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Eagle Jungle Hut Escape Walkthrough

Eagle Jungle Hut Escape

Games4King - G4K Eagle Jungle Hut Escape is another point and click room escape game developed by Games 4 King. Assume that your king used to have a site seeing at his region daily. As usual today also the king went for site seeing. But unfortunately the king doesn’t return back. He must be trapped somewhere in his region. So use your skill to collect the necessary items to escape you king. Good luck and have fun!

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for the buttons, get hint from flowers and press in order then click the middle button for long

roman numbers for 4#, stick behind lock

hi (again) all ☺

they're early today - loading...

another stick beside lock left scene where paper is

rope beside lock where you get first stick, magnifier inside under the colors

in S8 click on arc to get 4#clue, use it on ceiling holes in S6

SD for face in S3

This comment has been removed by the author.

use your magnifier on paper



paper for 4# inside new scene

which paper Dazz (view)?
only have the one with the hands...

(I mean the one for magnifier)

AO, the paper in S7

ah, thx Hotz (was too focused on inventory)

I tried to use red/green hands on 2 pink 'birds' and got an orange egg before I could use the whole clue. so there must be an other, real clue...

for the hand clue, use it in the scene with arch and two levers. pay no attention to color. starting at left, simply alternate l/r and plug in the direction of finger.

thanks cate

tried that 100 times, thanks catey!

thx cate
how did you figure THAT out?

not getting your comment Hotz, what do you mean pink birds bro?

cate :) Good afternoon

after doing the 2 levers, still have hand paper in inventory...

Please? where is the second lever??

yep, got a pitcher that goes on stone and that's all

hello you guys...you're welcome. @alpha...i tried everything else. ;P decided to simply forget the colors and go l/r down the line, and, amazingly, it worked.

@dazz...click l/r according to color...starting with the left and you end up getting your prize before you finish.

Jen it was beside cave behind the stone, cate hid it there))

Where do the pink birds and the 2 handles go? and the rope?

yvonne!! :)

in view-3 & in view-7

Thanks Dazz!
Shame on you Cate! lol

@dazz, did NOT!

in other words, stuck like an idiot with useless stuff and two fat pink birds staring at me

snicker snicker cate!)))

After you place pitcher go to scene 4 and spin handle you placed left side of door under eggs.

new AVM out - will take a break from that (arduous) one...

jen, you want to plop the two birds on the posts on either side of covered bridge(with the eagle and color puzzle).

stuck with red and yellow gem, 2 birds, 2 handles, rope and jug with water in it.

Thanks cate, now stuck with 3 handle. lol

Did we do anything with the #'s in the opening scene on the right side?

Thanks Jen! did not see that hole

I see now what Hotz meant, completed the hand clue on those birds, red is left and green is orange

Need hint for 4 coloured balls in scene 1 and same in scene 6, hint for pink birds. missing 2 eggs.

Yep, just got 3rd egg from birds too.

empty your pitcher on SC3 on the face where you used SD, don't drink it))

Can't use jug of water on plant or hole in floor??

rope for lovely spider

sorry dazz, I had some connection problems, so I couldn't refresh or answer...

Then tie string on spider and drop it down hole for key.

spider for hole under the 'danger' sign, planning to scare cate with it so I took it back)))

no worries Hotzy! hope your connection's fine

Handle go in fuse box and now can light up circles on right side. but what is the colour order??

handle and lever for fuse

Has anyone found the hint for the arrows on the tree.

You can refill the jug.

Jen see the flowers in beginnign scene from bottom to top

This comment has been removed by the author.

Use spider in hold a second time!

spider for same place for fourth egg

back for a bit & caught up
(stuck in AVM LOL, btw still the same tune ☻)

placed 3 gems and coloured the dots on the wall. Now ??

Still no idea for #'s in scene 1 or for 4 coloured balls there.

Placed lantern from scene 5 in scene 6 Now where is match to light it?

lantern and match go under the four circles but it's apuzzle

my dear Jen! see my post 12:51 am

I really want to water that plant! Poor thing.

I don't understand your post at 12:51am Dazz. What are you talking about??

after placing 3 handles, you can colour buttons in view-9 as per flowers in view-1

the colored squares are for the colored circles direction, get a flower

in S5 click all circles to get a clue for S6

see the flowers in sc1, purple,pink,green,blue

daisy for the plant for lever under the 4 numbers

I think, the colors in S1 (after placing handle) are for colored circles in S5, but I don't know how...

colour ALL squares in view-5

ah ok, it is the amount of colored circles...

for example, place 1 red and 3 yellow on the top one...ect

Now have all four diamonds placed and what do I do with that hint??

I thought it's for view-1, but no go (yet)...

use for the buttons in first scene, click the color of a circle, then the color of the gem placed

like Yellow, blue....ect

Finally out!

Long game.
Thanks for all the help.

pitcher and sd are used second time, good game

POP - first the circle colour-1, then gem colour-1, then 2 etc.

have fire now

thanks for all your hints!!
nice game, thanks G4K

well, at times it was a use everything on everything (e.g. SD & then pitcher on mask), or farfetched hint (e.g. for levers), but all in all a fine game - thx G4K & thx ppl for your hints & the nice teamwork ☺

Good game except, seriously, those sudden and unexpected strobing lights are dangerous for people who have seizures.

jug of water used on the tree with eye

get spider,put spider in hole
than put in again


Water pitcher on fire, SD to dig out exit key. Done. Out.

can't get the first scene with the colors and long press. I am pressing the colors in the order and then pressing long press but nothing. Anyone?

TMS, GPRPrYB press & hold

Thanks Jason - wasn't holding it long enough I guess!

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