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Creepy Cemetery Escape Walkthrough

Creepy Cemetery Escape

EightGames - Creepy Cemetery Escape is another point and click escape game developed by Eight Games. During his foreign trip, a tourist trapped inside the creepy cemetery. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!
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first in

ad with skip jumping in the game

saw cuts stone

use crowbar to dig some holes in front of "Bugkley" grave stone

Not the worst navigation I've ever seen, but it's pretty bad. I don't like spending 90% of the time trying to figure out how to get back to some place. Simplify !

I did this just to see. The 4 digit # is in the same scene as the puzzle LOL

The clue for 4 digit # I should say.

there is a tiny stick in bottom left corner: 1 scene to the right of, where you can place a cross

Use stone then cross in one scene right of 4 digit puzzle

In scene were Letter puzzle is there is a pole about center of screen, use it and hammer same scene

Just found a maze puzzle that looks straight out of The Witness. EightGames must be a fan. (:

Use knife on thread then use tiny sticks ( I have 2 need more though )

Iron rod (found leaning up against a grave) can be used on statue to break it open for some shapes.

bandy, where is knife and cross for dog scene?

put pencils in arch use hammer

3 orange-white balls/buttons go in 1 scene to the right of, where you can place a cross and use saw

sneaky disc in front off stone that cuts

Let me think Hotz one moment

my 5. disc/metal stand was at bottom of lantern in scene with 2 big statues

Hotz best I remember it is hard to see, beside of a grave stone but were is the prob.

bandy, thanks for pole in scene with letter code!!

Found my third stick (for the string) in the scene @Hotz just mentioned for the orange-white balls.

Looks like we need yet another, as I cannot do anything with the string and sticks in the inventory view.

Knife is left from 'Buckley'- bottom left.

finally, the knife is next to left stone cross, 1 scene to the left, where you can dig some holes and place poles and boards...

Hotz knife was in scene Left of Berky grave stone

Oh too late LOL

Just found where to use shovel, and got key for locked panel next to 4# puzzle. I am up to 15 buttons so far.

there is a dirty cloth in scene, where you can place bones and skull

There is a cloth in scene were skull and bones used ( Don't know what for yet )

LOL HOTZ I am right on your heels

I need one more disc? I have the ones mentioned above?

dug D shape near the dog what to do with it maybe knife,

There's a hotspot on the roof of the church left from the start screen. Any ideas?

How many of the tiny sticks do we need?

I need one more disc

bandy, you are ahead of me.
I am missing some sticks, I have found 3 sticks in
- scene with dog statue
- 1 scene to the right of, where you can place a cross and use saw
- I can't remember, somewhere in "bottom left scenes"

@Melody54, I think that hot spot is where we use the sticks+string, assuming they combine to form a long stick. Probably used to reach something on the roof. But I'm still looking for a 4th stick to see if I'm correct.

about 7 ads have popped up

can't find the knife

I have 5 wood planks, 4 post, maze and a cloth?

Joycy one scene left of Berkly grave stone

can't place the pinky balls

Finally found my last vertical wood piece to complete the 5 crosses. Dirty cloth is used on the wooden crosses after you input the arrow code.

bandy, my last post was in between grave stones in starting scene. use stands, posts and planks in hole in front of Buckles grave stone.

I am missing 1 plank and the cross for dog scene...

Yay... cross code gives you the final stick.

You use it in the scene with the rooftop hot spot to poke at the tree limb. Now have a "solving ball".

another ad popped up going to eave the game TY Bandy

Crap I need one more post?

anyone has found the arrow-shape/symbol?

I think I may have cheated a little on the maze. If you change direction at just the right time, you can get to the ending much faster than I suspect the designer intended.

In any event, now I am up to 17 buttons, with no place to put them, near as I can tell.

Found it right of start scene

...and I need one more cross piece for the arrows.

@Hotz, still looking for that arrow piece here too.

Serka round thing goes in hole with the stone dog on front they go there

the cross for dog scene is in background of "Burckley"-grave stone!!!!

that gives letter clue and last plank...

@bandy, what "round thing"? I have nothing I can place in that hole.

Well I am missing 2 round dots? Maze gives 2 but need 2 more?

There what a round thing with holes I thought came from iron pole used on statue ?

       Anonymous  8/10/16, 5:23 AM  

Stuck with 19 Discs and a hammer, not opened square with hole in the ground or the circle above the dog..... heeeelllppp!

if anyone needs a spoiler for ball maze:


@bandy, statue had two wooden pieces in it, if I recall correctly.

@chris, you have two more buttons than me, did you find the wooden arrow symbol by chance?

       Anonymous  8/10/16, 5:27 AM  

Hotz I just did


POP. Found the wooden arrow. It's under the gate with the 4# code.

Seraka use pole in scene with word puzzle then use hammer for round thing

@bandy, okay, what "pole" now? I have only 19 buttons and a hammer.

thank you seraku!!

Serka pole is in same scene about center of grave stones

I will pass on the last puzzle don't feel like messing with a spinning puzzle right now.

OMG! Thank you, @bandy! That was a really tricky find.

Second row of crosses ( From right side ) about center was pole.

AAAHAHAHARRRRG, I have the 5 balls in final positions and nothing happens!!!!!!!
I really miss the "skip"-buttons

LOL I am old so memory not that good anymore

I give up on this last spinning puzzle...

@Hotz, I think the orientation of the green balls matters. Take note of the highlights.

thanks Seraku, but I have closed this game...

@Hotz, well, I was wrong anyway. I just went through the trouble of solving it with the orientation preserved, and it did not work. The puzzle must be broken.

Just for reference, here are the solutions for the final puzzle (assuming it is fixed at some point):

[Label the buttons as follows]

...x x x
..x A B x
.x C D E x
..x F G x
...x x x

Solution #1: B D Fx3 G B A
Solution #2: A G F Bx2 A F D F B

The first solution does not preserve the orientation of the highlights, whereas the second solution does.

Looking more closely, it appears that the orientation of the blank spaces changes as well. The red circle might be changing as well, although it is not apparent that it does. Factoring in this information results in the following:

Solution #3: G A B F D G A F B D A G F B

However, this too is not accepted as a valid answer. *shakes fist* (:

I suppose at the very least I am having some fun improving my puzzle solver to handle more complex puzzles with deeper solutions. In this case, I was able to reduce the search space from around 97 billion down to about 950,000 taking just 9.5 seconds.

Final Puzzle is a complete disaster. It opened while I was trying to make the puzzle look like the clue, only I wasn't done yet... Combined with the ads popping up in-game every few minutes (once crashing the game entirely so I had to restart) made this one a rather crappy experience.

I'm at the final, before the ending puzzle and realizing I have to click around all over the game just to find one more brown piece. I simply can't. THE NAVIGATION IS TERRIBLE!!! :'(

Would have given this game 5 stars if it wasn't for the absolutely awful final puzzle. The majority of players hate these puzzles so why do the devs keep making them? Only gets 3 stars from me. Shame really as the rest of the game was really good.

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