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Conimbriga Escape

GamesBold - Conimbriga Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Games Bold. Conimbriga is one of the largest excavated Roman settlements in Portugal. Located in the civil parish of Condeixa-a-Velha e Condeixa-a-Nova, in the municipality of Condeixa-a-Nova. Entrance to the settlement is made from vaulted structures consisting of two doors and at one time was defended by two towers. Someone wanted to know the content that is in ruins, but instead he was confronted by a great mystery that force to break it. Good luck and have fun!

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not interesting just a complicated maths

9/45 placed before giving up (bedtime). After plugging in the number code, the object slots appear but only one object does. By placing that object in different slots, you get more objects to appear and so on... very tedious.

Got 10 items placed.... still trying to replace them sothat I get more....

I placed a stone vase (called lamp) in room 5 (right one) and that gave me at least three mummies.

Oh and also earrings in room one!

Figure out that 6-7-8 iz 33621 at begining but don't know last 3 digits

Placing those three mummies in room 4 doesn't give me more revealed items in other rooms ;(
i probably need the last mummy to achieve that...

Last three is 131 Jovica

Tnx deprinses

i have just 2 golden masc what to do?

I placed around 20 items before boredom finally got the better of me. What happened to games that required a brain? - I think that having no brain is unfortunately what is required here to cope with the very tedious repetition

Right enzed. I give up.... bored....

I was able to complete the game. After you solve the puzzle in the last scene, the outlines appear. I clicked on every outline, not sure if that did anything but it seemed to trigger more items to appear, and I collected and placed items as I went through the scenes. Placing items yields more items. I had to remove some items from some scenes to complete other scenes which made new things appear. For the silver mask scene I replaced the masks several times in different spots in same scene to make more items appear. Also, I moved the vases around several times. Need more patience than brains!

Thanks Maximom. Your comments helped me get as far as I have. I am missing a silver mask, a gold mask and an earring, but I think I'll go and cook dinner instead of shuffling spots.

I'm sorry,but nonsense of course.I changed seats and cleaned and vases and masks. I am missing 1 gold,1 silver mask,3 dual element.Poking into the sky it's called.And would be at least some hints of movement.

And again I'm sorry))) I played and was able to finish the game)I really clicked on all silhouettes and gave them the items.When the entire inventory is filled,start to expose them. This time I missed a silver disc. I removed one and changed places. In the end, all was found) Maximom ,thank you very much for the help)

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The first game I didn't.I also was able to pass through. Filmed one of the missing items and push the silhouette.

I went back and finished today. Clicking on the black open spots was the key as tons of objects started to appear by doing this. The last object I needed to find was a 'Masque' (which looks like a vase), which ended up in scene 1 after placing all 44 other objects but leaving one 'Masque' out of Scene 5.

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