems in the radio room

gems for the black square in the gate - have 4, apparently we need 9...

ok, easy after that - anybody needs help?

Thanks!!! Now have 6 symbols and 2 gems....and stuck.

@Lilly - u mean the yellow buttons with the icons? Yep they are for 6 buttons on grey gate

I've tried various combos from the hand sign paper but no joy with sliders yet.

for sign sliders: i think it was 2341, look for the OK hand

yellow buttons go to pyramide on the wall inside, the order is outside

i'm out, thank you - great game!

Ty Lilly - seems logical now. Yet again though ...not working. Will try in reverse.

Zuleika, where are you stuck?

Out. Thanks all,

Stuck on sliders. Using 2341 (left to right) which is from OK hands and look logical. Nothing happening.

i'm not sure about the order, but look for the sign of OK on the paper and use its positions for sliders.

@Zuleika, just to make sure, you have zoomed in on the paper clue before trying to set the sliders? Sometimes I forget to do that, and games (for some unknown reason) require it.

Must be a glitch - it's definitely 2341 from paper. Never mind. Thanks for help anyway : )

Hi Seraku - yep, definitely zoomed in. Must be glitch.

Zuleika, if you are still here: i replayed, the 2341 code didn't work for me until i placed first gems and saw the number 3 on the wall... than it worked! no idea why :)

Stuck with 8tones/gems and a paper clue with 4 coloured hearts

where did you put the stars ?

Left and right from the mermaids with shells above their head

change places of gems like on the paper

thanks ! I tried to put them on the shelf, not on walls :(
Did you find what to do whth gems ?
It's for the black square, left - right door :)

Way to hard lost interest

change places of gems like on the paper

       Anonymous  8/14/16, 1:58 AM  

Challenging and good game,out

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