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Escape From Emirates Palace Walkthrough

Escape From Emirates Palace

EightGames - Escape From Emirates Palace is another point and click escape game developed Eight Games. During his US trip, a tourist trapped inside the Emirates Palace. There are some clues, puzzles and objects left. Find those objects and hints, solve the puzzles and help the tourist to escape out. Good luck and have fun!

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       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:26 AM  

LOL! going in

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:28 AM  

word puzzle is annoying

So many items, so less hints and running around like crazy. Map is not very usefull. Red X for me. Sorry EG

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:33 AM  

hi (again) all ☺

I hate waiting, so let's do this, till new Mirchi is out...

The 212112 clue related to the chest of drawers to the right of the bed in the golden room. Top drawer is 1 and bottom is 2.

A-P etc clue is like a coin swap puzzle.

The 212 etc drawers give a frame for the brownish rings.

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:40 AM  

finally managed that palace puzzle, move the p first then a on the right

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:40 AM  

rings for picture

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:41 AM  

key pieces for maze

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:42 AM  

the grid with 5dots is for the grid which you place rectangle pieces

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:42 AM  
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:44 AM  

four buttons for place left of first scene

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:45 AM  

gives hint for 4#, place gold squares on

The lamp to left in the room one from the end needs a button from locked drawer to colour the squares on it.

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:48 AM  

paper pieces for 5#, gives bulb same room

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:48 AM  

out finally, long one

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:50 AM  

finally found a key in room after start in drawer, but need to find a third keyhole for it...
(one keyhole in room with star slot, another in room-2 before end)

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:55 AM  

another keyhole in start scene, but still wrong key...

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:56 AM  

you need to keep pushing the lamp button to change colors

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:57 AM  

finally matching keyhole in 2nd room after start

get solving board

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 2:59 AM  

was just curious how long VWT is (a long one usually means a mean slider LOL)

OMG 22:31 minutes...! :-o

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:01 AM  

my last golden square was under the 4#

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:03 AM  

crap! I hate maths:)

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:03 AM  

it seems I already picked up all items, but don't have a lamp button, 'cause I don't have drawer key yet... (where was it from?)

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:04 AM  

where is hint for sliders in room after start?

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:07 AM  

also missing 3 stars...

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:09 AM  

also missing centre of turning pic in inventory & 2nd keypart for solving board - have book with colour grid & no more items to pick up...

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:16 AM  

POP - missed sliders hint in 3rd room after start

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:16 AM  

done the maths:

8 14 1 11
7 10 16 6
2 4 15 9
3 5 2 13

but I think there's a mistake, shouldn't it be 34 and not 44?

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:17 AM  

3 stars were in rooms, the other 3 came from color grids after pushing button of lamp with color grid everytime you solve one

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:18 AM  

have key now for drawer in start slots room for tha ominous button ☻

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:20 AM  

key from board is for sneaky panel in room where you place your squares, hint from book

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:24 AM  

for the coloured squares, tilt your head to the left

1 starts with pink top left

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:27 AM  

new Mirchi out - will probably come back to this ardous stuff...

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:29 AM  

book color is way too crazy, there are 2 whites!

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:43 AM  

use magnifier in room right of bedroom where there is a couch

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:44 AM  

gives hint for 7# last right room:


       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:45 AM  

fianlly out, wow what a game

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 3:46 AM  

back from fun Mirchi & off to colouring squares... :-/

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:02 AM  

thx for the maths spoiler, Dazz
couldn't be bothered to do it myself after a longer time trying to solve... ☻

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:05 AM  

to much clicking for assembling the key

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:06 AM  

my circle colour grid doesn't seem to be correct, even my printscreen match the colour of the book...

to distinguish:
for iceblue click 9x, for white 10x

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:08 AM  

oh, no, forgot about the other hint - you only need 4 buttons to colour - DUH!

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:09 AM  

been stumped with that too alpha, stupid clue if you ask

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:13 AM  

4 colours in clicks


(from top to bottom)

olive 4x
light grey 6x
white 10x
maroon 12x

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:16 AM  

now where to use magnifier?
(tedious pixel hunt that is, this time even more...!)

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:17 AM  

thx Dazz for the hint where to use magnifier

it's the 3rd room after start

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:20 AM  

& now we need calculator (again)...! :-/

but liked the pic puzzle at the end

       Anonymous  8/24/16, 4:22 AM  

escaped thru bathroom door LOL

wow, what a game indeed, but not one of the better ones of EightGames IMHO - thx anyway 8G ☺

Lousy game. Very vague everything...

What's the use of a map??

They have the navigation
arrows totally wrong to it

They really gotta get rid
of the bong when they're
making these games!

       Subscribe  2/4/24 12:24 PM

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