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Abandoned Penn Hills Resort Escape Walkthrough

Abandoned Penn Hills Resort Escape

EightGames - Abandoned Penn Hills Resort Escape is another point and click escape game developed Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the abandoned penn hills resort. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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Eight Games, I like your games, but I refuse to play them anymore until the ads are taken out of the game 3 ads at the moment, no more, I'm closing the game.

hi Yvonne try it from another station

Yvonne--Do you have an AdBlocker? I have it on Chrome and I'm able to play EightGames even with it on.

playing from escape fan no ads as yet

Firefox + Adblock Plus = never any advertisements in-game.

The adds appear every 5 minutes and I'm a very slow player....

what to do with the knife? where to use the magnifier?

was missing a down scene use knife on wood for SD ( no ads)

I used the magnifier on the blue kid pool but I don't get the clue

Hi Alice Sio & Castlerock Beatnick Mary I only get the ads from EGs own site

Hi Joycy
How did you get the blue kid pool castlerock? I keep looking for a stick

cleaned the round thing for a clock

Alice got a metal stick from placing the silver disc on the black thing on post

no it's not a metal stick it's chalk

I think the metal stick comes from using the hammer in the mirror, scene before the pool. You get the hammer by using the chalk on the curtain in tv room for letter clue

I need one more piece of paper, stuck with that a book and a paper with a circle clue. I also need an arrow button for puzzle in start scene

how do you get the blue thing out of the pool

Ok, so once you have the complete circle, you can use the color circle puszzle for last 2 plate pieces

Joycy - use the stick you get from using the hammer on the mirror

got the valve filled the pool no hammer

Joycy - did you use the chalk on the curtain.
This last puzzle is killing me. I'm so bad at these kind

Miles I used the chalk on the curtain got a valve put it in the bath it filled with water nothing came out no hammer

nvmd - was easier than I thought.

remove 4 middle lines lower right corner

Maybe the hammer came from using the colors from the bath water after pouring in the soap powder?

spray wall & got powder packet maybe colour clue no hammer

cut it & poured in bath

bath is clue for colours colours give box lol no hammer

Sorry! Use the sticks on the box. Using roman numerals make the same time as the clock

got the stick from box no hammer lol

clue in blue kids pool will be for white dots joined in lower scene

probably where the hammer is lol

now got the hammer yay

Thank you joycy, Beatnik Mary, SLs, I don't see why I should have ad block, as I don't mind ads at the beginning of a game, It's only recently Eight Games have started putting them in once the game has started, full screen, no option to close, side ads for weather showing where I live, what's that about! no, I'll stay clear, until I read that the games can be played ad free.

Sorry about that Joycy! I knew you'd get it eventually!

Hi Yvonne don't blame you :)

well Mike now looking everywhere ton use the hammer :)

I mean Miles sorry

Joycy - use it on the lower part of the mirror panel, scene before the pool scene. I hope I'm right on this one!

got it missed the hotspot on mirror

last puzzle is potty no skip consider myself out

eight games I really like your games not good too many ads last puzzle spoilt the game for me I like puzzles but not ones that take forever, only a few of your usual bloggers now

is there a trick to the white dots? Can't make it work following pool clue.

Problem with the dots. The second set worked fine but the line won't stay on the first set. However, the pool has disappeared from the inventory and I got nothing from the puzzle

First ads popping up all over, now a stupid Facebook fan club thing.
Eight games I am done. I keep trying to give you another chance, but this is just ridiculous.

maybe the last puzzle has been altered. it was easy and I'm really glad that you can hold down the arrow button instead of making many many clicks.

You lost another fan, EG. Those ads are ridiculous. Let me say; it's like having a close and private time with your spouse and the kids keep barging in. I'm out

I don't want to name other sites out of respect for EG24, but I have found two so far that do not interrupt the EightGames with ads. I just keep this open for the walkthrough.

hey science nerd, for me dots worked fine. if upper row is numbers and lower row is alphabet it was

1 b 3 a for first set and 4 e 5 f for second set. hope that helps :)

where do we use those letters we gathered and the key?

found it - on the same scene with the dots puzzle. I put the letters on their place but what words do we have to form? Still haven't complete the plate and the paper

I'm at the puzzle with switches .. and I'm giving up. How about SKIP button?????

       Like  11/11/11 11:11 PM

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