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Nuuma Easy Escape 2 Walkthrough

Nuuma Easy Escape 2

NuumaGames - Nuuma Easy Escape 2 is another Japanese point and click type room escape games by Nuuma Games. In this game, you try to escape the place by finding items and solving puzzles. Good luck and have fun!

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was fun

Another great game, and a little trickier than the first. Thanks, Nuuma!

NOTE: I did notice that this game, more than the first, was a little sluggish in responding to input. It is most likely due to deferred loading of content which is common with HTML5 games. To potential players, you will need to exercise a little more patience when navigating. To the developer, consider loading more content in advance to improve the responsiveness.

There are a few spots you can zoom in on that might not be immediately obvious.

- The bottom of the mirror. Leads to a view where you enter a numeric code.

- The right side of the green cabinets. Leads to a view where you can pick up one half of a useful tool to assemble.

Other spots that are important:

- The rack of clothes. Here you can pick up a pen for scribbling.

- The top part of the lamp. Here you can nab the other half of the tool.

Seraku, thanks for the explanation of the lagginess. Knowing that made things a little more tolerable :)

I like the style, waiting for new games from Nuuma. And thanks, Seraku, for the explanation, it's a relief that my computer is not broken. Hope Nuuma can fix that problem.

@Seraku Thanks for the explanation, suggestion to the developer, and the hints.

A lot of times clicks just don't register, and you have to keep clicking the hot spots to make something happen...

Yep, the game is lagging for me terribly... sometimes it takes 4-5 seconds for a click to register...

OK, in this form this game is unplayable for me. Sorry, but this is ridiculous. In those old dial-up days I didn't have this serious amount of lag in online games...
Please, developer, do something about it.

The quality of the images is really astonishing for an html5 game, but as i wrote on the comments in the first game there's some work to do with the responsiveness of the game. The game initially loads very fast so i think noone will be bothered too much by ad additional delay in order to load more data.

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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