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Criss Angel Zombie Prison Escape Walkthrough

Criss Angel Zombie Prison Escape

InkaGames - Criss Angel Zombie Prison Escape is another point and click type adventure game developed by Inka Games. In this game, you try to help Criss Angel escape from a zombie infested prison! Good luck and have fun!

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Save Option in an InkGames Game!!!!!!!

Fun game. As always, try every object on everything

Skateboard is used twice

number puzzle on wall can be BF'd but if you want the clue then you need to get the motorbike working.

I seem to have tried everything on the zombie gymnast after glueing his hands and there doesn't seem to be anything else to find :(

@clickwik. Use acid on poles

Skateboard is actually used three times.

Thank you :) ... guess I hadn't tried everything after all.

Got the zombies, fun game

I only like this game because it lets me kill Criss Angel as many times as I want.

Anybody want to explain how
to defeat the Riddler?

Nevermind, figured it out.

Eat banana, put peel on
Chew gum, combine with straw,
add sensor card.
Stand aside and open cell.

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Then put green capsule into
door above arrow, zombie
will put it into wash.
Get grenade.
Drop grenade in floor hole.

Get bike wheel from
above grenade in laundry.

What do you do with the straw and gum?

Good thing Hulks pants were always the strongest part on his body.

myrdlebp, put the sensor card on it, so you're out of reach for the riddler.

That inventory always gets automatic de-selected is annoying.

Oil on table in lunchroom,
push landmine to zombie,
get chain.
Put skateboard, barrel and
Joquin at hulk. use chain
on hulk.

SHARK! omgomgomgomg. How graceful he slides away after the rubber duckie brought him food.

For soup zombie, combine
TNT with skate, push thru
Put skateboard, coat rack
and doll on floor, then push
into kitchen.
Take duck.

Duck distracts zombie at boat.
Glue wood and patch boat, put
shirt as sail.

Yay, long time since Inkagames!

Very great game I loved this!!!

Can someone explain what to do with the panel where the numbers move around? Thanks!

@Cyndee43: study the scenes where you can use the motorcycle.

I totally missed this one!!! :(
Finally....after 2 years of posting to make a 'save' option, it's done. Thank you Inka. Going in (very late).

Kev: Thx for leaving hints. I needed some. :)

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I want a walkthrough so that it can help on the game.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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