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Door Door Escape Walkthrough

Door Door Escape

MeltingMindz - Door Door Escape is another point and click escape game created by Selfdefiant for Melting-Mindz. One door leads to another but what happens when it doesn't? Step through and find out! Solve puzzles, collect items and see where you end up! Good luck and have fun!

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hmm both got wine drunk without going drink nothing and drink with I land in cell wos first not come out there

I start again and with time I'm in the room with microwave, so blue do not drink red

crate can not be with word menorca open hmm

marita, anagram the word

nice good one,thought it would be longer

I dig 9 holes ...but nothing happens

thank tribble but with scoop holes I made and now? nothing happens hmm

Dig on a letter

I am stuck with the flag colors, I can't figure out how to make the s with the colors?

OOOOOOh...havea look at the O

Flag - start with the red star on the middle right and work your way from that

Enjoyed the change-up SD but boy that third gear was hard for me to find.

Ooh, looks like you can play a second game by drinking the other color wine.

took another wine and out

"BADED" box does not open.

Short, but fun! Blue and right are the only hints for now.

Red wine. Catch the bug, give it to the freaky clown.

Just out of curiosity, was there a rope in the red wine scenes? Or was the well just a dead end so you knew to go back and drink the blue wine?

How do I go back? I'm stuck in the downstairs part of a boat after doing the flag puzzle. I can see a hatch to open, but can't figure it out.

Need to find three silver gears

Oh...ok. Just found one little gear. (Hi Janet!)

Hm, if I drink red wine I'm stuck in the cell with clown on the other side; if I drink blue wine, I go to microwave and from there to desert and stuck again...

Hi Zoe Let me know if ya want em spoiled

BADED box doesn't open.

Urban - there's something buried in the sand in the desert.

In desert, if I remember, there's a patch of sand that you can click on to find a genie's lamp

nomelted - not sure what you mean by BADED. What scene is that?

finally some progress from hint with bug (red wine). Candles clue is SPOILER31524SPOILER

Well, in the cell with the clown. He wants something...

I love that there are all these choices with different endings! Thanks SD!

Red wine path, then bug for clown, right door, candles and number box, now stuck in the room with freezer, after removing tiles, can't find a clue for box.

Lower right wall - eeek a cockroach!

@Janet, scene with wooden box with symbols. Computer gives clue "BADED" for symbols, but I'm trying to use it with no result.

Clue for box in wall is the roman numerals - read from left to right

Thanks! (I hate cockroaches...)

Ah - there's a third game - you chose the right hand door after the genie - looking at the scene now.

POP, hint for box in tiles is right beside box...

OK, red wine right door, you drown into well...
Will try other doors

POP again, red wine is not the right way...

BADED - move the elephant to see the symbols. The go to brown box on table. Enter 1st symbol, push top handle, enter 2nd symbol, push top handle. etc You'll get a purple key after you do all 5

I have the roman numeral clue - where do I use it? (I have a lighter and knife in inventory)

@zoe: use knife on upper right tiles

Where is a clue for computer password?

Okay, so now three games - well, ice and out. Wonder is there's any more?

Computer password, look at japanese wall hanging

POP for computer password: click on the mountain on the wall picture to see clue

SD, I've really enjoyed this - thanks :-)

@Janet, thanks for help, with 5th attempts it worked) Maybe I did something wrong.

Yes, sometimes you have to do it really slow or it doesn't work. But thank you - I didn't realize there was a 3rd game too!

If you're looking for SD in child room SPOILERlookattheupperleftshelfSPOILER

AAHHH, from child room you get to endless ice...

Yes Urban - looks like many of us chose the "correct" way out and thought that was it.

3rd gear please

One gear under picture on left wall, one gear in top of upper left pipe, one gear on right of machine with two blue hoses (that one's laying flat)

Gears - very tiny one near middle bottom of screen, behind paper on wall middle left and upper left, small, but in plain view.

I'm still stuck trying to find where to use the roman numerals. Urban says upper right tiles, but I can't find it. (I have 3 windows open playing different versions - lol!)

Zoe - use your knife on the tile with the red star. You'll pry up four tiles to get to the box

@Zoe, take the knife from fridge. Use knife on 4 upper right tiles in scene with roman numerals. You will get the codebox.

@zoe: the tiles where roman numerals are, one tile in right upper corner is loose, use the knife there and remove I think 4 tiles. In the hole there is a box...

Finally escaped to the beach, those gears were hard to find.

Very nice game, different from the others and that is what I like.

OH..you click on the clue itself...DUH...

ty for gear help

Thanks Janet, nomelted and Urban. Got into the well. Got endless ice and beach. Is there anything else I missed? Fun game!

diezelb - you're welcome. :-)

How many endings are there? I only found two.

I had three - one drink the red wine, Next drink blue wine: two after genie lamp choose the right door, three after genie lamp choose the left door

Thanks everyone!! I hope you liked this!

Bear, which two endings did you get?


Great Game I liked this one a lot x thank you

WHat am I doing wrong with the red/green box? I have *SPOILER**1572436**SPOILER

I push them in this order- nothing. I push them the amount of times per #- nothing. Wattttt??? :-) Thanks in advance

Millie - I don't have it open any more - but it's the clue sheet left to right - press first one for I, etc.

SD - thank you, that was a delightful treat!

This comment has been removed by the author.

Millie - just push each number once like you said the first time. So push 1st button, then 5th button, then 7th and so on. It should open for you.
You might need to push them a bit more slowly. Sometimes if you do it fast, it won't work.

Thanks, Kathy- that's what I have been doing. I D K what is wrong with my clicks! haha Maybe I should throw in the towel. I am clicking the same sequence over and over and refreshing this page in hopes that there is a different solution I'm missing. lol

That's it! Janet! Thank you- I was looking at the buttons as being numbered (in my head) 1572436 ao I wad hitting them in THAT order. Not in the order like you explained. If that makes sense... haha THanks!!

DUMBLE-DOOR! TY @ SelfDefiant!

Millie - yep that makes perfect sense because sometimes SD does it that way too! So I always try both ways to see which one works.

Zoe, I forgot to go back in and take the right door. Thanks for a great game, Selfdefiant!

I love a good frozen head game. Nice one, SD!

OMG this was what I've been waiting for!! Thank you SD!! I will have to drink more Blue Wine in the future!! :-D ThxACxo!

to catch the bug in the dungeon you can right click to freeze the flash player and make him hold still.

That was a really nice game SD -- thanks! :)

I've been avoiding MeltingMindz games because they were all basically the same. This was one was pretty good. I may start looking for them again...

Nice one. First I escaped to a beach (blue wine). Than started over, choose second door on blue wine patch and came out in ice landscape. Red wine leads into well :-D
Anyone found a fourth ending?

In the room with the code on mirroa and 6 digit box, if you click the box again before entering any numbers it turns into a 4 digit box! Not sure why

That was great! Loved the multiple endings!

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